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Set up your Chromecast device The Google Home app will walk you through the steps to set up your Chromecast device. It seems I did not get what you want to say. Do you get any errors on TV screen after providing the network info? The Mobro online TV is Online TV service available when we think about this video streaming application this includes awesome free video stream on your mobile, PC, Laptop and now the Mobdro app download and telecast is even available for the Chromecast. Perfect picture quality, no lag,up until yesterday. Access to a secure wireless network. This also does not disrupt the content that is being played neither does it drain the battery.

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Although the setup process is largely identical for all versions of the Chromecast, there is one big difference between setting up a first generation Chromecast which is a longer dongle with a thumb-like shape and the subsequent generations shaped like discs , so listen closely to save yourself a lot of frustration.

The second generation Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra both support Bluetooth. Simply tap the device icon in the upper right corner, seen below. Devices in need of setup are grouped at the top of the screen. In the first step of the setup process, the app will confirm the temporary identifier assigned to the Chromecast. By default it has the randomly generated name e. I can tell you from experience that this is not the case.

To Google's credit, Chromecast setup is a breeze compared with some of the hair-pulling experiences I've had involving the Apple TV , for which I suspect Apple designed the remote control out of metal in order to help you withstand the compulsion to throw that thing back into the useless hell it spawned from.

Here's how to set up your Google Chromecast. Plugging it in Sounds simple enough. Grab your dongle and stick it in. But there's more to it. So to deliver the extra juice it needs, a Micro-USB cable is included that can be run to either the included power adapter, or ideally, an available USB port on your TV.

The latter option will minimize cable clutter, save on power, and give you one fewer thing to plug into what is likely an overcrowded power strip behind your TV. Another hiccup in this first step is that the Chromecast dongle may not fit quite right in the space carved out around your TV's HDMI input -- especially when you factor in the Micro-USB power cable that juts out from the top.

To give you a little extra flexibility, Google includes a small HDMI extension cable that can easily be plugged into cramped inputs. Once you're plugged in and powered on, switch your TV to the corresponding HDMI input and you should see a short Chrome startup screen and an invitation to get started.

Software setup The Chromecast dongle itself is a relatively "dumb" technology -- there's no user interface, and no means of directly connecting a Bluetooth keyboard or remote. So the first hurdle is to figure out how to get the Chromecast on your local Wi-Fi network, without any direct way to talk to it.

So, to set your Chromecast straight on how to connect to the Internet, you'll have to talk to it through a nearby browser. I pointed it to the address listed on my TV also inscribed on the inside of the Chromecast box: This also does not disrupt the content that is being played neither does it drain the battery. When you decide to use Chromecast, you take up the charge of your entertainment. With it, you can choose from over30 million songs, , TV shows, movies, games, sports, radio and much more.

There are thousands of apps to choose from. They can be free, subscribed, or totally paid content. The unique feature present in the Android devices lets the user mirror the exact thing played on the screen of their device phone or tablet on a large screen of their TV.

From the videos, shows, movies, they can also be your much cherish vacation photos or very important office presentations. You will never have to bother about buying a new TV. You can upgrade the level of your home entertainment without incurring any unnecessary expenditure. The popular app from Google eliminates any need for cables and wires and makes the experience seamless.

But this is made possible with the help of a Google device-Chromecast that needs to be connected to your television sets. The product is absolutely easy to install and does not require many efforts by the user.

As soon as the process of setting up is complete, the application successfully establishes a wireless connection between the device of the user and his TV. Thus above-mentioned steps can follow for finding or accessing Chromecast App on your devices, and thus enjoying the broadcasting of media from one device to another. The emergence of technology in our lives has changed a billion aspects of our everyday life.

Even a simple task like watching your favorite shows on tv has changed into a more advanced technology. If you have a few selected favorite tv shows, movies, music or even games on your mobile and you have always wanted to watch them on the large, HD screen of your TV, you can do it now with the help of Chromecast. Chromecast is a device used to stream media from your mobile phone to your tv. You can stream tv shows, movies, music, sports, games, and many more things using this device.

Simply plug it into the HDMI port on your tv, and start streaming straight from your phone to your tv set in no time. You can use your mobile phone as a tv remote and open up many more features that you may not be able to use on your traditional remote control.

One of the biggest advantages is that Chromecast works compatibly with Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows laptop, Chromebook as well as tablets. Link — Chromecast Extension. Chromecast allows you to connect your phone to your TV via the media streaming device, after which you are free to use your phone as you wish. This means that your phone will not be synced up to your TV screen, and after you have started using the chromecast device you can use your phone normally for making calls, sending messages and other activities.

You can even use your phone as a remote control for your TV from any part of the house. By downloading the Chromecast app, you can open up your entertainment world to over , movies and tv shows which you can stream to your TV, you can browse through and listen to over 30 million songs, and you can even go through several other categories of sports, live events, gaming, radio, and much more!

You can choose from either a free version, a paid version or a subscribed version of Chromecast according to your needs and preference. If you have always wanted to see your favorite family photos, pictures with your friends on vacation and your own shot videos on a big, tv screen, this is your chance to do so! Chromecast allows users to live to stream their documents and files on to their TV screens, mirroring whatever they are doing on their phone to their TV sets.

This means that you can show off all of your favorite photos and videos to your guests on your huge, HD tv using your phone and the Chromecast device. Chromecast has become increasingly popular over the years and you can get one for all the TVs in your house. It has never been easier to stream all your favorite entertainment options like your games, music, tv shows, movies and all of this just with the click of a button! Chromecast App also allows you to operate all of this simply with the use of your mobile phone.

This can be very advantageous as you can operate all your TV functions with the help of your already familiar mobile device. You do not need to learn any new features or functions in order to use Chromecast. You can also use your TV as a picture frame but add your favorite pick of pictures to your blank TV screen to show off as a screensaver.

There are different models of Chromecast available for all of your different media streaming needs. Simply purchase your Chromecast and get a start on streaming all of your favorite entertainment picks!

The Mobro online TV is Online TV service available when we think about this video streaming application this includes awesome free video stream on your mobile, PC, Laptop and now the Mobdro app download and telecast is even available for the Chromecast. The app is even available for smartphones for fastest streaming we provide you the official download link to stream this online and even on Chromecast. The app developers are very passionate about this craze that got with the mobdro app, and now this is going viral with more latest version updates, and also the bug fixes each time when it was updated the features were stunning as follows.

The Mobdro on chromecast is very normal and simple procedure to set it up and the chromecast is the device that helps out to watch your favorite TV shows movies and all the entertainment stuff that you need from Android, iOS Smartphones to the Big TV screens and Home Theaters of your televisions which are connected to the streaming device which casts the TV shows from mobile to big screen which can be connected. Here are the steps to watch the Mobdro video streaming on Chromecast.

The chromecast telecast is only available for the premium version, so better upgrade to the premium version now enjoys it on Mobdro Download for Chromecast without any Ads. Chromecast App for Android. Now watch online movies and video streaming for free using the mobdro app download where yo ca stream and download the free unlimited movies online on the go with latest free updated HD Movie streaming with your mobile now.

Mobdro is an app where people who wish to see TV on their hand devices. It is a perfect app for watching live streaming of all events. It is a free app which allows TV streaming. Mobdro apk continuous seeks into the internet and make available of all shows or videos for free and also provides unlimited television streams. Freemium version is with ads, but Premium is ads free. But compare to Freemium, Premium has extra features like downloading, Chromecast, share, and live events.

It is a convenient app and also allows full screen to watch in androids. Simply it is called an online TV. You will have many options in home page to select easily like channels, news, categories, music, etc. In this you can also download the program, you are watching and save it and also limit your program for download where ever you like.

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Download the cast app on your phone or tablet to get set up! How to Chromecast Set up and Getting Started with Chromecast: The design of Chromecast has changed from the first time it was launched by Google but the basic method of setting up the dongle remains the same. If you can't access your Chromecast's settings menu for whatever reason, you can perform a hard reset by holding down the button on your Chromecast. The light will flash orange, then turn white.