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It connects to the DSL line. It then logs onto the Internet Account you have been given credentials for, so that you can actually get to the Internet via Centurylink.

This happens when you are set to PPPoE. However, when you put the unit into bridging mode, only the DSL actually is supposed to connect. I should note here that you do not have a username and password for DSL. It is merely the format of the communication line you are connecting to.

So the C just does this. Then the router handles the logging onto the CL Internet account. In the past this has worked great. However, now when I try it, after not using this config for some time, the Internet connection stays connected too. I have tried to disconnect in PPPoE mode and then put the modem into bridge mode, but eventually the Internet connection is re-connected, when the model is in bridge mode. I have never seen this.

I am sure this is why right now my Linksys and the C are not talking. I have been trying to log off the Internet account and quickly go into transparent mode, but it still re-logs on again.

Again, in bridge mode, only the DSL connection should come up in the C Not the Internet connection. February 22, at 2: July 6, at 5: I found this thread and hope somebody is still listening. Is that sort of expected behavior? July 7, at 4: I mentioned this in the body of the post. March 21, at After putting things into transparent bridge mode, initially, all is OK. The modem mostly works, but every 35 seconds it drops packets for 5 seconds and then repeats.

Of course, Actiontec provides ZERO support and CenturyLink support is limited to telling you to reboot the modem which is what caused the problem to begin with. March 21, at 8: When I put it into transparent bridge, all is OK at first. Then every 35 seconds or so it goes dead for 5 seconds. In order to get it to stop doing this, I have to switch back to IPPOE mode for a bit and then back into transparent bridge.

January 7, at 3: I have started to have really poor speeds. Centurylink says the line is fine. CL wants me to get rid of the router and just use the modem, but I have port forwarding setup on usg and would rather not use the modem. ANyone ever deal with bridged modem speed issues? March 1, at When I measure speeds using Speed Test I get about 16Mps in my area but I am noting that the quality of the connection is poor where the signal continues to drop and I either wait for the router to reconnect or I have to restart the router.

December 8, at 4: After bridging, I am setting the asus to Any hints on sequence of rebooting? If this goes south and I need to set the Ct back to its original settings I will use the reset button, I know the PW is under the modem, but what is the IP of the webpage to get things started again? December 9, at 1: February 12, at 9: Did I miss something? February 12, at 3: December 4, at 7: With the CA set to transparent bridge mode, has anyone tried to use more than one router? I tried plugging the Apple in the CA but it does not connect while the Linksys is plugged in.

Tried rebooting both devices, no luck. November 16, at February 28, at You might have already answered, but I will ask again: How would you configure the CT to run as a repeater, AKA range extender, or wireless access point? Have yet to find a manual on it either. I still have C-Link, and some old routers CA, etc and just want to re-purpose these to expand a wider filed of connectivity throughout our basement home from front to back and top to bottom!

February 29, at 7: March 1, at 4: February 2, at December 17, at If I connect them wire it works and I have internet access. September 1, at 2: I have a technicolor ct through centurylink for my ISP. I Would like to place my ct gateway in bridge mode, so I can use my apple time capsule as my sole router. Do you have a step-by-step procedure to do this?

May 27, at May 28, at I ran this way for awhile, but similar to other complaints I saw, found that throughput was not as good when running this way with the CA.

February 25, at 9: What are my DSL login credentials? Or where would I find them? If I am to input them into the wifi router airport extreme where in the router do I do that? February 26, at Call and ask your DSL provider. They would be whatever is in your DSL modem currently to connect to your DSL provider… usually a username and password. I recommend asking Google. Just to make sure I understand. February 26, at 3: May 9, at 3: The CT is far better and can act as a standalone router as well without cutting out or crashing.

I personally just use a router behind CT which is in transparent bridging mode. May 10, at 4: Working perfectly, able to open up ports, run https, webcam, website, content filtering, etc.

Now onto new challenge of upgrading the hardware of my server domain controller which has been running on an old HP pavillion with AMD phenom x4 for 3 years. May 31, at 9: At this point, I cannot figure out how to properly configure this setup though. June 6, at 8: This is what I usually do on the second router that I use to extend the same network: And that should just work.

April 3, at 3: I am replacing a cisco ddr this week. In addition I would like to forward some ports for access internet for my NAS. Do i need to send this device into bridge mode? March 16, at 3: Since last time I did this with the actiontec device put it into bridge mode then wanted to go back to pppoe since I did not configure the Asus router and could not get the GUI back up on the actiontec I have an ASUS router Thanks Linda.

March 16, at 4: When that happens I usually just do a hard reset on it and start all over. March 17, at Yes the actiontec GUI is very flaky I suspect firmware since last time tried to do a hard reset and the actiontec GUI never came up so had to return the actiontec for a new one This new one seems to be better so what I did tonight was 1. February 13, at 3: I am having trouble with my centurylink ca. When using it alone the internet connection will intermittently slow, disconnecting any game we are playing and causing long waits for pages to load.

I explained that it was slow even on the computer connected with ethernet cable. They said the line was good and that my old telephone lines were picking up interference. I replaced the hardline from where it comes into the house to the ca. I read this article about bridging the ca.

When I did, it turned the ca into a brick. The came out and bricked another modem trying to fix the problem! Both could not even be reset. Still looking for resolution. In order to get to the GUI again you need to connect a wire to one of the lan ports to a computer and set the IP of you computer manually to Set DNS to whatever you want like 8. April 27, at December 16, at 8: January 9, at 1: I want to have a 2nd CA act as a router, What do I need to do? But not sure how or what settings to change after that.

January 11, at Give my limited poor experience with my own CA I would not want to rely on it as a router. December 30, at 8: Have gone through all the recommended steps. Put CA into transparent bridging mode, Save Settings 4. Disable wireless on CA, Save Settings 5. Ethernet cable connected from Ca to Internet port on router 6. Set IP address to Subnet mask is Default Gateway is Test with the Ping command Ping I get no Internet Connection on CA.

I can see the router wireless connection on my remote PC but get no Internet connection. Have gone through this exercise several times, doing a hard reset of the CA several times. What have I missed? Many thanks for your guidance. January 2, at 4: Once the CA is in transparent bridge mode it will have no internet connection. Once it makes a proper connection with these credentials it will provide the internet connection.

December 13, at 8: I put my actiontec ca into bridge mode to try and set up my airport extreme behind it. Now I cannot connect back to the actiontec to get into the configuration.

I have tried hard wiring it to the actiontec and using I have also tried resetting the router with the button on the back and still doesnt work. To do a hard reset try this?

I have also found that the ca does not mix well with google chrome, and works better with internet explorer. October 15, at 9: My biggest complaint is the lengthy but not flexible firewall config all other ports! September 5, at 2: It drops out from time to time and it takes a power cycle to the DSL modem to fix it.

Sometimes I can go weeks with no issue and other times I can keep an internet connection for more than 5 minutes at a time. So, it looks like the DSL modem stops talking to my router. Any suggestions on where the issue might be? September 5, at 6: Are you confident that the DSL modem is the issue? Have you tried a different router? September 11, at I have the same problem it started about 4 or 5 months ago at first it would need a restart several times a day and now it might run for several days at the time.

I have added a remote controlled power switch to it so I can push a button to recycle to modem but the problem obviously is with Century link or the firmware in the modem. I have not yet contacted them because all I will get is a support person not knowing how to fix it …. October 1, at 2: I have had the same problem from day 1 with Actiontec Ca. CL has admitted it has line problems, and has switched in multiple line pairs to try to remedy the problem.

I need to power cycle the unit several times a day for a period, then it will run without issues for several weeks.

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