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Blocking of YouTube videos in Germany
Griffin's video was never pulled by any social outlet as of yet. This includes something as basic as an emailed invitation for a friend to attend church. Retrieved January 9, And so after he prayed he was blessed with the Holy Spirit moving upon him one day to go to the temple to not only see the baby Jesus, he actually held Him up in his arms and glorified God before all that very day. That book is a mess! It supplies an online video proxy that you can use to bypass web filter or firewall at your school, work or country that is filtering some websites.

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Nevertheless, there are still problems that have to be overcome, such as restrictive copyright enforcement by music rights collecting agencies. Conversely, it can be questioned how much of this lost revenue would have actually benefitted GEMA members, given that licensing agreements in other territories are subject to a confidentiality agreement that prevents even the membership of the collecting societies from knowing the royalty rates.

Spotify must not be blocked by GEMA any longer. Google spokesman Kay Oberbeck told Billboard in Hamburg that YouTube had entered into 20 agreements with collection societies from 33 countries. A solution can only be found at the negotiating table without any legal proceedings. We are prepared to resume negotiations at any time. A common way of viewing blocked videos in Germany is to use browser add-ons that fake a foreign IP address , which are available for all common browsers and Spotify , in some cases these add-ons even come prebundled with the browser setup.

Another way is to go through a foreign proxy or VPN server. Although intellectual property rights in music are licensed by territory, employing such methods to circumvent local restrictions is not illegal. No further details regarding payment were disclosed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. YouTube displaying the error message in English ….

Held Liable for Copyrighted Videos". Archived from the original on YouTube erzielt Etappensieg gegen die Gema". Our YouTube video converter is totally free and anonymous. No need to register or give your email address. Just enter the song title or key words to look for the Youtube Video you want to convert to mp3 or mp4. You can also directly paste the URL link of the video that you want to download, then click on the search magnifying glass icon to find your video.

Once you have found the video that you want, just click on the download button to start the video conversion to high quality kbps mp3 format! As for videos, you can select the quality you want the best quality currently available is p. The website is completely compatible to smartphones, you can download any YouTube video on any smartphone and listen to your favorite songs anywhere you go.

For downloading a video in mp3 format, the converter allows to select a time range so as to avoid lengthy introductions, interruptions or never-ending conversations at the end of a song. Pick a start and end time for your song then launch the download. Updates will be provided to you very shortly. The integrated search engine save you time while being intuitive and super easy to use. Our technology enable files conversion to mp3 or mp4 in record time which makes the download even faster.

You can download encrypted videos too very useful for YouTube Vevo channels as well as videos blocked because of age or country restrictions. You can also watch all those videos online by clicking on the video's thumbnail. View all trending videos in your country of choice. The website is completely mobile responsive and offers an intuitive and quick navigation on any devices smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as any web browser.

Indications about the file size prevents you from taking up space on your hard drive. Our converter is very effective thanks to a compression capacity which creates lightweight files that are easy to load, even for high quality videos. Here are some additional informations regarding our YouTube converter. If you need any further details, please refer to the FAQ.

Converting and downloading YouTube videos through our platform is entirely free and anonymous. Neither registration nor software installation is required to use our Youtube to mp3 converter. And our service will remain free forever.

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Video-sharing platform YouTube is the second-most popular website as of , according to Alexa Internet. According to the company's press page, YouTube has more than one billion users and each day those users watch more than one billion hours of video. Censorship of it has occurred and continues to occur in many countries . Proxy server only if you really need one! YouTube Unblocker’s main advantage is that the proxy server is only used by the add-on when activating a blocked video. The blocking of YouTube videos in Germany is part of an ongoing dispute between the video sharing platform YouTube and the Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (GEMA), a performance rights organisation in Germany.. According to a German court in Hamburg, Google's subsidiary YouTube .