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El Clasico: Is this Gareth Bale's last chance to save his Real Madrid career?
Tuesday, April 4, 1: Sky TV customers, for example, can access the Sky Go facility, which allows users to stream matches live and on demand on any mobile, laptop or tablet device. Sorry about the no updates. Boy are they good. Live Streaming TV Listings:

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Thigh and calf injuries have restricted Bale to just five league appearances so far this season, while his total number of injuries since moving to Madrid has risen to During the autumn there was a growing sense that enough is enough, with all-powerful club president Florentino Perez - previously Bale's biggest backer - reported to have run out of patience with the repeated unavailability of a player who was described in the media as being "made of glass".

Amid rumours the Bernabeu hierarchy were preparing to sell Bale, there was an ominous note from Perez when he softened his support for the winger by appearing to compare him to former Real star Kaka, who Perez said was "never the same" after a serious knee injury. Sensing the Wales international was being pushed out, most sections of the Spanish media adopted an aggressive tone.

There was particular irritation with the idea Bale is more committed to his country than his club, with another article in AS claiming "Madrid pays for him, Wales enjoy him". But just when it started to appear Bale had no future in Madrid, his latest returns have served a timely reminder of his world-class talents. Last month, after eight weeks out, Bale came off the bench with his team facing humiliation as they trailed at home against third-tier Fuenlabrada in the Copa del Rey.

He promptly delivered a brilliant cross to create the equaliser for Borja Mayoral, then set up the young Spaniard for another goal. After another - briefer - spell on the sidelines, his latest comeback came in similar circumstances, when Real were struggling in last week's Club World Cup semi-final against Al Jazira.

Bale came off the bench to score the winner. The former Tottenham man also caught the eye as a substitute in the final against Gremio - he was only denied a spectacular goal by an excellent save.

Those three brief cameos - his only appearances since September - have done his cause the power of good. His goal at Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League will be one of the best of the tournament, while he scored in both of the first two away games of the season.

With a crucial Clasico on the horizon, Bale could not have timed his return to fitness any better. Bale's chances of starting on Saturday are diminished by Zidane's unshakeable faith in Karim Benzema, who has retained his place despite scoring in just four of his 19 appearances this season.

Zidane values Benzema for his ability to smoothly link midfield with attack, and said last week: Unless the French coach has a radical rethink, that leaves Bale and a trio of Spain internationals - Isco, Marco Asensio and Lucas Vazquez - competing for just one remaining place in the starting line-up.

Counting against Bale is a recent change of formation, with Zidane largely abandoning the formation in which the Welshman lined up alongside Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo in attack. He now prefers a containing a narrow midfield diamond, with Brazilian enforcer Casemiro flanked by playmakers Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, and Isco's creative skills at the tip.

There's no obvious place for Bale in that set-up, with his athletic abilities more suited to the bigger spaces available in the wide positions which are occupied by full-backs Dani Carvajal and Marcelo.

However, Kitromilides believes the change in formation was forced upon Zidane as a necessity, and a return to the so-called 'BBC' three-man frontline remains an option. If Bale, Benzema and Cristiano are all fit, I'm sure we will see them play together again at some stage.

This weekend, however, that approach is likely to be a Plan B rather than the starting strategy, and the fact it is even being debated shows how Bale - previously an unquestioned starter - has seen his status fall this year. This weekend's Clasico is a game Real cannot afford to lose, and the consequences of defeat could be significant for Zidane just a week after his side became world champions - winning their eighth trophy in less than two years under him.

Zidane's successes, and his background as a playing icon, have given him a fair amount of protection from Perez's usual trigger-happy approach to hiring and firing managers. Not many people could have survived the poor start to the season Real have endured, but surrendering a point advantage to Barcelona before the midway point of the campaign could prove too much even for Zidane.

And it won't be easy for Real to break down a Barcelona team that has gained new defensive solidity under the conservative approach of summer appointment Ernesto Valverde.

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El Clasico Live Streaming - Broadcasting TV Channel --El Clasico match Real Madrid vs Barcelona will be Played on 6th May This is the biggest match for both Team Real Madrid and Barcelona, As far as the El Classico is concerned, the first of two league encounters between Real Madrid and Barcelona will take place at Camp Nou. Real Madrid vs Barcelona Live Streaming El Clasico Score RMA v FCB La Liga ⚽: The first El Classico game of the season has been will take place on October 28, , and. El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid is one of the biggest sporting rivalries in the world, and undoubtedly the biggest in football. Spain's totemic institutions have forged an .