Where to Find Free Wi-Fi in Any Neighborhood

15. Wendy's: 0.51Mbps

The 16 chains with the best free Wi-Fi, ranked
More Online Safety Resources: Although still in a prototype phase look for free wifi coming to a Taco Bell restaurant near you soon. Home About us Send us feedback Site map. From one sandwich shop to another, suddenly we're moving about three times faster. Don't show this again. As far as coffee shops go, the Wi-Fi at Coffee Bean leaves plenty to be desired.

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What Fast Food Chains provide fastest WiFi? McDonald’s gives ground to 5 competitors (Infographic)

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Passengers test WiFi in over airports — Is yours among them? Wendy's - Wireless network management system provider AirWave Wireless has a new alliance with equipment provider Juniper Networks, and the first major customer they're announcing is the Wendy's restaurant chain.

The maker of square-burgers-on-round-buns has 6, locations around the world, mostly in North America. Each Wendy's location will be equipped with WiFi for their customers for free in the next year or so although many are up and running already. More fast food restaurants with free wifi Coffee shops and cafes that offer free WiFi. Public Transportation with Free WiFi. Should Retailers Offer It to Customers? Home About us Send us feedback Site map. How to contribute Suggest a hotspot Manage your hotspot.

Advertise with us Advertise with us Partner with us Link to us. Legal stuff Privacy notice Terms of use Stay adware free! The 4G on your phone will be between twice and six times as fast. Access your Pinterest board or search the hardware store's inventory online, even in places with no cell coverage. If do you have cell phone coverage, though, it will likely be a lot faster.

As far as coffee shops go, the Wi-Fi at Coffee Bean leaves plenty to be desired. The Wi-Fi will seem like it runs at warp speed compared with the minuscule connectivity at Peet's, but it's not the best place to access the cloud while you caffeinate You would think that a monarch would have a lightning-fast internet connection, but the Wi-Fi you'll get with your Whopper is just OK.

The connection is fast enough for loading a regular Web page, but if you need to do any serious streaming or updating, we'd recommend going to one of the later chains on this list. The electronics giant chose to install free Wi-Fi in all of its stores so customers could easily research items they are thinking about buying, no batter how bad the cell phone reception.

You can also check the weather on the display computers, which is kind of fun. Few people can resist McDonald's french fries, so next time you need to write a term paper, skip the library and head straight for your fix of hot fries and a cold McFlurry. Treat yourself to a fresh-baked cookie on your way out. From one sandwich shop to another, suddenly we're moving about three times faster. Arby's has a monopoly on places to score a massive roast beef sandwich and effectively stream HD video in pretty much any city in the country.

Don't sleep on the seasoned curly fries, either.

16. Peet's Coffee: < 0.5Mbps

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Fast Food Restaurants with Free WiFi. There are thousands of fast food restaurants throughout the United States that offer some form of free Wi-Fi Internet access to the public such as Burger King, McDonalds, Subway, Taco Bell and many more. Fast food has made life so convenient and so has Wi-Fi. Put the two together and you have a magical combination. Bradley Hasemeyer has top five fastest fast food internet spots based on OpenSignal's report. If you are a fast food fan and think it is the best place to have lunch at, welcome to the nearest fast food restaurant in your area. You can find a great number of such places not only inside a big city, but also in its suburbs or on a highway looking for a place where you can use a restroom and have a meal.