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Well who said I believed I had a right to high speed internet service? I have been a customer since and find myself shaking my head, because like others here we had anticipated a newer faster service instead of a slower one. It would help performance, but is not needed for these numbers. January 8, at Northern Sky Research forecasts in-flight connectivity will be installed on two out of every three commercial passenger aircraft worldwide by the end of , driven by higher demand for broadband connectivity. December 21, at Falcon 9 Full Thrust first stage Falcon Heavy core stages.

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This is the best show in town for me. But then, how many of us 16 would jump on board? Sprint wireless, if they got their act together and pushed out 4G to our area, would be the best of those available, since their 4G is unlimited data. Not a big deal, and my phone is over the satellite, via MagicJack plus. Compared to the old WildBlue, this is Ferrari on the autobahn!

It is what it is! I know how satellite internet works,it signal comes from space and cable comes from on electric poles that cable run pole to pole. And the caps is how,they have more control and they can tell people what they want to hear with their ad.

But, So they can tell you that they give it too you because they know you want and they can make their big,big profits,because of that control. Some do an excellent job, but there is also a tendency for them to oppose government efforts to underwrite wired broadband improvement projects that could put those wireless providers in financial distress. They consider it unfair government money is helping deliver an improved broadband experience at their expense.

I understand that concern, but the first priority should be to the consumer that needs the service, not protecting a business model that is constrained by limited capacity and too often financing. And there is more lies from these companies than truth. These companies say customers are always right. They lie,the companies believe they are more right than the customers. Signed up on Feb 17th with first available install date on March 3rd.

Never received a phone call 2 days prior to install date as promised. March 3rd installer setup dish but could not get Modem to activate and connect to the bird. Explained they were experiencing this all week due to technical difficulties because of an upgrade on WildBlues side.

Called installer directly to touch base on the 7th and was told area installers still having issues getting new customers activated.

Called installer again, on March 9th and was told that new customer activation still having issues and numerous customer on hold. His supervisor cancelled any further installation until more information was provided by WildBlue. We were given the supervisors number, called-only to get a voice mail box full recording! We were never contacted directly, and were still under the impression that connection would be made on the 10th.

Called WildBlue same evening explaining the situation and asked for information as to what might be going on. Could not offer any explanation, so we decided to cancel the service.

When the customer service rep tried to transfer me to the cancellation department, she came back on the phone to tell me the department was closed and had to call back. I asked to speak with a supervisor then got hung up on! Called back and chose the disconnect option and was connected to the cancellation department and was able to disconnect. We asked for a supervisor and again were not able to speak directly to a supervisor.

I know as an IT Manager if my department and staff provided this type of customer service or lack of, we would be looking for a job. We dedicated two weekends and hours on the phone only to get the runaround! My 2 cents and hoping MetroCast makes its way down the road, and listens to our service input.

Greetings from King and Queen, VA. I work for WB and we are told that existing customers do not qualify to get the pro plus package faster service only new customers.

I have been trying for over 3 weeks to upgrade from wildblue to exede. To this date I have yet to be able to get a date for installation therefore I have no true comment on the speed. Unfortunately because I live in the middle of no where they have me and many like me by the short hairs with no choice but to deal with this stupid situation.

Unless someone would like to get off their butt and get this figured out and soon I can promise u the second something else is available in my area I will be gone from any affiliation with ViaSat and will not be recommending it to anyone I know or meet in the future… My initial contact I spoke with a couple of very nice people but my frustration over this situation is now over shadowing any of their cordial attempts to make me happy in any way.

Call Dish,Im existing customer,talk to them. This my only opition for higher speed service. Unfortunately I am still within my 2yr contract with wildblue directly so opting to go with another company for the service would require more money than I can afford at the moment… I am stuck just harassing customer service daily now to get anything done and complaining where I can on the internet and warning others to stay away if they are able.

But thanks for the info. Hopefully it will help someone else. Have to admit I have had few problems with Dishnetwork in 10yrs for my tv service. Too bad they were not offering internet when I finally had to go with wildblue. That is where I started with the old wildblue over6 months ago though dish when I got the new service just over a month ago and they void the old wildblue 2 yr contract to the new 2 yrs contract. I called the number on the mailer card, as 12 Mbps sounded much better than the Kbps from Hughesnet.

They also offered to send a repairman out to our house for free and replace any equipment for free. The real kicker was that it was going to take WildBlue 14 business days to refund my installation fee! They called this an account setup fee.

I asked to speak with a supervisor and she explained that it was the finance department that was the hold up. I said my next call would be to the better business bureau and then she said she could TRY and escalate the process. I said please do escalate it. What a bunch of crap, they would be holding onto my money for 3 weeks and making interest of it!! Glad to find out I am not alone in the Wildblue bad dream act.

I called my old Wildblue number and now find out it is Excede, Viastat and Wildblue. I may have done some downloads which caused them to call me a web abuser, but when I called to find out when it would return to a faster then 0.

So I have been off the computer for a week and it has not moved up in speed even a little. I have been a customer since and find myself shaking my head, because like others here we had anticipated a newer faster service instead of a slower one. I suspect they for Wildblue have also changed the alleged thresholds as they did from the simple 30 day restart.

I am going to cancel my service with Wildblue or may just take a 3 to 6 month hiatuses and like others taking my laptop into town doing the free Wifi thing once a week and saving fifty bucks a month. Yes it has been called a recession, but I believe it really a depression.

What is really frustrating, is I have a state of the art computer, which is like having a fancy car which you can only drive at 5 miles per hour. Could not even get Skype to work properly on Wildblue, Satalite is promoting themselves as the rural option, seems they must have many well paid lobbiests.

I recently got hooked up. When he finally got done, I immediately ran a speed test. What I experienced over the next 10 days was utterly disappointing. The service would simply disappear. After researching online, I learned a trick to reset the modem and router. This would fix the problem temporarily until about 20 minutes later where it would happen again.

After 2 service calls were scheduled, then cancelled without any notice, I was livid. Lowe and behold, I got transferred to someone who actually sounded knowledgeable. Turns out, my modem was not yet registered in the system. So I was getting a temporary authentication that would drop me after 20 minutes.

She got me registered and all has been good since. The speed is impressive. As for the loyal WildBlue customers on the legacy equipment, I feel your pain. I am hoping that in 2 years, when my contract is up, there will be better options available in my area. I wish there were better options in my area, however, we are stuck with Wildblue; hopefully Verizon will have technology that will exceed WildBlue. For those of us stuck in a rual area there ARE options now, it just takes a little work on our behalf,.

Its that simple, and it is simple, technologies like ubiquity are going to be allowing this VERY soon. My small neighborhood is just barley out of reach of the ISPs in my area and I do plan on building my own ubiquity network, paid for by a corporation of my neighbors. I have threatened them numerous times with this, and if more people do maybe they will understand their service is a dying monster and they might learn some humility.

In a week I will be paying the early cancellation fees and dropping Wildblue… Finally have an other option in my area called FlashByte that my boyfriend and I have been testing out and it works a times better with no limits and a ton cheaper. So anyone in southern California that has been stuck on satellite services might want to see if its available to them.

Have you tried Flashbyte? After reading all the comments here on ViaSat, I guess changing from HughesNet will be like going from the frying pan to the fire. They are introducing a Generation 4 eqivilant to Excede in September. They have a captive auduiance and exploit it. If they in fact receive government money such as I have read, then being our tax money we deserve better. But they all claim they are losing money, stock prices down and their still in business. We all need to put presure on the DSL carriers somehow to expand their networks and put these satalite rip off artists out of business.

I agree what Tom said,we are the government so this means we are paying double price. I still having problems out of Viasat system,even after over 11 Dish techs out here. And they good,but still learning on this system and the bad thing,there is cable out here and that is what I want. And I told them,if,that is a big word,I see cable coming.

This stellite internet is gone and right now t,his is my only opition. What makes me mad is ,federal and state maps shows there is cable and it not. Unfortunately, the way they measure usage is jacked up. I get to my 15 Gb. Recently a customer support rep told me it must by our smartphones, that we need to turn off the wifi when we get home. No one is downloading anything and yet we still reach the 15Gb, even though we never reached the 1. Then they slow you down.

When I point this out to the reps, they assure me their equipment is accurate. If you get ok cellular signal in your home you could also disable WiFi on your phones, typical usage is only mb That is completely ridiculous. These CSRs will tell you anything to get you off the phone thinking it must be your fault and not theirs.

The second excuse is usually sunspots so count yourself lucky you did not get that one. As we just reported today see our home page Suddenlink swore up and down their usage meter was absolutely accurate last week.

Four days later, they disavowed it when a customer caught their hands in the usage cookie jar — nearly 23GB of phantom usage in one day… when his service was mostly out. Usage measurement tools are completely unregulated, and that gives you an idea about how accurate they turn out to be. Meh, what does THAT matter. I told them I was going to get a class action lawsuit lawyer! I was a great customer paid early every month at I canceled thinking to go with HughesNet next month because they are getting their fast sat.

I would love nothing more than for them to call me and apologize and have to connect me back up with unlimited download a month.: I was thinking about going with Exede, but after all the complaints.

I just got hooked up with Exede because I had to switch from Hughesnet, because it was the worst for me. Do it now or loose the benefit deal. My gripe is not trusting the data tracking with Exede. Of course WildBlue says it is, but there is no breakdown of time and usage. I know on the modem, There is no way! I get no help from WB because they say they are accurate. And its a damn shame because when it did work for a few hours a day it was pretty good.

I got rid of WildBlue and Hughesnet and found Razzolink! Check them out by searching on Google and you might just get lucky so you can drop the junkie satellite service. My service is now 3Mbps download and 1. Much better than ms with satellite. Hope you guys find your Internet nirvana service. I have had it for several months and it screams! Also, I use magicJack over it for my telephone. I will happily Join in the lawsuit. I was a customer with Wildblue for years.

The speeds they promise are not even close to reality. I called to cancel. I was not in contract. They gave me a 3 hour run around. I finally agreed to swith to Exede. It did not run from the minute it was installed.

I called to get it resolved and got no where. It took three long phone calles to cancell. They are not trying to charge me fees for all sorts of stuff that are not valid. They ket charging my credit card long after service was cancelled. I stopped Via Sat from access to the card. I have spoken to customer sevice three more times spending over 4hrs on the phone with them.

I asked to speak to a suporvisor in 3 different departments and was told they were not available. I spoke to tim in billing and he could not even tell how the bills were generated and put in three different ticket for the erroneous bills. Today I recieved a letter from a collections agency for more than the first erroneous bill. I have been using Wildblue for a couple years. Anyway, they talked me into exceed. But whatever, it seemed that i would have better, faster or more?

She was going to comp the equipment upgrade because I am a loyal customer. I called the provider who is to install the exceed equipment, and boy did I get an ear full. He said the Wild Blue people should have known that, and should never have sold me on the current scam. I have been a wildblue customer for 9 years. Happy for the most part,living in a rural area. My son is a network engineer and says there is no way that my wife and I could be using at the rate they claim for what we do on the computer.

I will be ending my service with wildblue soon. We can control this company by all sticking together and terminating our service. Excede just came to our area and began advertising heavily in October. I live in a rural community in southern Missouri and there is just nothing worth paying for here and why I am still on dial-up. The connection rates are miserable I am really lucky to just be here for the moment, as a matter of fact.

Forget about trying to work from here. I would love to start a home-based business, but it is impossible. Hence me checking out this service. I just wanted to thank all of you for your pioneering efforts and publishing your experiences from all over the U. Right now because of topography we do not have line-of-sight access for aircards.

We do not have DSL and the only satellite up until this point service is extremely expensive. As it is today, I have to drive nearly thirty miles round-trip for a wifi hotspot if I need to get some work done. I was really hoping this satellite co. Especially with the inconsistancy and non-resolution with metering. So good to know. Finally let me say that I am sorry to all of you that are at the receiving end of so much frustration, but let me say thank you again for potentially saving me from a worse monster than what I currently live with….

Not sure what the cumotion is about, I was with wildblue for 10 years, I upgraded to viastat 6 months ago. Once I called to upgrade it took only 5 days for installer to arrive. I have fast speeds and work from home. But, a different frequency band different satellite.

It is very fast, consistently. I have had both, and am completely happy with viasat! I have had 30 techs at my house since feb. I still have freezing all the time. It had been moved from one place to another and so I hate it. Shocked, I told her that the local cable folks would give us unlimited Internet for far, far less.

ViaSat needs to get with the time. Plus the Internet service drops constantly, Netflix rebuffers. And that was BEFORE they sent us the email chastising us for our usage and saying they were going to slow our speed down.

They seriously need to get with the times. They want and have control over services,so they can push up the cost. All the ads they put out is false ads,so they can get the person under the 2-year contract or no contract,they still get you for the cost.

This means to the companies,the customers are always wrong. They slow down the speeds when they want too. All we want is to be contacted by someone. OR their system is down and I could contact them later. Obviously, they do not care either, since 3 weeks have gone by and still no response! We need to cancel the email NOW. Between the old and new,I know I had over 50 tech at my home and just to say,I have wish I never got. They dont care about the customers,as long they can make their money and the false ads on all their service.

When I had terminated the contract in Jan ,I still had to pay the temination fee and the system was still not working. Have had no service problems, speeds are good and dependable. I agree with what Phillip said about rural options, more is better.

Comparing cap costs with wireless phone providers our exede service is priced better but probably slower than 4g.

Phillip no doubt your a better expert on that than me. For me the caps are too expensive for internet thru any cell provider. My dream for internet service is something like fios at Verizon.

Phillip thanks for your extensive coverage across the USA. I think you helped Georgia residents become aware of their plight and was nice to see the people react to it. Also Phillip you have indicated your political leaning, liberal, mine is conservative. I think your reporting has been non-partisan, showing both parties are capable of exploiting this up and coming evolving market. We need the coverage and again thanks. I had them turn my landline off when I had exede installed.

I use magic jack. I have wondered Phillip if any of your cap reporting had anything to do with our gig increase to 15gigs monthly? They need to get their collective asses sued off if you ask me!!!!! My speed was supposed to be 1 mbps but i get to see videos with no buffering at all.

I love this service so far. I have the been reading about the gripes about exede not being what they expected it to be. I love mine too!! You would think that everybody expects cable bandwidth! Upon calling I get the Ho and hum that never satifies my complaints.

How would I know this? My usage consists mainly of emails and some downloading of Word documents. We are not on the computer on a daily basis. My kids are not allowed to use youtube or download anything, and there is no computer usage on weekdays for the kids.

My husband does look at weather radars from time to time. What the heck is eating our 15 GB of bandwith — usually within a two week period??!! This makes no sense to me! Any suggestions of how to measure my bandwith on my end? I live in the mountains of California. At first, I had Hughes. It barely ever worked and cost a LOT! Then I heard about Wildblue, switched and was happy. But their data caps were low and they had no better plan other than to buy a 2nd dish just for my wife, which I did.

This went on for years. Finally, they introduced Exede. While there were several cancelled appointments or even no-shows by their techs, we finally got fairly good service.

Exede has a program that from 12 midnite to 5am, all caps and monitoring of bandwidth usage are disabled. So, I set up programs to automatically download video after 12 midnite. Yes, it sometimes goes down. Yes oh yes their customer support and technician management needs improvement. But one has to know what their needs are and at least as far as satellite internet goes, watching streaming video all day is not going to work. It could be a lot better and I feel Wildblue could and should offer some better solutions or perks for those that are suffering, but I have bigger problems in my life than internet service right now.

Your customer service is rude blaming me every time something goes wrong even if its their fault. Your service is rarely ever stable. My data should not be out. I upgraded from 10gb to 15 and it ran out almost instantly, when I barely do anything big outside LNFZ. And yet even after I take security measures, my data still runs out in two weeks. So this Late Night Free Zone is a complete lie.

They tell you that the ETF is 15 bucks a month for every month left which is too high. Why is that fee even here? These five reasons are why I demand you cancel my account for free or be reported.

I want out and should not be made to have to pay plus dollars for some ridiculous fee that any other company would offer free. We changed from a slow provider to Wild Blue over three years ago. You could download large files after midnight with no extra charges. That was the only good thing about WB. I ordered the upgrade and he installed a new dish and sattellite. It worked OK and was somewhat faster than WB. After about a month, it started slowing down.

We called Exede and they sent out a new repairman who said that the original installer had really messed the system up and he installed new software and codes.

A couple of weeks went by and it regressed once more. The repairman came back and relocated the settings and left with Exede working once more.

Then we had troubles getting Apple products to work and put an Airport Express hookup and got it working once more. Then, we could not get on the internet and spent many hours conversing with Exede to no avail.

They did say that the Airport express was faulty. My wife took it to Apple who tested ti and it worked fine. We again called Exede to no avail. We said no way and wanted out of the contract. So, we canceled the account. If there is going to be a suit against this organization, count me in.

They are so bad that I think the US government is in charge. It sounds like either the TRIA that thingy on the end of the dish , or the modem itself was bad.

I have had Exede for several years now, and never have a problem with speed, and I also use apple products occasionally. I think a good technician is worth his weight in gold, and you obviously needed one.

I would suggest giving Exede another crack, and find a different installer. It really is a great system! The real problem is that satellite broadband has inherent limitations that will always make it a poor alternative to wired service.

Wireless ISPs can also be a good resource, when they are well-run. They are in the business of taking advantage of people who have no other choice. Then after speaking to over 10 different people they lied to me about the refund. This article is still relevant. Money which should have been given to fiber optic or cable companies. The company expects to begin offering service in January.

Competitor Hughes Network Systems, owned by EchoStar, already launched its second high capacity internet satellite, giving it about a seven-month head start on ViaSat About 14 million U.

For commercial flights, ViaSat-2 aims to deliver 25 megabit speeds or better to each passenger airplane, and widen geographic coverage beyond the U. Once in Europe, ViaSat-2 would hand off in-flight Wi-Fi to satellites of partner Eutelsat, but the switch would be seamless to users, the company said. More than aircraft use its technology today, which is fast enough for passengers to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime video on their mobile devices in the air.

About additional commercial aircraft are in the pipeline to be retrofitted with antennas for ViaSat-powered onboard Wi-Fi. Northern Sky Research forecasts in-flight connectivity will be installed on two out of every three commercial passenger aircraft worldwide by the end of , driven by higher demand for broadband connectivity. While ViaSat pushed the market toward faster in-flight Wi-Fi, competitors are fighting back.

Gogo, a Chicago company that provides cellular-based ground-to-air Wi-Fi to airlines, has developed a new antenna and leased space on existing satellites to provide faster speeds. Each ViaSat-3 satellite will have 1 terabit-per-second maximum capacity — more than triple that of ViaSat When all are in orbit, the company will have global coverage.

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