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How to Safely Download on eMule using LimeVPN?
There are several more setting you can but don't have to adjust to make your eMule behave just the way you like, click on "Options" to go to the Options dialog and click here to view all help entries on this topic. However, many found that eDonkey was generally buggy and that the interface could be improved upon. Great, now all you have to do is hopping to the Search window, type in keywords you are looking for and start downloading. Auto completion history function should remain enabled. You also have a handy reset button there if you make a mistake and something looks wrong.

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How to use eMule: searching, selecting versions, checking integrity

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Ok the life of eMule is the sharers and EVERYBODY who uses eMule should share. There is no excuse. Some people try to use the excuse that they are afraid to share on P2P networks because of organizations or corporations that might be monitoring them. Unfortunately, if you feel this way, you shouldn’t be using P2P at all. Get eMule from our download area. If you are new to eMule you should use the installer, which is the easiest way to setup eMule properly. If you are new to eMule you should use the installer, which is the easiest way to setup eMule properly. How to Use eMule with a LimeVPN Tutorial. Downloading and making use of eMule with a VPN serves no purpose than doing it without a LimeVPN. The only difference it will make is that with a LimeVPN, your details will be unseen from your ISP and the government when you actually download or upload content on a P2P network.