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Popcorn (Collector’s Edition Steelbook) [Limited to 3000 Units]
Davis then notices that his controller is no longer working. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The video content is misleading. You can help by adding to it. After Maggie goes to bed, Suzanne receives another prank call from someone she believes to be Gates.

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She runs into Toby and tells him everything she remembers, believing that Gates has returned for her. With only a flashlight, Maggie hears odd noises and thinks she sees Davis and Tina, but runs into Gates. The power comes back on and Maggie finds herself in the killer's lair, strapped into the chair he uses to make facial masks of his victims. The killer is revealed to be Toby, who was badly burned as a child after attending the showing of Possessor with his mother. Toby's mother was a member of Gates' film cult and was killed in the fire.

Toby holds Maggie and Suzanne responsible for his injuries and the loss of his mother, and plans to exact his revenge on them by re-enacting the final scene of Possessor onstage that evening, only with the ending that Gates had originally intended. He then wheels out Suzanne whom he has cast full-body, pointing her gun. Meanwhile, Cheryl and Joanie Ivette Soler tend to Mark's injuries as they are met with an upset Joy, who tells Mark she saw Maggie and Toby together and that they went back to Toby's place.

Mark leaves to find them and Joanie realizes she is late for her Odorama cue and goes to join Leon Elliott Hurst to activate the odor pellets during the third film. Leon leaves to go to the bathroom and is met by a mirror image of himself at the next urinal. After urinating on him, the doppelganger attacks Leon and locks him in one of the stalls and drops some type of material into the toilet that creates a thick smoke and Leon passes out.

Soon after, there is an explosion from the stall and Leon is killed. Toby returns to the booth dressed as Leon with the plan to stab Joanie from behind, but spares her when she mentions her unrequited love for Toby.

Shocked by this, Toby gets upset and storms out to continue setting up for the final scene of Possessor. Mark arrives at Toby's apartment to find that the landlord is evicting Toby. Toby's walls are plastered with articles concerning the incident, pictures of his facial reconstruction, and pictures of Maggie with scissors through her eyes. Realizing she is in real danger, Mark rushes back to the theater but the front doors are locked.

He scales the building, climbs through a window on the balcony level and finds the final scene of Possessor playing on stage.

Maggie has been drugged and placed in a metal dress so she has no mobility except for her head. She pleads to the audience to save her, but they believe this is all part of the show. Mark uses his belt on the mosquito track and zip-lines onto the stage, causing the secured mosquito to unlatch and swing out across the stage.

The stinger stabs Toby in the chest, killing him. Mark releases Maggie and Suzanne as the crowd erupts in applause. Popcorn was filmed entirely in Kingston, Jamaica. Alan Ormsby was originally the film's director. Ormsby is credited with directing all three of the main films within a film, while Herrier is credited with filming the present-day portions of the film. According to John Kenneth Muir , the title reflects a trend in the horror films of the s. Instead most film titles were generic and simple.

Muir believes the film itself was part of another trend of the time. Horror films which were both postmodernist films and self-reflective. Popcorn took inspiration from the history of the horror films, from the s onwards. Muir found the films-within-a-film to be more interesting than the frame story.

He found them to be a realistic homage to the low-budget horror film of the s and to the gimmicks of William Castle. Nuclear weapons testing has caused desert mosquitoes to grow into giant monsters, in a plot resembling Them!

The film includes stock characters and situations, such as a dedicated lady scientist and the military insisting on using a nuclear weapon to annihilate the monster. The original gimmick featured a glowing skeleton sliding down a rope. It includes influences from German Expressionism , with "exaggerated shadows and menacing low-angles". Its accompanying gimmick is an obvious variation of Smell-O-Vision , the gimmick used in Scent of Mystery It features extreme close-ups, and functions as a mix between a snuff film and a product of Psychedelia.

Its protagonist Lanyard Gates has similarities to cult leader Charles Manson. The frame story is instead a rather typical slasher film. The killer impersonates his victims through use of masks, and his goal is the performance of a snuff-show in front of a live audience. His motivation lies in a crime of the past which scarred him for life. Maggie serves at the final girl of the film, accompanied by a heroic boyfriend.

As to the identity of the killer, the film employs a suitable red herring for misdirection. The characters don't seem aware of the relevant tropes, nor do they seem aware of their presence in a slasher film-like situation.

The film includes a scene hinting at supernatural horror, which seems out of place in this film and is never properly explained. Suzanne, Maggie's mother, arrives at Dreamland to confront Lanyard Gates, gun in hand.

As if in response, the letters of the movie theater's marquee fall on the ground and in their place appears a new sign: Actually no character in this film, including the killer has the ability to do something like this.

The film was not a box office success. Popcorn was initially released on home video in June Special features include theatrical trailers, TV spots and promotional footage. It's so busy being droll and ironic it forgets to be any good. Despite the film's mixed reception, it has gained a " cult following " since its release. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section needs expansion. Read reviews that mention horror movies dvd killer students films scream theater classic vhs marathon scary schoelen raise flick early dee jill copy release. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I've been a big fan of "Popcorn" for years and was excited to see that it was finally released on dvd.

The older edition by Elite was dark and muddy with only a few special features. This release is far worse. A VHS rip that is full of noise and is so dark in many scenes it is hard to tell even what is suppose to be happening on screen. SKIP this dvd and let's hope for a remastered re-release in the future!

Popcorn surrounds a group of film school students. They decide to hold a 'Horror-thon' at the Dreamland Movie Theatre for the night to raise funds for their school's film department. One of the main characters starts having strange recurrent nightmares. While at the theater a Film Memorobilia expert shows her and her friends an Eerie 60's cult movie called 'Possessor'- It just so happens that the director of the film was a madman who years ago burned down the theater and locked the audience inside It also turns out the film and her dream have some sort of connection.

The students begin the night by playing old 's horror movies for the Audience They are all having a great time but when the movies begin strange things start to happen. Somewhere in the theater there's a masked killer who wants the students dead.

This all goes on while the audience is in the theater watching the movies. It's a fun movie that has some a somewhat nostalgic vibe, inventive killings and a decent story. Popcorn is definitely one of the better horror films of the 90's.

I had been looking for Popcorn on DVD for quite awhile. I'm so glad I kept checking back and found it at a reasonable price. As for the film, I love how campy it is and how they take the "Killer with a mask" to a different level.

I thought the idea of a cursed film helped to push the story along, but did not take the comedy out of the movie itself. It was an important plot point, and needed to be there for the story to unfold. The kills themselves were fun and I most certainly enjoyed the movies within the movie. How can anyone not like a peek at the 50's horror movies from the past.

Not to mention the promotion gags that would make William Castle proud. Popcorn is an underrated horror comedy that deserves to be seen, so pop some popcorn and sit down to watch Popcorn. I remember this preview from my youth-seeing it in my grandparents old creepy house and it freaked me out. Recently, ive been buying movies that ive always wanted to see and this was one of them.

I loved the tag ine of the movie too-Buy a bag, go home in a box. This movie was perfect in every sense-the concept, the story, the atomsphere, the timing. The characters were even good, a rare thing in horror films since they all usually follow the same cliche.

I enjoyed the end, even though the villian looked and acted like Freddy Krurger. All in all, get this movie if your a horror fan. It was excellent film and highly recommend it. A group of film students decide to host a horror-movie fiesta at a local abandoned theatre called the Dreamland.

All seems fine, until a mysterious killer begins knocking off students one by one, using the very gimmicks to cause the deaths! You see, a cult leader murdered his wife on the theatre's stage 15 years earlier, filming it for posterity. Now, it appears that he's back, using unique methods to enact his vengeance! This is a pretty entertaining film though probably not always for the reasons the creators had in mind , especially for fans of 80's and early 90's slasher-type films.

The plot is fairly simple: It manages to keep the killer and motive a secret, while tricking viewers into thinking they know who it is right away. The actors are also notable horror b-listers.

The films biggest problems are a few corny moments, and the killers motives aren't very strong for killing certain people he shouldn't have a grudge against. If you're into movies like this, and have 9 bucks to blow give it a shot! See all 57 reviews.

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Popcorn surrounds a group of film school students. They decide to hold a 'Horror-thon' at the Dreamland Movie Theatre for the night to raise funds for their school's film department. One of the main characters starts having strange recurrent nightmares/5(57). No more downloads hassle! The best movies & TV shows, for free! Directly on Popcorn Time Online in HD + subtitles, with Torrents Time Engine™. Find great deals on eBay for popcorn dvd. Shop with confidence.