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Items available include and older. The facility is open seven days a week ties. The facility also features a large outdoor tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, coolers, winter clothing, fishing poles and mountain bikes. It tables and covered pavilions, and fishing. The waterfront park has a covered charcoal Trips and Tours a playground, a sand volleyball and basketball barbecue pit with picnic tables near a children's Experience the best of the Northwest using court, picnic table and grills, and several covered playground, a walking path and basketball, vol- the Trips and Tours program.

Let us do the pavilions. To make group or event reservations, leyball and tennis courts. To reserve a pic- see" spots in the Northwest. Register for these features ball fields, playground equipment, grills, nic area, call Additionally, Naval Base leisure trips by calling or going online Kitsap patrons may make use of Navy Region at www.

For information and http: A great way to sell your car, behind the barracks below Olympic Lodge. The truck or motorcycle is to park it in our consign- park at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor is behind the ment lot.

For rates, please call PEO at The FFSC staff is eager to serve customers whether deploying, separating, raising children, job hunting, staying behind, looking for answers or just trying to make ends meet. Confidential individual, couple and family counseling, as well as Sexual Assault Prevention Qu and Response SAPR and victim counseling, ality is provided by licensed counselors at Buildings ofL and on Bangor. Call the appointment ife line at Pr The FFSC staff is customer service-oriented ogra and offers complete community and military ms information and referral services.

It also pro- an vides multiple arrival services, including hos- dS pitality loaner kits and local, state and county ervi recreational and social activity brochures. Life skills enrichment programs include top- ics such as stress management, deployment, anger management, financial management, There are two Naval Base Kitsap Fleet and job search skills, parenting and interpersonal Family Support Centers in the Kitsap area.

Monday Admiral Boorda Youth Center Services are in Buildings and are provided at no cost to eligible participants on Bangor. Call toll-free for Jackson Park Jackson Park Youth Center Care at our centers is primarily geared toward those needing full-time child care.

Our centers are based on the developmental program model that focuses on play and its importance in a child's learning process. FREE ferry terminal in downtown Bremerton. Explore life on board the aircraft car- Hours: Dis- ervices cover what happens behind the walls, fences and gates at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard interactives.

View hundreds of artifacts that ndS represent over years of undersea history sa and Intermediate Maintenance Facility and and technology, including the best collection of The Child Development Home CDH pro- other naval installations in the region. The Puget Sound Navy Museum also offers the torpedoes in the country, submarine equipment, rogram gram has 30 homes throughout the area certi- Family Discovery Room, a space that allows rare diving gear, and ROVs.

And don't miss ifeP fied by the Navy Child Development Programs young visitors to engage the museum's ideas the museum's biggest attractions literally -- fL to provide child care to youth up to 12 years old. Visit on Friday in the summer Mystic, Trieste II DSV-1 , Deep Quest, and a found in our on-base centers, but are often able and experience fun, free family art and science Qualityo submarine rescue chamber. With 20, square to offer a little more flexibility in services.

In activities in Fountain Park. Please call ahead or feet of exhibits, there's something for everyone! Child care providers The Naval Undersea Museum is the only Located outside the main gate of NUWC offer developmental programs and receive train- official Navy museum that interprets all of the Keyport, the museum is open 10 a. Try your hand at 4 p. We offer full-time, part-time, drop-in, driving a submarine in the real control room ber to April.

We also now offer hourly child care for all eligible military personnel. The hourly child care program is designed for children age 6 weeks to 12 years. School-Age Care SAC programs are a place where children will be able to meet new friends, learn new skills and participate in many activi- ties. Registration is taken directly at each facility. Teen Centers are open to ages 12 to 18 in grades seven through After becoming a member of our open recreation program, teens can participate in activities such as video games, air hockey, board games, team sports or have online computer access.

Commander, Navy Region Northwest is responsible for coordinating More information on the command can be found at www. The command's mission is to oversee the operational and pre- regional emergency management and quality of life. Shipyard in Bremerton and is responsible for certifying those crews for operations as the ships are returned to service.

The barracks products and worldwide movement of personal grew steadily with the shipyard. The geographic area mands, capable of self-administration, organized of responsibility covers eleven states -- Alaska, to support and accomplish their own particular Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Montana, mission. Since its reorganization in , NAVFAC NW's diversified programs support the battalion has been awarded a Navy Unit planning, design, contracting and construction Commendation, three Meritorious Unit Com- including the acquisition and disposal of real mendations and a Commandant of the Marine estate for the Navy and assist supported com- Corps Certificate of Commendation.

Similarly, all of the Navy's housing assets in these states are also supported. By , the Bremerton Naval Reserve n numbered eight units and more than Sail- tC ors and was officially designated an indepen- omm dent Naval Reserve Center. Navy's inventory of, and expertise n Support Center Kitsap also serves as the Navy d readiness support for submarines, torpedoes, with, torpedoes was struggling to keep pace with s Mobilization Processing Site for Navy Region land attack systems and Fleet training systems.

But because the effective- NUWC Keyport provides advanced technical In December , the Navy Operation Sup- ness of even rudimentary torpedoes is based on capabilities for in-service engineering, test and port Center moved from its Bangor location to complex mechanisms for assuring proper guid- evaluation, logistics support, custom engineered Building in Bremerton. Navy's only and operating sites in California, Guam, Hawaii, depot for testing and repairing torpedoes.

British Columbia, Nevada and Pennsylvania. To remedy this situation, in a group of NUWC Keyport also sends personnel to service naval officers was sent to search from San Diego the fleet around the world.

The current global to British Columbia for a location to house a new workforce consists of about 1, civilians and U.

The ideal location, 28 Sailors. America The isolated peninsula of Keyport, Washing- now had colonies and territories in that vast ton, was chosen as that perfect place. It had a tiny but expanding submarine By November, , the Navy had purchased fleet. And its leaders watched with interest and land from local families and commissioned the alarm as the emergent technology of the self- Pacific Coast Torpedo Station.

Navy divers for torpedo recovery work, and By the end of its first 50 years, Keyport had a small civilian workforce learning the emerging proven its value to victory in the largest war in art and science of testing and maintaining torpe- history, and was growing well beyond an orga- does. In , the base was renamed the United nization defined by geography and a single type States Naval Torpedo Station, but then as now of weapon.

During the Cold War, the U. Navy's role in Even before the U. S entered World War II, the undersea domain was providing deterrence many American leaders saw the devastation by maintaining a technological advantage over caused by German U-Boats and realized that the Soviet Navy.

The Naval Torpedo Station was the first conflict in which superiority in the at Keyport had become such an instrumental undersea domain would be instrumental to vic- part of this strategy that by they were test- tory. But port quickly increased its workforce, reaching maintaining and increasing America's techno- nearly 3, people by , more than 40 per- logical advantage undersea meant that Keyport cent of those women. As many as torpedoes had to do more than just torpedoes, and that it were tested in a single day during the most active had to operate outside of the Pacific Northwest.

In the s, Keyport helped with naval By the time Japan surrendered, the majority of undersea tests in the Arctic Ocean and added U. When the War was detachments in Indian Island, Washington; San won, production slowed and the workforce size Diego; and Hawaii to keep the unique Keyport plummeted.

But a new Cold War soon began, expertise closer to the fleet. Keyport also added of previous wars, Keyport survived, adapted and and much of that conflict would take place a detachment in Hawthorne, Nevada, to store continued proving its worth to the nation. Key- beneath the world's oceans. NUWC at great depth, couldn't be tested in the shallow Bloc forces.

To better reflect its evolving mis- Keyport was no longer tasked with just staying ands sion, the station's name was changed in ahead of a single adversary. The uncertainties of m waters around the Keyport peninsula. Fortu- the post-Cold War world necessitated the U. To share operations and technology port's efforts had been focused for 40 years, had exploring new opportunities. As it had after other wars, the U. And, as it had in the aftermath land and in the air, as well as at sea.

It provides an array of services and prod- ucts to the U. Navy, other military branches, and allied militaries, all with the goal of enhanc- ing the competency and innovation in undersea warfare capabilities that began a century ago. The command also has a consultative relation- ship with Chapter 99 of the Federal Managers Association. Oper- ating funds are received from the Food Services Board through a percentage of money collected from food and vending machine sales. The volunteers organize numerous activities including annual events such as family picnics Summerfest, Oktoberfest as well as trips to enjoy skiing, shopping and cultural and sport- ing events.

In addition, they organize sports and games tournaments and offer discounts on tickets for popular events. The Recreation Asso- ciation also teams with the regional MWR to further offset costs, which helps the events be more successful.

Lagoon Recreation Area The lagoon offers an area for picnics, paddle- boating and walking trails. The covered pavil- ion has picnic tables with adjacent barbecue pits. The area may be reserved for large parties Friday and determines employees' desires and needs for customers with high-quality, timely and cost- after 4 p.

For reservations consistent with available funds. Vending Dowell St. The depth of skill and ds vice areas in buildings throughout the base. Monday through Friday 7 a. The facility's industrial nicians, mechanics and contractors are busily The Bremerton site is the Pacific Northwest's larg- refit operation leads the command in training engaged in providing, maintaining and modern- andsm est naval shore facility, employing approximately Sailors in the journeyman mechanical rates on izing highly technical facilities and shop equip- om 13, civilians and military personnel, and one of critical skills to ensure they are fully proficient ment that supports this work.

It is also the Navy's sole a like-new environment. Engineers and planners work completion. Additionally, the Bremerton facility authorized to recycle end-of-life nuclear- keep their eyes to the future, using innovative and Bangor sites have been recognized by the powered submarines and ships after designing and thinking, planning and design concepts to keep Occupational Safety and Health Administration developing the process in the late 's.

During the s, the shipyard's major effort was the extensive program of converting air- craft carriers' conventional flight decks to angle decks as the Navy entered the era of jet-powered aircraft. With the start of the Korean conflict, the shipyard was also busy with the reactiva- tion of ships and the construction of two ships of a new class of guided-missile frigate: Between and , 85 major ships were constructed at the shipyard, including the largest naval vessels built on the West Coast: Sacramento-class combat support ships.

In the early s, the shipyard's mission was transitioned from building to a focus on repair and major maintenance of nuclear submarines, including the overhaul of fleet ballistic missile submarines. A Look Back boats. Following class homeport for the U.

This happened because of growing and modernized the five surviving battleships presence on the West Coast and has the dis- n national interest in the Pacific Ocean and a new t from the attack on Pearl Harbor. Throughout C tinction of having a listed National Historic om American naval policy of a mobile battleship the war, the command repaired, overhauled Landmark District within its gates. The district m fleet. Charles Wilkes in , and refitted hundreds of U. The Navy Yard appointed to select a site for a Pacific Coast naval serviced nearly one-third of the 1, ships in Commander, Naval Undersea station north of the 42nd parallel.

Additionally, a number of new Warfare Center Division, Keyport Wyckoff finalized the purchase of the original cruisers and destroyers were built there as Dowell St. He formally dedicated well. The workforce reached more than 33, Keyport, WA the opening of the then Naval Station Puget people by At the end of World War II, http: The first dry dock construction at Naval Sta- tion Puget Sound started in October and was finished in With the beginning of the Spanish American War in , the Battleship Oregon sailed from the station 17, miles to take part in the naval engagement at Santiago de Cuba.

The fact that the Oregon arrived ready to fight proved the value of a West Coast naval base and established Naval Station Puget Sound's rep- utation throughout the fleet. It retained its major command status as om numerous pieces of historical machinery. The Sound Naval Shipyard and became Puget Sound piers, repair shops and a dry dock in the Pacific consolidation improves fleet readiness by allow- ing the Navy to accomplish the highest-priority, real-time ship maintenance requirements while achieving the most maintenance efforts possible for the tax dollar.

It is one of the largest dry docks built by the Navy and is the only dry dock in the world constructed paral- lel to the shoreline. IMF has expertise in hull, mechanical, electrical, electronics and weapons systems repair and meets the fleet's maintenance and repair needs with on-time, cost-effective and quality service. IMF is the leader in training Sailors in critical skills within the journeyman mechanical rates using the Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy program to ensure that essential at-sea repairs and refurbishments of major systems can be completed without the need to return to port for corrective maintenance.

The member band performs more than engagements annually through- out the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Moun- tain States regions. Entertaining millions each year, Navy Band Northwest supports numerous events including military change of command and retirement ceremonies, the annual Seafair celebration in Seattle, the spring and fall concert series at the Naval Undersea Museum Keyport Auditorium, and the highly anticipated Holiday Concert performances throughout the Puget Sound area.

The talented and versatile musicians of Navy Band Northwest comprise 13 perform- ing ensembles, each with diverse musical styles. For more information please contact: It is 1, feet long and rises about feet out of the water. Stennis assembly, modification, maintenance, repair, and submarine support personnel; to train offi- and her crew provide forward presence and on-loading, off-loading and delivery of Trident cer and enlisted personnel in the knowledge and credible deterrence.

Stennis conducts sustained ands missile systems, in assembled or component skills required to build competence and profi- air operations, maritime interdiction, counter- m form, to the fleet ballistic missile submarines, ciency in operating and maintaining CVN engi- om piracy operations, humanitarian assistance and as well as having responsibility for waterfront neering reactor plant systems and equipment; to disaster relief.

Stennis Strike Group flag ship, Tena reporting to Director, Strategic Systems Pro- edge and skills required to build competence and Stennis hosts an embarked air wing and deploys grams. We also general stores, laundries, barbershop and even a of the Chief of Naval Education and Training serve as the tactical development authority for post office with its own ZIP code.

More information on the command can be Senator John Cornelius Stennis served in the found at www. The ship's four possessed, but like a great ship of the line, pos- catapults and four arresting gear engines enable sessed of a high sense of purpose.

It read "Look Ahead. Stennis also has ahead" for the sake of his country. Stennis and her equipped Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance embarked air wing is to conduct sustained com- Department, an electronics repair shop and bat air operations while forward deployed in the numerous other ship repair shops. The air wing can destroy enemy aircraft, ships, As a self-contained city afloat of more than USS Nimitz is named after Fleet Admiral submarines and land targets, or lay mines hun- 5, Sailors and Marines with the embarked Chester William Nimitz February 24, dreds of miles from the ship.

Stennis' aircraft air wing and staff, USS Nimitz has virtually --February 20, , a five-star admiral in T are used to conduct strikes, support land battles, the same amenities as any American city with the United States Navy. He held the dual com- ena protect the strike group or other friendly ship- a comparable population.

It has a newspaper, mand of Commander in Chief, United States ntC ping, and implement a sea or air blockade. He was the leading U. He served as rons. Sea Hawk and C-2 Greyhound. When dreds of miles from the ship. Nuclear reactor Assistant Officer in Charge More than 30 knots Detachment LPO The ship's four Navy Passenger catapults and four arresting gear engines enable her to launch and recover aircraft rapidly and Transportation Non-emergency calls are taken Quarterdeck Selected by the commanding medical treatment facilities, Navy-Marine Corps officer, Nimitz ombudsmen are spouses of Relief Society, American Red Cross and legal temporary, that you contact the Nimitz ombuds- members of Nimitz's crew who voluntarily assistance offices.

If they do not have the correct infor- T serve as official liaisons between the com- ena mation, they may be unable to contact you with mand and its families. Are you new to Nimitz, command information. You are encouraged to address, phone number or email address, even if to Nimitz. You can go mountain biking, head to a museum, go By vote of the residents, the city's name was officially changed to the City scuba diving and more.

If you're hungry, you can find just about any food of Bainbridge Island. The City of Bainbridge Island is the newest city in the you'd like. There are restaurants serving world-wide cuisines, locally-owned state and the only rural city with farms and two former state parks. The city breweries and eateries specializing in northwest fare.

If shopping is what is governed by a city manager and an elected city council of seven members. One of West Pristine forests and parks abound on the island. The beaches, walking and Sound's greatest assets is the wildlife and scenery.

Make sure to contact bicycle trails, picnic areas and boat launches are heavily used by outdoor the local chamber of commerce to learn more about what our community enthusiasts. Camping facilities are available. Eagle Harbor offers visitors a offers. Kitsap County's population is approximately , and is one of For the sports-minded, the parks and recreation district offers 1, the most temperate places on the globe. The average temperatures are acres of parks and facilities. Soccer and softball fields, a public swimming 73 degrees in the summer and 42 degrees in the winter.

Annual rainfall pool, nature preserves, equestrian trails, tennis courts, picnic areas and play averages 44 inches, winters are mild and significant snowfall is rare. Kitsap areas are just the start. The park district offers programs for team sports County boasts the distinction of having the most saltwater coastline of any in softball, soccer, Little League and gymnastics.

There are also numerous county in the U. A walk through the quiet elegance of nature at its finest is a a nurturing environment and great schools for their children, young pro- special treat, and reservations are no longer required.

They come for the rural solitude, Bainbridge Island is also home of Bainbridge Performing Arts, a well- the community feeling, the excellence in education and the parks and known community theater group. Many contemporary plays are performed water views. Outstanding children's performances are the culmination of The population of the city is about 23, The annual growth rate has many workshops designed to teach children the workings of the theater.

Military installations Bremerton is home to several annual events: Orchestra and the Chorale, which also perform play an important part in Bremerton's economy. Bremerton School District includes four val, Bremerton Boat Show, Bremerton Brewfest Many special events occur on the island Kindergarten through fifth grade elementary hosted by the Washington Beer Commission, throughout the year.

A street fair, fun run and schools, one sixth through eighth grade mid- and Blackberry Festival. Armed Forces Week has parade add to the celebration of Grand Old dle school, one ninth through 12th grade high been honoring the men and women of the mili- Fourth on July 4.

In the spring there is a home school, along with two alternative high schools tary since This week includes numerous and garden show, and in midsummer, a garden ninth through 10th and 11th through 12th , one activities, a golf tournament, an Armed Forces tour of the island.

There is a popular summer Early Learning Center pre-school to third and Ambassadors Scholarship Program, Military festival of the arts as well.

Bremerton Home Link is a Kindergar- Gala. The week culminates with the nation's high school, one intermediate school, one mid- ten through eighth home-school partnership largest and longest-running Armed Forces Day dle school and three elementary schools.

Visit the district website at www. Bremerton is served by air, water and bus For more information, call the Bainbridge You don't need to look far to find visual and transportation facilities. Service is also available between chamber.

The Bainbridge Chamber Bremerton maintains cultural expressions with Kitsap communities. The restored a carpool from several locations across Kitsap Admiral Theatre in downtown Bremerton County. For information Surrounded by water on three sides and with popular performing artists, as well as acrobats on Kitsap Transit services, routes and fares, call a view of the Olympic and Cascade mountain and other acts.

Bremerton Community Theatre the Kitsap Transit customer service office at ranges, Bremerton, on one of Puget Sound's stages comedies, dramas and musicals. Bremer- or visit www. It is a beautiful protected harbors, has one of the most ton supports a symphony orchestra and a con- fast and economical way to move between points picturesque settings of any city in the Pacific cert chorale as well.

The growing downtown throughout Kitsap County. A one-hour ferry ride gets you to arts district has monthly exhibits hosted by the The ferries in the Kitsap County area have Seattle, and Tacoma is only 32 miles south via local art galleries. SEEfilm Bremerton Cinema, both commercial and transportation value. The cove is surrounded by lush evergreens and homes that respect the beauty of the natural landscape. Kingston's greatest asset is its proximity to the water.

It is the western terminus for the ferry that makes a minute crossing to Edmonds, a town on the east side of Puget Sound about 20 minutes north of Seattle.

The ferry ride effectively separates Kingston from the breakneck pace of Seattle's half million people. Yet all the resources of Seattle are readily accessible to the people of Kingston. Kingston has a plus boat marina with all the facilities available for happy boating. This little town's population of around 2, swells for the Fourth of July celebration, which offers a parade, slug races, the Tiny Town Chil- dren's Fair a hands-on experience for children , booths and a spectacular fireworks display.

Others refer to them as the "world's and fireplace. Programs include youth and adult The second Saturday in December is the biggest amusement ride. Kiwanis has Santa to just watch the scenery or to venture around lessons available, broomball and birthday party and free pictures, there's an arts and crafts fair and explore the decks, you'll find a ride on a packages.

There is a for more information. There are also a ucts and giving customers a slice of local fla- Bremerton National Airport, the largest of the number of golf courses, driving ranges and pro vor through produce, plants and hand-crafted three airfields in the county, is on State Highway 3, http: The two other airfields are http: Lions Community Playfield offers 15 acres of small creek. There are many trails for exploring unitie Kingston on the Cove invites you to come m lighted ball fields, lighted tennis courts, a fish- and easy walking.

It's west of Warren Avenue spend a day shopping and then dine in one of om ing pier, a small boat launch, playground equip- between Sheridan Road and Lebo Boulevard. For more information, ment and restrooms. It offers reduced rates for from the ferry dock. Visit their website at www. Check out the website at www. The half- Bureau can give information on local and state- a town whose past, present and future blend in acre park, at Shore Drive and Trenton Avenue wide events and attractions.

Visit their website at harmony. The entire town is owned by the Pope on Manette Peninsula, offers beach access and a http: For any further information, contact the mill there in One of the most beauti- sports for both children and adults, an Ice Cafe at You may also visit their website at ful of the restored homes is the Walker-Ames with a s-style soda fountain, skate shop http: Paul's Episcopal Church, still dining restaurants.

Each summer, residents rooftops. A downtown s ist attraction. It is a peaceful community tucked and more. For more information on Port Gamble, visit its markets in western Washington, runs in down- With more than miles of shoreline in Kit- website at www. For more information, visit www. Recreational water activities are limitless: The Port Orchard Cham- ing and shell fishing. Boating activities include of two Indian reservations in northeastern Kit- ber hosts the internationally known Seagull water skiing, personal watercraft, kayaking, sail- sap County.

Participants many in ing, yachting, beachcombing, swimming and resides on their reservation near Kingston. They costume mimic the call of the seagull, coaxing viewing salmon returning to spawn.

Eagles, were great fishermen and depended on the sea them to shore with Cheetos, and are judged on ospreys, heron, seals and occasionally orcas can for most of their livelihood.

The Port Gamble their success. As popular as the seagull calling also be seen. S'Klallam descend from one of many S'Klallam contest, the "Seagull" Wings Cook-off includes The City of Port Orchard has several neigh- bands who lived in villages and camps in rivers, amateur and commercial kitchen categories.

Today there are three S'Klallam bands: Covering and the Jamestown band. They are all members Port Orchard for The Cruz custom car show and acres with 3, feet of waterfront, it has of the greater S'Klallam Nation today, as it was Festival by the Bay. In December, Port Orchard kicks off the and picnic shelters.

Folks boat launch and picnic and play areas. South Kit- Kingston, WA The Port County, is in the southern portion of Kitsap further developed and enhanced. Port and baseball are popular in South Kitsap. Drag Boat Parade in mid-December, a procession Orchard was platted in and was originally racing is nearby at the Bremerton Raceway.

Lumber, pottery and terra cotta, of lighted boats cruise along the South Kitsap acre Banner Forest Park is a haven for moun- and shingle mills were the first industries. In shoreline, with those aboard calling out greet- tain biking, hiking and horse riding. Equestrian W ings to those on shore. In Port Orchard, you will find a warm and friendly small-town atmosphere with most of the big-town amenities.

Some of the buildings you rural South Kitsap offers a dog park and walk- more than 9, residents retains a Norwegian see today were once on pilings. The Kvelstad ing trails. Within a span of five genera- operates 16 learning centers offering an excel- Poulsbo was settled in the late s by fisher- tions, Poulsbo changed from a rowboat on an lent educational opportunity for each student.

Each year, parents, businesses and com- roundings to the fjords of Norway and adjoining Poulsbo's rich Scandinavian heritage is proudly munity members volunteer hundreds of hours Scandinavian countries.

For more information on the by boat, horseback and foot. Major buying and ers in traditional Norwegian costume, annual http: South Kitsap also has a substantial Market. Originally built to care preserving. It was also there that lutefisk was town shopping area, offers entertaining plays for Civil War veterans, it has been part of the processed.

You can still eat lutefisk at the First for young and old. After performing for years in Port Orchard community since The Veter- Lutheran Church's annual lutefisk dinner on the different venues, the Poulsbo Players have made ans Home is a state facility providing long-term third Saturday of each October.

The Fordefjord the Jewel Box their home. Visitors are always welcome at the home Norwegian settlers. A "mosquito fleet" of steamers sailed from the newest and largest of five art galleries on For more information, call the Port Orchard Seattle to Poulsbo for some 60 years, carrying Poulsbo's historic Front Street. Featuring more Chamber of Commerce at or stop in at passengers and freight.

Poulsbo's strong ties to than 70 local artists, the gallery has handcrafted Bay St. In the s, custom shadow boxes to display medals and tion of the postmaster general kept the spelling the community worked together to fill part of memorabilia. Visit its website at www. Many homes have water frontage http: Silverdale, once a small agricultural commu- Many of Central Kitsap's most beautiful LEGG nity on the muddy shores of Dyes Inlet, has areas have been captured and preserved in the blossomed and now boasts myriad shopping abundance of parks available for public use.

The park Dyes Inlet was named for John W. Dyes, the and Old Town is the site of the annual Silverdale assistant taxidermist on an expedition. The Whaling Days Festival. The festival has nothing first settlers arrived in Silverdale 10 years later to do with whaling, but the idea is to attend and from London.

This festival celebrates the national name was changed to Kitsap, after Chief Kitsap designation of the only water trail in the United of the Suquamish Tribe. They are the same majestic Lombardy pop- tion: A conglomeration of concrete ramps and pipes, Helena. East of Silverdale is the Kitsap County Fair- All of the galleries on Front Street as well rienced its rapid growth partly due to the Navy's grounds, home base for all kinds of festivals, as several other businesses participate in the decision to build a base for Trident nuclear sub- conventions and meetings through the year.

The monthly second Saturday Art Walk from marines at Bangor and subsequently by its own county fair held at the end of August is widely 5 to 8 p. Enjoy refreshments and live musi- economic and geographic attractions. Silver- known for its rodeo.

The Kitsap County Stam- cal performances at Bluewater Artworks and dale's population is now more than 19, Silverdale has been the site of development Stadium, has been recognized by the Profes- The Central Market offers fresh produce, local and expansion of retail, medical, business, rec- sional Rodeo Cowboys Association as a Top 10 farmers' goods, excellent cheeses, diverse beer reational and housing sectors in Kitsap County.

The It is home to Kitsap Mall, a large regional shop- Silverdale has a branch of the Kitsap County We high-quality destination market draws customers ping center with nearly , square feet of s Library in Old Town on Carlton Street. Central tS not only from Poulsbo but from many surround- retail space. The mall is anchored by Sears, J. Cost Plus World Market, with more than ents plays through the year featuring local talent. Kitsap Mall also features a number schools, three junior highs, two high schools, a nitie of the downtown area.

Visit the center's giant of restaurants and the Periscope Play Area for seventh through 12th grade secondary school, s Pacific octopus, play around with the many inter- children. The Trails is a new retail development active exhibits highlighting the Puget Sound and in Silverdale featuring an open court mall and even get close to a few Liberty Bay natives in the , square feet of retail space, large movie many touch tanks. Full build out will be North Kitsap School District's administra- in the fall of and will include eight restau- tion offices are in Poulsbo.

The school district rants. Medical Center in Silverdale recently opened an On the water in the heart of the Kitsap Pen- orthopedic wing and is expanding the hospital. From Tacoma, follow the signs center. Silverdale is the retail and medical hub of to Bremerton and Poulsbo on highways 16 and 3. For information on the looking for relaxation can charter a yacht, go Se-Heh-Wa-Mish continued to be the name of Central Kitsap School District call or whale-watching, fish or simply relax in beach the county for 10 years until in the name visit its at www.

Wildlife is abundant in the area, so raccoons focused on the area's abundant natural resources, and black-tailed deer are spotted frequently. One of the County, from fishing, backpacking and beach- with bicyclists and sightseers.

It is on the Port most beautiful local attractions is Ludlow Falls, combing to scuba diving, kayaking and skydiv- Madison Indian Reservation where you can visit an active salmon stream, and, in season, visitors ing to fine dining and visits to wineries. Chief Seattle's former home at Old Man House ers can be spotted, as well as pileated and other Visitors will find mountain trails, waterfalls and Park. During the third full weekend in August, woodpeckers.

Lake Cushman, the Mt. The Suquamish descend from peoples who as hundreds of species of plants that are native Additional information on lodging, activities, have lived in the Puget Sound area for thousands only to the Olympic Peninsula.

Area museums attractions, festivals and events are available at of years. Suquamish ancestors were expert bas- and Burner Point celebrate the Native Ameri- http: Many can heritage of the Northwest, and Seattle even of these skills are still practiced today. For more information, please call the Suqua- much does it rain?

At Jefferson County locations in the Northwest. Although Port Ludlow still gets its share of rainfall through- the Olympic Flight Museum in Tumwater, you Port Hadlock and the tri-area of Chimacum, out the year, even on rainy days the scenery is will find World War II-era aircraft, along with s Nordland, and Irondale are at the crossroads of spectacular. See wolves up close in their natural habitat om rowstone and Indian Islands.

Visitors can visit Port Townsend to shop, explore and learn about them on guided public tours at The area has something for everyone, from galleries and museums or attend a yearly festival. Families Wildlife Refuge just north of Lacey where you Port Hadlock and the tri-area have a long his- can take children to the Olympic Game Farm in will find more than species of migratory tory of building business and community.

In the Sequim to view an assortment of wild animals, waterfowl, songbirds, raptors and wading birds, 20th century, agriculture, smelting and lumber including zebras, tigers, bears, bison and more. Today, tourism, Being an exciting location with ample recre- water marsh and forest habitat.

Stroll Olympia's education, retail, restaurants and services are at ation both in town and nearby, Port Ludlow mile-long, waterfront Percival Landing Board- the fore, with agriculture and value-added food lends itself to be a relaxing tourism destination walk, and splash in the Heritage Park Fountain.

Adventure seekers can kayak, bike In , the county which surrounded the Olympia, open weekends from April through or hike. This restoration project for the Elwha Valley will return more than 70 miles of spawn- ing habitat for Pacific salmon and other migra- tory fish.

The Elwha Dam removal was completed in late spring Work on the Glines Canyon dam was finished in the summer of The restora- tion project includes construction of water treat- ment facilities completed in , restoration of fish stock and revegetation. Plan your trip to discover the Olympic Pen- insula.

Port Townsend Port Townsend, one of only three Victorian and handcrafted items -- fun to explore as well resorts and magnificent scenery abound across seaport towns on the National Historic Regis- as shop.

A bead-dazzling experience awaits you the peninsula. In , it celebrated which boasts the world's largest selection of Duc Hot Springs and Kalaloch. From its early days, Port beads with more than 17 billion beads in stock. The interior of the park is 95 percent wilder- Townsend has been a town of dreamers with No visit to Olympia is complete without a stop ness, crossed by miles of trails.

To reach the creative ideas in commerce as well as the arts. You can hike in the summer or ski and and safe harbor by the Native tribes of the North- landmark of columns and hand-carved friezes.

Take the ranger-led west long before early Euro-American settlers Six cast-bronze doors weighing 5 tons apiece, snowshoe walk if you go in the winter. Explore arrived, was named by Capt.

George Vancouver each one bearing a scene from Washington's the magical, misty Olympic Peninsula Waterfall who sailed into the bay in and named it for past, open into a sumptuous world of polished Trail. Some falls are only seen from watercraft; his friend, the Marquis of Townshend. Many do not have had dreams of Port Townsend being the major at , or visit the VCB website, www. And port of commerce on the northwest coast.

From artisan cheese and good e Olympic Peninsula port early settlers had imagined. As the young s wine, to organic farms and cideries, to abundant tS On the Olympic Peninsula you'll find nearly town grew, its downtown area was a rough and o seafood including the delectable Quilcene oys- u tumble seaport town with a culture of brothels n a million acres of adventure waiting in this ter, your inner gourmet will be happy.

Hardworking men, far from home om 73 miles of pristine, wild Pacific Ocean beaches with money in their pockets, did not seek the m Worden in Port Townsend are former military u to moss-draped rain forest valleys to the peace- same lifestyle and entertainment as those raising n bases that sport old gun emplacements and other itie ful, wildflower-carpeted alpine meadows at the memorabilia. At Fort Worden, you can visit the their families and trying to live the proper Vic- s doorstep of glacier-capped mountains, there Coast Artillery Museum and the historic Com- torian lifestyle.

Two distinctive areas of the town truly is a special moment waiting around every manding Officer's Quarters furnished in developed. To this day people refer to the area corner. Fort Flagler, established in at the where the residential family homes were built, Topped by the crags and glaciers of 7,foot northern tip of Marrowstone Island, has its own many of them now splendid bed-and-breakfasts, Mount Olympus, this is some of the most remote museum.

Here, where the wilderness areas in the entire contiguous United Port Angeles is a acre Clallam County park small commercial area of yesterday allowed States. Just off Highway , the rain forests of with forests, access to tide pools, a sandy beach "proper" ladies to do their shopping without the Hoh and Quinault rivers beckon with Doug- and campsites with gorgeous views of the Strait having to expose themselves to the roughness of las firs that stretched skyward when Columbus of Juan de Fuca and Vancouver Island.

The site the downtown port district, one finds restaurants arrived in the New World. Go beachcomb- was used for harbor defense during World War and shops with a neighborhood ambiance.

Relax in superb resort and motel accom- called, are on park property. There are two con- shops, taverns, boarding houses and brothels modations or in national, state or private camp- crete bunkers that house cannons and several now restored to fine hotels , offers art galleries, grounds and RV parks. Fine fishing, comfortable other smaller bunkers. From to , the fort became a state email info jeffcountychamber.

In , Washington mation can also be obtained online at www. Port Townsend thrived along with the sail- State Parks acquired the fort and opened it as a http: Sailing ships were eventually replaced The restoration efforts by private citizens San Juan Islands and Whidbey Island by steamboats that could go farther into Puget throughout the community of residential homes A few years before the American Revolution, Sound's protected waters and then by trains, and commercial buildings have been matched Spaniards, probably hunting for the North- which began to transport goods over land.

Native people of the Coast Salish by many of its citizens. It would be decades ties. The park is an ideal setting for meetings, tribes were already established throughout the before Port Townsend's original splendor would retreats, reunions, weddings and other group islands. The residential and commercial buildings has made it tival, as well as writers' workshops, dance and Blockhouse at Coupeville on Whidbey Island a major destination for people looking for a place chamber music events.

Within the park grounds revives echoes of the past. People come to enjoy the blend visitors will find the Marine Science Center and Several of the islands offer beautiful parks and of seaside living and elegant architecture as well Natural History Exhibit, the Coast Artillery campgrounds. It is celebrated annually during the Vic- modations in the state.

Many different types of Wilson, built in to protect the new settle- torian Festival in March. Its locale is tival, held every September, is the largest festival bey islands. Here you can experience the thrill of marked by the Point Wilson Lighthouse. Boatbuild- oceanfront, clam digging or fishing for trout in presented a new threat to the Puget Sound area ing is part of Port Townsend's thriving maritime crystal-clear lakes. To combat this threat, trades. A year-round deep-water port, this Marrowstone Island and Fort Worden in Port For more information on Port Townsend, city is the cultural, business, educational, com- Townsend.

Fort Worden, named for Adm. Seattle is a great place for sports fans as well. The market shops offer fresh meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and flowers. On a Seafair, a month-long celebration that begins in the Puget Sound area, has a population of casual stroll, one can savor the sights and sounds July 1, includes midsummer pageantry, spectator approximately , Navy Blue swimming, horseback riding, lawn bowling W stores, including Pier 57, a development that Angels and tours of Navy ships.

Seafair offers and boating. Tacoma's location on Puget Sound es combines Old World charm with New World a sparkling array of parades, including the Chi- offers additional opportunities for participat- tSo sophistication. C ington, one of the nation's great public universi- ing. The area offers snow skiing, saltwater and o Seafair information can be obtained at www. The University of Washington Arboretum http: Further information on the city may be biling, beachcombing and bird and big-game itie At Pier 59 at the foot of Pike Street, the Seat- hunting.

Two of the Chamber of Commerce at The by Alaskan Indians in At feet, it is the main features are the salmon ladder and the out- Chamber of Commerce is at Fifth Ave. Suite , Seattle, WA , and on the Web gle tree. The Space Needle is feet high and offers a at www. Old City Hall, at Seventh Street and Pacific revolving restaurant and platform deck for pan- For information on attractions and festivals, Avenue, was completed in Its clock and oramic viewing of Seattle.

An elevator travels to Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau can chimes were a gift to the people of Tacoma the lower observation deck and to the top floor be reached via mail at Pike St.

Stadium High School, on N. It was subsequently purchased by at Phinney Avenue and North 50th and North The city of Tacoma is the third-largest city in the Tacoma School District and graduated its 59th streets. The metropolitan area, second largest first class as Tacoma High School in You'll then be directed to a hold- World War I. Lewis of Lewis and largest ferry system in the United States, serv- men will direct you where to park.

Follow their Clark fame. Today, the post is the home of I Corps ing eight counties within Washington and the directions closely, as some of the car decks may and numerous tenant units. WSF's feel tight and other passengers are getting out Air Force Base, home to the 62nd Airlift Wing existing system has 10 routes and 20 termi- of their cars. Set your parking brake and enjoy and several tenant and direct support commands. Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base were throughout Puget Sound and its inland water- For more information about the Washington administratively merged in as Joint Base ways, carrying more than 22 million passengers http: Tickets can also be prepurchased online.

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge was built to counties. The ferries travel up and down the Washington State Park Regulations replace the original Narrows Bridge or "Gallop- Sound, acting as a marine highway for commer- Washington has many state parks offering ing Gertie," as it came to be called. Gertie fell cial users, tourists and daily commuters alike.

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