VPN shared key troubleshooting

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Create an ACl that like this: Please enter a title. That command won't work without an extended ACL though, right? How to dial VPNs quickly in Windows What IOS version is running on each router?

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No Low Quality Posts. No Early Career Advice. Still the same thing no change: Hell, MSN whom we rarely ever see these days due to other duties helped me put the following config together on the exact same router I'm having issues with "and it worked: OK, I'll take another look at it tomorrow. Gotta be something simple. They are a blessing. I'm setting up a new Brother DW printer at the moment and have given up on vpn for the day have actually spent most of it studying for my "route" exam.

Thanks for checking in. Obviously this is due to one of - 1. The packet is being blocked in the and not getting out 2. The packet is getting out but not getting to the peer 3. The peer is responding but the packet is not getting back to the 5.

The packet is getting to the but not getting to the IKE process The tools to use in a case like this are - 1. Logs on the peer.

Everything is working to include my VOIP! XXX no-xauth crypto isakmp keepalive crypto isakmp aggressive-mode disable NOSX pointed this out a while back and I forgot until today! Crypto Map crypto map baseline 10 ipsec-isakmp set peer Access List access-list permit ip About a year ago, NOSX mentioned something about how your connection to your ISP could mess with your tunnel configuration sometimes and mentioned using "crypto isakmp agressive-mode disable;" MSN had told me a few years back "not" to forget to make sure an access-list was applied to the internal interface I wanted to route vpn traffic to and I forgot,.

For some reason today, I sat down, reviewed a few old configs, and it all came together woo-hoo!!! I'll be taking the next step shortly I decided to take another week before retaking my Route exam While going back over everything, I notice "yet again" the tunnel wouldn't come up no matter my having not changed anything I'm sure it's in the access list Overkill, have you ever run into this previously?

Substantial price increase coming? Can XP still be activated? USB powered wall hanger [ Electronics ] by tschmidt I have rebooted the business cable modem which is providing Internet to no avail. There are two vpn tunnels established on this router and the other tunnel is just fine and has been for awhile, so its just a single vpn tunnel in question. I called the distant end to see if they had done anything and they say no cloud service provider.

They see that their ASA responds back to an initialization packet coning from the sites ISR router but no communication comes back from the router past that initial packet sent in response. This tunnel had been for for months prior to this drop off. Here is a debug output: SA is still budding.

Attached new ipsec request to it. I had this same thing happen recently and never did find the root cause. Best I could guess was an IOS upgrade on one of the ends and the default parameters no longer match. My scenario was EZVPN using aggressive mode, and switching it to a manual crypto map with parameters I could control fixed it.

One suggestion is use different algorithms, especially if the remote end is not Cisco. Basically, phase 1 is completing on your router, it tries to notify other peer that it succeeded but that notify never makes it through and the remote end kills the connection. This also means that main mode has failed. The issue was that the phase 2 security lifetime association was globally configured on the cisco ASA as below:.

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Nov 12,  · Hey gang I had a site-to-site vpn tunnel drop off all of a sudden and it hasn't come back up yet. I haven't changed anything on the router (or any other piece of hardware at this particular site for that matter) and I . Apr 30,  · Hi, Looking for experts here to assist me. I have Cisco Router (A) tunnelling to another Cisco (B) but NATing and . Mar 10,  · Well, after many scheduling conflicts and aborted attempts at a conference call (and in the mean time, me upgrading the firewall from to then and eventually swapping the hardware.