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As a general rule , never use it for any task when security is a must. If you are unable to acccess reddit. This is true for both free and paid services. Here is a list of the main differences: The Web Proxy protects only the app you are using. We highly recommend you to use it or even better a VPN connection every time you connect to a public WiFi. Surfing the net with our free tool will conceal your identity online making your activity on the web more secure and private.

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Free secure web proxy. Surf any website securely, anonymously and hide your IP address and online identity. Free web proxy to unblock sites, anonymous browsing for anonymous surfing. The anonymizer is a quick and free way to change your IP address. Free proxy to surf the web in total freedom. Anonymster offers a complimentary HTTPS web proxy completely free of charge. What is a proxy server? How to use a proxy server? When is a proxy server not safe?