Does “Deadpool” signal the beginning of the end for the superhero genre

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I will watch them all in no particular order and see what comes out. Search for " Superhero Movie " on Amazon. Not a free member yet? A Haunted House What has the world come to?!?!


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Rick reveals his secret to his uncle and Trey, and an argument starts between him and Albert. The next day, while visiting the bank with Lucille, Rick accidentally allows a bank robber to make off with stolen cash. The robber then shoots and injures Albert. Xavier, who convince Rick to become a superhero. At home, Rick creates a superhero costume and dubs himself Dragonfly. As Dragonfly, Rick starts watching over the city and fighting crime, quickly becoming a media sensation, despite being unable to fly.

Later, Dragonfly attempts to stop Hourglass from robbing a warehouse full of "ceryllium" as part of his evil plan but fails, allowing Hourglass to escape. Later that night, Jill is attacked by thieves, but Dragonfly saves her and they share a kiss.

Meanwhile, Landers plans to construct a machine that will kill people and give him enough life energy to make him immortal. Later that night, Landers and Lance have dinner with Rick's family and Jill, but Landers secretly learns of Rick's true identity when he notices the same injuries on Rick as on Dragonfly.

Making up an awkward excuse, he and Lance leave. Landers returns minutes later as Hourglass and kills Aunt Lucille. Albert awakens from his coma, learning about her death indirectly from his moronic doctor. After a comic funeral, Jill meets Rick and offers to begin a relationship with him.

However, Rick fears Hourglass will come for Jill if they were together, and therefore rejects Jill, leaving her hurt and furious. Rick decides to end his superhero career, but knowing that Hourglass would head to an awards ceremony to kill hundreds of people, he gets Albert to take him there.

At the ceremony, Jill discovers that Landers is Hourglass. When Hourglass clashes with Dragonfly on a rooftop, he tries to activate his machine, but Dragonfly manages to kill him with a bomb that had been comically stuck onto his genitals after being thrown by Hourglass. Jill is thrown off the side of the building by the explosion, but Dragonfly manages to grow wings and save her.

Jill learns Rick is Dragonfly due to a family ring he wears being exposed through a hole in his glove, and the two begin a relationship. After being thanked for saving the city, Rick flies away with Jill, but the two are unexpectedly rammed by a passing helicopter. The film was initially slated for theatrical release on February 9, as Superhero! He has appeared as Superman a couple of times, well here he hops companies and stars as the Hulk.

Really it is just an episode of the above mentioned TV show with sex awkwardly shoehorned in. Reminds me of my wedding night, badumtish. Up until this point, I was thinking that Extreme Comixxx was the company to trust. They seemed to be more interested in making dirty movies about superheroes, rather than stringing together some awkward sex scenes and worse acting, slap a little body paint on and cape and call it a day.

Iron Man XXX changed that or I am just burning out, seriously people, I have watched a lot of porn here, this has to be a heath risk. It really just seemed to be half assed. Speaking of which, think that was a rental? If so… man, I hope it wipes clean. Far to good to be just called porn. Well I suppose you have to call in porn, you know, with all the people having graphic penetrative sex in it, but still.

Honestly, the production value is great, casting all seems to work, they bone. This is what a superhero porn parody should be. Also, remember the classic kissing scene from the first Sam Rami Spiderman movie? Well, there is a more adult version here. Extreme Comixxx maintains their high for porn production values and give us a nice little romp…. Yes, that is what the bad guys are called. The Legion of Poon. This movie will always haunt me.

Yeah, see thats kind of the issue. Classically the League only has Wonder Woman as a female character. I guess it makes sense, any and every mainstream superhero movie is getting a 3D release on the big screen, the porn versions will echo that. I started watching with a smile and at the end I was on floor dying laughing.. Can't stop laughing even for a single minute. Honestly this movie is funny but I never much thought of it as a parody, It honestly seemed to take itself seriously.

That being said its one of my all time favorite movies so I'm happy it made it pretty high up on the list. What's this even a parody of? And it wasn't even that good. It made me fall asleep after 30 minutes into it. Though the fighting scenes were kind of cool.

It's inconceivable that this isn't higher on the list! It's one of the few movies that exists that makes me laugh every single time I watch it. Nobody feel bored watching this movie.

Superhero Movie also good. I don't see Naked GUN. You just have to admit that this is by far one of the wittiest movies of all. The double-sided meanings make this more suitable for people who want a good laugh and not just dumb jokes like most other movies. This is one of the best parody movies I have ever seen. Real humour, not nasty or vulgar. I laugh my ass off every time I see it, if you have not seen it, watch it right now! Amazing movie, never get tired of it. Sorry for those who don't enjoy it few words of German go long way.

I just love this movie. I think I have watched it 20 times or so. I'm a horror fan and also a comedy fan. Zombies mixed with humor is my cocktail of choice They should make a lot more movies like this one.

In my opinion it should be nr. This is like one of the funniest movies ever, let alone the funniest spoof. I love this movie, it is best movie, I want it to be number one on this list. After watching this movie I came to understand that you have to be very careful with science-fiction. I love it, it was hilarious. This better rise to the top at ludicrous speed. It's sequels were so-so but this one really grasped what it was trying to do.

Mike Myers at his best. Truly at the top most comedy level I can watch this over and over and still not get bored! What a great movie. I was going to decide Thumb Wars until I saw this one. It's in the top 10 now. A parody with a story, it is funny but it has a similar feeling of Star Trek itself. This is totally amazing.. Just laugh out loud.. And Scary movies are also good.. But Superhero Movie is the best.. He was bitten by a Dragonfly, you should watch this..

And the best Cast ever My favorite part is when they are eating and rick says he found a guy and when he tries to fly and jumps of the building and crashes with a statue. Breaking news, Tom Cruise is dead. Background couldn't fly laugh out loud Great movie there is nothing bad about it also great acting for a parody just fantastic.

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