How to Get Internet Without Cable

What Is the Internet, Exactly?

How do i get my wireless internet working again?
If this article didn't answer your specific question, check out the Cord Cutting Guide. Here is the error:. Sign in Recover your password. Did you tried reset your browser IE11? All of this hardware wouldn't create a network without the second component of the Internet: You can actually see the path your packets take to a destination address by using the traceroute command , which tells routers along the path the packet travels to report back. The best internet service provider in my area is Verizon Fios.

Data Can Take Many Paths

How do I get to internet if my web browser doesn't work? I want to download Mozilla Foxfire.

Sorry this didn't help. Tell us about your experience with our site. Original post applies to IE10 on Windows 8. Most replies apply to Windows This thread is locked.

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question VipinPalathully Gopi Replied on January 20, Before we proceed, please answer the questions. Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? I have tried all easy repair methods but no success in getting into the account.

Any one to help? We recommend you to please follow the method 6 help, which is listed on the page. Also please uninstall all the unwanted programs from control panel using method 4 help. None of my menu items were working. I was not able to even open up my mail in yahoo. Thanks a lot,after uninstalling some toolbars and unwanted addons ,it started working …Great work man..

Thank you so much! I have been searching for a solution and finally Method 2 worked. Everything seems to be fine now. As per step no. My problems are from conflict with Sense-bho. For people what have similar problems — Uninstall this Sense and all problems will be resolved.

How do I repair this now?? Also, your rendering reflects that changes to IE will take effect after computer restart, my screen reflects changes to my computer will take effect after computer restart. Gina, you should kill the iexplore. Do not delete this file, this is a system file. You should reinstall your whole internet explorer. Amazing support on just click!

Thank you so much for all the different methods. I feel that I should discuss my problem to help others having my issue. It can not display the secure page that allows one to enter their credit card. DLL module was faulting causing the error. I can now access the checkout page and enter my credit card info. Again thanks a bunch P. I found the dll error and so know I need to know how to fix it. Donna, The file igdumd It should be solved. Hi, I found your help site very beneficial. I identified the rogue.

Now everything is stable again. The faulty files is: In order to downgrade: Uninstall the existing IE version and do restart computer. Your IE version will be downgraded. Hi a big thank you for all the information most useful. My problem was a dll in C: This user needs ie 9 to use particular software for work.

Sem Durban, South Africa. I have a IPSEng How do I remove it? You state stop the conflicting repair but how? I had found the first 7 of your suggested fixes — usually from people who insisted that it was the one and only solution. Your 8th suggestion nicely described how to actually debug Internet Explorer and identify the. In my case it is IPSEng It seems an update from Norton just a few hours ago has broken IE.

Hopefully in a few hours Norton will fix the problem. Thanks for your well-written summary of all the potential fixes for the brain-dead way that IE behaves. I went through all the steps with no success. On step 8 I found the culprit is a file named: Updated the last definitions — Internet Explorer crash issue would be gone. I find the file C: The last step fixed it in my case.

It was a IPSEng I uninstalled the software and IE is running now. Thanks for the detailed explanation on method 8. It enabled me to discover that my problem was caused by Norton I did a manual update and it solved the problem. The problem was with IPSEng I found that file by checking Windows Event Viewer following the steps in Method 8 of this article, the steps of which I have pasted at the end of my post.

You are my new hero. I spent 3 days looking up everything. Strange enough …this was the first site I saw but bypassed it like an idiot. I even went out and bought window 8. Please make a youtube video on this. Could you please give us its location as well? I have Windows 8. How do I research the files for having a conflict with iexplore. My google chrome always crashed whenever I try to open it. Here is the error:. I deleted it by rename it, and log in safe mode to delete.

Please kindly give me an advice.. Also do re-install the Google chrome. Hello, problem dll is nvundshim. Any ideas on how I resolve this? Thanks for any help! Seems like recent update caused IE to stop working. I tried Microsoft Fix it but that did not work. Maybe you could put this alternative route to Reset in Solution 1 at the top of the page, and possibly save people hours of wasted effort and frustration.

Unfortunately, Reset was not a permanent solution. When I tried to open IE today I got the messages about it not working. I worked through all the other methods without result, until method 8. From this I discovered that the problem was GoogledesktopIE. I googled this and learned that it had given other people the same problem recently, and that support for it had ended in !

I uninstalled it, and IE started fine. Also, Firefox is working again — that stopped a few months ago. If I had used method 8 first I would have solved the problem in minutes rather than hours, and without Restarts. Maybe it should be higher up the list? After all, Event Viewer is there to tell us what is going wrong. But I came across this symptom, took action, and now it has completely stopped. Are you using MSN. Thanks to point 8 I founnd this one….

Thanks for your suggestion. Please help to fix this issue. Yes, this file was creating problem, remove this file C: And also remove all the unwanted add-ons from Internet Explorer. Once run Adware Removal Tool and Adwcleaner to clean your browsers. I have the exact same problem as above but faulting module path is unknown. My IE opens up with a blank white screen, then says not responding and closes after 10 seconds or so.

Did you run your computer in safe mode and then tried to run IE in safe mode? If you did not tried so please try and report me after that. It would just be easier to use a better browser. If you have to go through all that just to get IE to work, it is simply a lousy product.

Thank to your great instructions, I found the dll file: Could you please share wininet. So that we can suggest you accordingly. I have had this problem for about two months now. I have followed your list and was thinking Method 8 was going to be my salvation. After following your instructions, I come up with the following error:.

This error is prevalent when I am on the MSN. COM site and click one of the stories it is showing. I have also unchecked the Adobe Flash section as I read this also somewhere. I have also deleted Ver11 and re-downloaded IE from as far back as 8 and moved back up to Ver Any other advice you can help me with???

Uninstall and re-install Flash player for Internet Explorer browser. You can get Flash player download link in our tools page http: Uninstall and re-install Java Player for the Internet Explorer browser.

You can get Java download link in our tools page http: Run Microsoft fixit for performance and Crashes issue from our tools page: Run Adwcleaner from our tools page: Run Hitmanpro from our tools page: Just finished with all your suggestions and did all the updates. Internet Explorer has stopped working, continues.

Went to the management screen and the same error came back up. EXE Faulting module path: To open IE without addon follow the steps: I unistalled IE 11 which took me back to I then reinstalled IE 11, which prompted me to do a windows update in which I did. At this point I no longer have the IE not responding error and my other errors have also disapeared up to this point.

Thanks for you help and I hope this may help others. There is no fix for this issue. Actually there is a fix, use another browser. Did you apply all the steps which are listed in the article above, mainly step8? Did you tried reset your browser IE11?

EXE Faulting module paht: Start your IE without ADDon and let us know if still getting the same error message in without addon mode or not? Get help from here to know how to open IE without Addons.

Also tell me the exact point when you are getting this message? Tell me, what exactly happens when you double-click on IE? Please explain it in more detail. Tried your various methods and found success with method 8, finding a corrupt. Replaced with same file from my laptop and reinstalled IE Thank you for the very helpful site. My internet explorer stops working when am streaming suddenlink2go. I dont have trouble with Netflix ,roku of utube. Can u help please. Re-install your Falsh player and Java.

But installed IE 11 -and the problem as back…. It would have been a better Driver- which allowed better resolution- but was not compatible with IE My Browser would not even open!!! When update comes Via Windows Update. I tried all of your steps and I still get the error message IE stopped working.

Have no idea what to do now. It was working fine last week and then this week I start getting the error messages. Did not do any updates for anything so not sure why none of your steps are working.

I have tried all your steps as far as my operating system allows but still could not solve. I am using Windows Vista. My internet connection is excellent. Appreciate if you could help. Considering my computer is in factory condition, how to find and fix this file?

Try to replace this file with the another working condition file from the another computer which should with the same windows version. My IE will open up and stay open for about 10 seconds before closing again. I had heard that if I uninstall it then reinstall it that the problem would be fixed but when I go to uninstall it I am unable to find it in the control panel. I tried every step of your recommendations and found a fault in a kernel but then had no idea how to fix it.

I search on the MS troubleshooting site and found this recommendation:

Internet Service Providers In My Area

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Just tried your way but it doesnt work for me. I got a samsung galaxy s3 and i have now been trying for a month to get internet to work and still says not connected. I started with Giffgaff in August and still this problem is unresolved. I have tried all the setting time and time again and still nothing. Jul 07,  · Another resource is the How to optimize Internet Explorer troubleshooting guide. If the Fix it above doesn’t resolve the problem, follow the steps listed in this troubleshooting guide to find the problem. All of this hardware wouldn't create a network without the second component of the Internet: the protocols. Protocols are sets of rules that machines follow to complete tasks. Without a common set of protocols that all machines connected to the Internet must follow, communication between devices couldn't happen.