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This is an old pic or I believe so just add a bunch of teams to the shelves and you get the picture Seems like a decent idea. You can go back and watch all of last years games ot any of this years games that have already been completed. When I author them I include the radio broadcasts as alternate audio tracks. I have all of the past 4 full Super Bowl seasons on DVD not all of them have the triple audio set up though. Personally I'd much rather have the DVD's because you never know when the online archive will 'go away' but with DVD's you always have them and can have greated freedoms in how, where and when you watch them.

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Also, any tips on getting the best possible quality out of the stream? It might have been a special price given before the season, I don't remember now.

I know that in the past they've offered Field Pass for a much lower price if you sign up in the pre-season so it's probably the same situation. I've found that the time of day and day you try to watch will improve or degrade the quality. I almost cancelled it on the spot, then I logged in around 2 am and the picture was beautiful HD.

So I really believe it's all a matter of when you log in as to what quality you get. Another factor is your connection speed test it at http: In a month or 2 I plan on getting that Motorola modem that's always advertised on Eagles Live or something similar. That should help a lot. Seems like their servers must be the bottleneck, so I'll have to check it out late at night.

Just a side question Also, any idea where I can stream an archived broadcast of Merril and Mike to manually sync up with the Rewind stream? Yeah, I believe it's their servers too. Just so many people trying to connect and it lowers quality. Late night or early morning is probably your best bet.

At the end of the season I go through and pick out the Super Bowl teams and sometimes a couple of the playoff teams and author their seasons into DVD sets. When I author them I include the radio broadcasts as alternate audio tracks.

That way when they're watched there's the option to switch between the 3 audio tracks. It's a bit of work but the finished product is really pretty cool. I have all of the past 4 full Super Bowl seasons on DVD not all of them have the triple audio set up though. I just need to find a good Blu Ray authoring suite that will allow me to multiplex audio streams into it.

The only archives of the radio broadcasts that I know of is Field Pass. You should call them and see if they'll throw Field Pass in with your Rewind package.

They'll probably say no but it never hurts to ask. I believe field pass is just the radio broacast of the game you can choose either teams local broadcasters to listen to, so you would have Reese for the Eagles games. For users in North America, only out-of-market preseason games can be viewed live; full replays of all the games become available on demand after their original live broadcasts end.

Live preseason, regular season, and postseason games are available to international users. The NFL originally offered different subscription packages. And the original NFL Game Pass package offered live and archived preseason, regular season, and postseason games to international users.

Prior to , NFL. However, about the same time as the first Internet radio bust, the NFL decided to join the RealOne SuperPass system, a subscription multimedia service that provided various channels from major broadcast providers for a fee hence the word "Pass" in the name. NFL Audio Pass provided audio feeds from the flagship English-language radio stations of all 32 NFL teams, broadcasting every preseason, regular season, and postseason game.

To direct listeners to the service, the NFL had banned local affiliates from streaming NFL games on the Internet, although several stations still broadcast the games anyway and enforcement of this ban is inconsistent.

Because the NFL only allows one station to air a local broadcast for each team in the contest, NFL Audio Pass and Sirius Satellite Radio were the only options for those who want to listen to their home team but live outside of the flagship station's listening range. In addition to the team broadcasts, the NFL Audio Pass Super Bowl package included various foreign language broadcasts, live feeds from the stadium PA announcer, archives, and "press box" stat play-by-play.

This was not the case in , though the free preview returned in Until its demise in , NFL Europe live video broadcasts were also available on the service. As part of a renegotiation of the broadcast contract, national Westwood One games, including all prime-time games, the Pro Bowl, and all playoff games, became available on Field Pass beginning in the NFL season.

NFL Field Pass and Game Pass during the season had a major outage on the season's opening Sunday September 13 which left its subscribers without access to the service. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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