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Guide link I'd assume an 8-year old has limited surfing needs. Markokk , Jun 26, , in forum: Although it prevents other people from opening Web pages, the password does not protect your personal information, such as your favorites, download history and Web browsing history. It would be better to just restrict access to the network itself from "foreign" computers. To refresh your router turn off the power and count to

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How to Password Protect Internet Explorer

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Password protect Internet Explorer In Internet Explorer 9 and earlier, you have to start Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Content tab > Content Advisor > Click Enable. In the Content Advisor dialog box which opens up, click on General tab > Ensure Supervisor can type password is checked > Click Create password. Type the password into the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields; type a hint in the Hint box to help remember the password in case you ever forget it. Click "OK" to set the password. Internet Explorer displays the hint every time you attempt to open a Web page in Internet Explorer. How to Password Protect Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome Browsers Posted on August 27, by Nikhil P Naik Here is a guide on How to protect the various Internet Browsers using Password.