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Agencies will provide their IATA code if asked. I assumed I had inadvertently entered a wrong digit on each occasion. Some of these simply contain the common materials used in this article, while the more expensive ones may include adhesives and fake skin products that are faster to use or allow for more dramatic, raised wounds. That's the main thing to remember! I was taken in by this scam but half way through the conversation I realized that it was a scam. That's a very popular payment method of scammers, it seems the Western Union's recipient verification processes are inadequate, once they've passed the money on to the crooks, you stand zero chance of getting it back.

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Remember, a true friend will send this along for you! As the denial of this hoax put up by IBM states:. IBM asks that customers be wary of any such notes and refrain from forwarding these messages.

You should be suspicious of any e-mail that requests you to forward the e-mail to other people. As stated in the hoax:. Therefore, the choice of which five to rope in becomes all-important: In a setup like this, stupidity is everything.

The selection of which friends to send the note to will depend on how likely they are to keep the chain intact, which will lead to exponential replication of the hoax. Other versions of this leg-pull spread mightily despite no effort being made to weed out the disbelieving; how far will this one go seeing as how its recipients are being pre-selected on the basis of credulity?

Late September saw the playfulness take an even wilder spin out of control with Honda supposedly looking to earn American market share for its automotive products by giving away free cars:. They assured me that this the real thing! Here at Honda we have been well known for over 20 years for providing the best in reliabillity, comfort, and style. Over the years we have risen to be one of the top auto industries here in Japan. We want to be number one in the US.

Now our twentieth anniversary for making cars is here!!! This is the perfect opportunity for you and us here at Honda to celebrate our 20 years of excellent service. We have been trying to think of ideas to get more people to know about our cars. And with technology and e-mail being the wave of the future, we want to jump on this opportunity.

So we have set up a rewards system to repay those who help us spread the word about Honda. Our marketing staff has designed a special program that traces this message as it travels across the US.

Anyone who forwards this e-mail, will immediately have an account at their local Honda dealer opened in their name. You can log onto our website at http: If things go well and everyone participates you should see your account grow quite quickly.

Follow the on screen instructions to order the specific make and model of Honda you want to buy with your account. We hope that this is a rewarding experience for you and us. Our goal is to reach over 1 million computers by the year I thank you for your time and business,. Proving that no joke is too tired not to be dusted off and aimed at a new victim, the following hit the Internet in November He also needs to gain a better grasp of retail realities; specifically, who owns what out there in the marketplace.

Other retailers owned by The Limited include: They too have joined the growing list of companies forced to put up a denial of this rumor on their web site.

In early December , the usual leg-pull was reworked to aim it at Columbia House:. All you have to do is send this message on to your friends! Yes, it is that simple. Now you are wondering how many CDs you get, and how to get them. It all depends on how many people you send this message to. You are required to send this email to the address below to receive your first 10 CDs.

In addition, you get another CD for every person you forward this to. For example, if you send this to Cyber Promotions, along with 10 of your friends, you would receive a total of 20 CDs. We will email you back promptly asking for your CD selections.

February brought us a version that at least had a minor new element: It will then ask where you want your free coke products sent. This is a sales promotion to get our name out to young people around the world. We believe this project can be a success, but only with your help.

So please start e-mailing and help us build our database. Thank you for your support! Coca-Cola denies the whole thing, saying this pie-in-the-sky e-mail is untrue. The following badly-spelled missive began life on the Internet in February EMI and Time Warner.

Time Warner, AOL and EMI have begun to conduct a feasability study in music delivery via email, and so are collating data on the way in which emails are disseminated between family, collegues and friends. AOL has cleverly encoded this email with a unique identifier, which allows them to track all the senders and recipients. If you only send out this mail to as many people as you can then you can also take advantage of this offer.

Like we keep saying, what you have to lose are your friends. This latest twist on the old gag is no more true than any of the previous incarnations. In March , The Newell Company an Illinois-based housewares and hardware company best known for its Rubbermaid line fell victim to the hoax:. Now this is not a hoax. I urge you to do the same. The following version of the joke, drawing Nokia into the fray, began circulating in March If you'd like to learn more about how you can support us, click here.

Fact Check Inboxer Rebellion. You can receive any of the following rewards from various companies by simply forwarding an e-mail message or clicking a share link: Cash from RH Power Inc. Hello everybody,My name is Bill Gates. I have just written up an e-mail tracing program that traces everyone to whom this message is forwarded to. I am experimenting with this and I need your help.

Your friend, Bill Gates. My name is Bill Gates. Here at Microsoft we have just compiled an e-mail tracing program that tracks everyone to whom this message is forwarded to.

Dear Student,We at Nike are of the philosophy that the stronger the body, the stronger the mind. It is because of this philosophy that we are offering free Nike shoes and clothing as part of a contest that all of you are invited to participate in. With the use of this new technology, we bring a contest to you. We ask that you forward this e-mail to your fellow students. Thank you and good luck. Nike is proud to announce that we now not only lead the industry in technology used to develop high quality athletic shoes and apparel, but we have also recently entered into a joint venture with Microsoft.

Many of you may have heard about the e-mail tracking program that was recently developed by Bill Gates. Now, Microsoft is allowing us to use this system to find our most reliable customers and offer them great discounts or even free shoes. If you are interested in receiving discounts on much of our newest merchandise, then simply forward this message to at least one person.

When you forward the message, we receive a notice telling us your e-mail address and the number of people that you forwarded this message to. You will be notified by e-mail about how to obtain your free shoes or discount coupons. Thank you for helping us with our first Internet marketing campaign. Please visit our website at www. Your friends, Walt Disney Jr. Netscape and AOL have recently merged to form the largest internet company in the world. In an effort to remain at pace with this giant, Microsoft has introduced a new email tracking system as a way to keep Internet Explorer as the most popular browser on the market.

This email is a beta test of the new software and Microsoft has generously offered to compensate who participate in the testing process. Microsoft will tally all the emails produced under your name over a two week period and then email you with more instructions. This beta test is only for Microsoft Windows users because the email tracking device that contacts Microsoft is embedded into the code of Windows 95 and Microsoft and AOL are now the largest Internet company and in an effort make sure that Internet explorer remains the most widely used program, Microsoft and AOL are running an e-mail beta test.

Rest assured AOL and Intel will follow through with their promises for fear of facing an multimillion dollar class action suit similar to the one filed by Pepsico against General Electric not too long ago. Like I said before, I know the law, and this is for real. To all of my friends, I do not usually forward but this is from my good friend Pearlas Sanborn and she really is an attorney.

If she says that this will work — it WILL work. After all, what have you got to lose? TRy it; What have you got to lose???? In an effort to remain at pace with this giant, the GAP has introduced a new email tracking system to determine who has the most loyal followers. This email is a beta test of the new clothing line and GAP has generously offered to compensate those who participate in the testing process.

For each person you send this e-mail to, you will be given a pair of cargo pants. GAP will tally all the emails produced under your name over a two week period and then email you with more instructions.

I received an email chain letter promising free merchandise; is this a legitimate offer? These messages were developed without the knowledge or approval of Gap Inc. My name is Amber McClurkin. You have probably heard about the email from Gap offering free clothes to anyone who will forward the message on. Thank you for your support!! You have probably heard about the e-mail from Abercrombie and Fitch offering twenty five dollar gift certificates to every five people you sent that letter to.

Most of you who tried it will probably say NO. But this letter is NOT prank like others you have experienced. I am offering thirty five dollar gift certificates to every seven people you send this to. When you have finished sending this letter to as many people as you wish, a screen will come up. It will tell you how much you have earned in Gap gift certificates. Print that screen out and bring it to your local Gap store.

My name is Robert Crensman. I am sure you are all well aware of the free offerings made from Gap and the free gift certificates offered from Abercrombie and Fitch. I am the Senior President of J. Crew, and I am offering a great deal in compliance to these other great offers. For every ten people you forward this two, your AOL screen name will receive an online J. Crew gift certificate worth fifty dollars. There is no limit to how many people you can send this to.

This is simply an online promotion to increase the usage of our internet website. We appreciate your help in passing on this letter. Feel free to visit our online store at http: Hewlett-Packard and Gateway have just merged to form the biggest computer supplier in the world!

Bigger than Dell, bigger than IBM, bigger than them all! The offer of a free PC is a hoax. My name is Jeffrey Newieb. It is a scam! They have placed backdoor program on it. It's one of the first things they do.

Do this after reinstalling your OS as your machine likely now has a keylogger program on it watching everything you do in hopes of you logging into your bank or paypal.

If you haven't contact the CC company they may be willing to reverse the payment. You may have some insurance through them. Do this right away as there will be more charges to the card as soon as they sell the card info. Same if a debit card. The card credentials and account info needs to change. Do this on another machine or after reinstalling. I fell for this scam recently and yes it does very awful, especially when you also fall for giving you personal name to them.

You'll get a little paranoid too, since they may use it to further their crime. No matter what you heard from this fake it support, don't let them talk for long. The scammers who tricked claimed to be an Microsoft it tech support working for their IT department. There are two guys involved, one who acted as the usual tech support caller and the other one who acted as the manager.

And yes they have a very heavy Indian accent, they're actually doing this scam from India. It's an ellaborated scam where they managed to use US phone number when they first contacted you.

I didn't fell for half a thousand dollar or more, but still got tricked to pay a decent amount of money. So far I've filed a report to the FTC and Microsoft center, I may even have to file for a police report and possibly FBI Internet Crime complain center of the bank couldn't get my money back, just to share how serious this scam can be, given that you even may not able to get the money if you fell for it.

Hope sharing this story will help you to avoid this type of scam which appears to be a resurgence again. I just got the phone call, this lady knew my name, my address, my phone number and my email account. I'm freaking out here. What if they are coming to my house while my daughter and me are in??? I stupidly fell for this yesterday and handed over remote access..

I never gave any credit card details or personal info apart from Full name, Email address and Billing Address.. They didn't ask for money until they'd been remotely on my laptop for 45 minutes.. Then I twigged, hung up and shut my computer down.. First, if you don't already have Malwarebytes premium, install it and run a scan on your computer. It will pick up viruses and other malware and destroy them. It's a great service. Thanks for that info Mark. I gave no credit card number and hung up after realizing it was a scam.

Don't ever bank online and rarely shop for this very reason! Changing my PayPal password now! I fell for this last night, and feel awful. I don't know how I will handle myself and have not touched my computer since then. I don't know what to do now, and I feel so helpless and worthless My daughter-in-law feel for the scam and let them access her computer-- I really thought she knew more than that. Anyway the computer started getting real slow -- so I brought it come to fix it. At first I could access some files pressing control alt delete or restarting and press the shift key.

So I tried to copy some files and pass them to a USB and then the computer stopped letting me doing. Now all we see is we a blue screen asking for a password or call So I am waiting on a MSDart disk and if that doesn't work; do not know what she will want to do.

She really wanted to save all of her little girl's pictures, but I am not sure that is going to happen. On Thursday I was called by a person who said they were agents for Microsoft. My Computer was on at the time, and I had a problem. After doing as they told me, the caller started, he said, to put things right. I had to go out, but this person said they would carry on the next day.

This is when I should have realised it was a Scam. I took the call the next day, and watched as the person at the other end did things. I was then offered a 4 year contract. Foolishly I agreed, and tried to pay by Credit Card. Refused twice by Visa Verification.

I assumed I had inadvertently entered a wrong digit on each occasion. Contacted my Bank, and was put through to the Fraud Dept. Spoke withe a person there. After 2 Questions I was told I could pay the amount asked for. This amount has not, at time of writing been taken from my account, but is held by " The Merchant" until the Scam Company collects it.

Apparently, the Bank cannot get this money until at least 7 days has elapsed. I have sent three emails to the company, which is Bluemist Technologies. Yes, I too fell for it. They were not nice, but actually quite abusive.

It was pretty scary. Yes, they did get money from me too. But it looks like I am actually getting a refund as they "billed" me through a billing company. Have reinstalled all programs. Did a police report, waiting to see if I get the money back and then will follow up with the billing company. Looks like an inside job or I am more duped then I realize. I was stupid too. Found out it was a scam.

They called me and offered a refund since they were moving their company to England. They were so convincing. They wanted to send my money back by wire. They led me to a website, that said it was a company that handled their refunds. It looked like a Chase bank application. Well I let them into my bank account. They said it didn't work, and they would call back tomorrow. Well I realized that I had been tricked again!

Went immediately to my credit union. We closed my account and moved all my info to a new account number. I came home and checked out the website that they had accessed. It is a demo that Chase Bank puts out for potential customers to try. It really doesn't do anything.

They still keep calling me. I have blocked several numbers. Now they are saying that their company was hacked. Of course it is the people who hacked their company who tried to get my money. They still want to give me a refund! I have finally learned an expensive lesson!

I feel so stupid I fell for this scam I did let them in my computer but as soon as they asked for money I disconnected them I shut down my computer then ran a Kaspersky scan. I also ran a Malware scan as well. My cousin is very good with computers he didn't see anything downloaded as least as far as he could see. I'm a little worried that my computer is corrupt although I haven't had any problems with it.

One IT friend says I am okay to use my laptop and another says that it is possible something was written into my firmware so it is not safe. So, I am looking into whether I am looking At getting a new hard drive or not. I fell for this scam too, but in my case, it wasn't a phone call that started it. They locked up my computer to the point where I couldn't even shut it down. I had to call the toll-free number and give them access to get it unlocked. Now I'm scared, too. So I just fell for this and what I'm more worried about is them being able to log into my accounts I'm on and my email.

I gave them my name and email address so would they be able to get into my email account? I didn't buy anything or give them any card info, but would they be able to access accounts that I'm still logged into on the Internet? Only if you typed it in when they connected, or if it was saved on your computer. Make sure you uninstall any programs you may have downloaded, as they may be key-loggers. Are email accounts compromised? I had a family member fall for this and now they're worried bc they aren't tech savvy and neither am I?

When they called me Hi, Last Thursday [Aor] I have been hit by this scam. They took over the control for my system for few minutes and I force shut down the laptop before they try to do something.

Even though my laptop is not corrupted and I have not lost any money, I want to know if they would have copied any data from my system. Is it possible to get some logs to get this information? I am ready to format my system but I want to know if they would have copied any data from my laptop before I am formatting it.

This happened 2me today. I hung up but I need to reset my factory settings as I am scared. I have just been scammed without realising it but did not give them any bank or card details.

They do have my name and e-mail address as well as who I bank with and I did download what they asked me too. At that point I terminated the conversation. They rang several times after that but I didn't respond. I am now too worried to use my laptop until I get it looked at by an expert. My son had the best response when we were called.

He said his computer had a little picture of an apple on the cover. They responded that it did not. I also received one of these calls, the Indian speaking "gentleman" stated he was from Microsoft, noticed my PC was running slow, etc. I played along for a few minutes just for a joke before hanging up on him. Not for one minute did I believe that Microsoft or any other company would call me because of a slow computer. Come on people, why would Microsoft or any other company care if your computer is running slow?

Why would they PAY people to call you? I agree with dragonmouth, ultimately it is the computer owners fault. People have asked me to log in to their system using tools like LogMeIn. As a former PC Support guy I know that once you've touched someone else's computer, for weeks afterwards there's a risk of calls like "Since you worked on my computer When someone else gets access there's a risk they can look at confidential documents, find personal details and passwords, they may even be connecting from a malware infected PC themselves and risk the malware spreading to your PC.

Given that this type of scam is so prevalent you might expect that providers of remote access services like LogMeIn. In our household if we get a call from someone with an indian accent we just put the phone down. We know nobody in India, it's always a call centre, if it's not a scam then they're trying to sell me something.

It does mean that "legitimate" businesses that off-shore their call centres - like some UK banks - don't get business from me. A bit tough on indian sounding people based in UK but I'm not going to listen to 10 unwanted calls a week because once or twice a year it may be a legitimate caller. In addition to the warnings about disclosing your Credit Card details, never send money using Western Union either. That's a very popular payment method of scammers, it seems the Western Union's recipient verification processes are inadequate, once they've passed the money on to the crooks, you stand zero chance of getting it back.

Again you might expect Western Union to post prominent fraud risk warnings on their web site. They don't, if they did they'd lose the commission they earn from the fraudsters transactions. I often read stories about how much of the scam caller's time someone has wasted.

These guys may be on 10 dollars a day. One successful scam may earn dollars more if they tell you the charge is but they actually take more and then earn more from selling the password details they've stolen while they were on your computer and more from the trojan they installed to enrol your PC in a spam-sending botnet and more from selling your contact details as a known sucker, and more from selling on your credit card details and more from harvesting sufficient personal information for you to become victim of identity theft.

If they get one success a week it's cause for celebration so you wasting an hour of their time is your loss not theirs. I have one of the oldest continuously held email addresses on the internet. Since I learned what Netscape was doing with my information back then it was the only free browser I have practiced safe surfing. Nevertheless my ISP tells me his spam filter sieved out spams or viruses addressed to my account in the last four days alone.

Spammers can and do find you. I also get calls from by the accent Pakistan trying to sell me duct cleaning - in Canada. I have had the pseudo-Microsoft call. I do have a landline phone without caller ID.

I also have the pseudo-charities which may be local, ignoring my government Do Not Call listings. I long ago learned to be alert and follow the rules, but I still get spam and attempts to defraud.

I don't know how the less experienced cope. I have not had any charity calls since I registered. I used to get at least one a day from Fraternal Order of Police. Sorry to rain on your parade but recently Experian in the US has been discovered to allow scammers access to its database.

I still got frequent calls. Each time I got a call, I requested that they do not call back, which is part of the procedure. I might as well have been talking to the wall, for all the good it did me. Couple of weeks ago I registered my land line number with NoMoRobo. They check the origin of all calls to a number registered with them and block any illegal robo calls. If you hear just one ring that means a robo call was blocked. Since registering with NoMoRobo.

All of them have been blocked. If a call should get through, I can file a report with NoMoRobo and add the number to their robo call database. With an election coming up in a couple of days, I am expecting a lot of political calls. But then I will use my answering machine to screen calls. Neither Microsoft nor any other software or hardware vendor will ever call you to tell you that THEY detected a problem on you computer.

That should be the biggest tip off that somebody is trying to scam you. That fact was not mentioned explicitely in the article. You need to be aware of what is going on with your computer. Don't be a zombie just staring at your screen as you endlessly play Call of Duty or some other mind-numbing game. You supposedly run virus and malware scans regularly so the chances of infection are small. So there is no reason why somebody should call you and tell you that your PC is infected.

Then you can laugh at the scammers when they call to tell you your Windows system is infected. Matthew I did not call the local authorities but a couple of hours after this call the public was warned about this scam on the local T.

Guess the authorities don't have much to go by either. The callers where a woman and two men Customer support, technician and supervisor and had a pronounced Indian accent.

Spoke good English, where polite at first and work like a professional team. Go along with it then tell them no that is all but record the call then tell them your charging them for wasting your time a guy did that and they paid up as well they never called back again but it one way of making money from them calling you and if they do not pay up you got proof they owe you money and you can sue them.

Every single person I've heard who has been contacted by one of these scammers has been older than 60, homeowners, been conspicuously and actively politically conservative, on the upper third of the economic ladder and was called on a land line. I have not yet encountered anyone who got one of these cold calls who did not meet all of the above criteria, so I have a half-formed theory that at least in the US, these guys are working from Republican donor lists of some sort.

I also know that people were predominantly called on a land line. Perhaps your hypothesis reflects more on the demographics of who own land lines rather than the political leanings of the people targeted? Your thesis doesn't hold for affected individuals in Canada. I know one person who regularly gets these calls; she once handed such a call to me. She is definitely liberal, not part of a political organization, but was part of a union many years ago.

I'm not sure how easy it is to get access to Republican donor lists, but as Matthew says, those scammers operate worldwide, so they definitely collect their data from more than just one source. And they would be stupid not to! Hence, the correlation you have noticed is most likely co-incidence. Maybe you don't know enough liberals who engage in activities that will have their data end up on lists acquired by scammers. People in the age and status group you describe are prime targets due to their potential naivety.

Their financial situation just makes them more likely to spend money in general, which increases the likelihood that they left their data somewhere for scammers to be picked up, for example when booking a vacation.

The person I know for example travels a lot and owns a few time shares in Mexico and the US. The dubious travel agencies that call her up all the time and try to sell her trips and more time shares sit in the US.

Maybe they sold her data. I just fell for this Indian guy from Wilmington MA the number pulls up rcn telecom and he quoted the agency as Acadia which looks like bs from Hanson, MA. Max Wilson was his name he said but didn't sound like a max. I will now reinstall my software I guess although machines he Ammy'd seemed fine.

I believe somebody from Comcast is giving new numbers to RCN crook because I just got the number they called me on a month ago. I wish I hadn't. I have had them call me twice almost fell for it the first time second time nope. I'm in Canada and contrary toyour US hypothesis I'm 18 and politics are stupid. The second time I answered and eventually hung up. They called back and I talked as if I was a directory machine and informed them of my SSA status with the cyber crime division of the FBi.

Then went on to inform them the cal was monitored and wascurrently being relocated.

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