Watching the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in Australia

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UEFA Champions League Results
Retrieved 26 February Retrieved 15 June Virgin Media BT Sport. Retrieved 29 May The final attracted an audience of million people around the world, a record number for the competition, and replaced the Super Bowl as the most-watched annual sports event. European Cup era, —

When Is The UEFA Champions League Final?

List of UEFA Champions League broadcasters

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The world's most watched annual sporting event takes place this Sunday morning in Kiev, when Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid take on English stalwarts Liverpool for the UEFA Champions League Cup. Sports fans the world over want to get in on the action, including the stadium-overflowing amounts of Liverpool fans that call Australia home. The UEFA Champions League (UCL) is almost certainly club football’s most prestigious tournament. But how do you watch it in Australia? Here are all the details. 23 hours ago · Sep 18 (OPTA) - Results and fixtures for the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday (start times are CET) Group Stage Barcelona v PSV in play Internazionale (0) 2 Tottenham Hotspur (0) 1 Club.