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List of SIP software
This version is distributed under an OSI approved open source license and is hosted in a public subversion repository. Page of Go. Chapter 31 Content Filter Reports A welcome screen displays. NKumarnz, I didn't have success You can use up to 60 characters, punctuation marks, and spaces.

Compatible VPN Gateways

Implementare una VPN IPsec Site-To-Site con apparati Cisco

This is the security zone to which this interface and Internet connection will belong. Leave the field as 0. If you do not configure a DNS server, you must know the IP address of a machine in order to access it. This field can be blank. Re-type your password in the next field to confirm it. ZyWALL is already registered this screen displays your user name and which trial services are activated if any.

You can still activate any un-activated trial services. You must be connected to the Internet to register. Spaces are not allowed. Type it again in the Confirm Password field. Enter your e-mail address. Use up to 80 alphanumeric characters periods and the underscore are also allowed without spaces.

Select your country from the drop-down box list. Figure 33 Choose an Ethernet Interface 5. Select the type of encapsulation this connection is to use.

This is the interface you are configuring for Internet access. This is the security zone to which this interface and Internet connection belong. Encapsulation This displays the type of Internet connection you are configuring. This field displays to which security zone this interface and Internet connection will belong. This field is read-only and only appears for a PPPoE interface. ZyWALL using a pre-shared key and default security settings.

Use this wizard to configure detailed VPN security settings such as using certificates. Only the clients can initiate the VPN tunnel. You can also specify a subnet. Then you can use the file manager to run the script in order to configure the VPN connection.

See the commands reference guide for details on the commands displayed in this list. If you have not already done so, use the myZyXEL. Click Close to exit the wizard. The clients have dynamic IP addresses and are also known as dial-in users. The DES encryption algorithm uses a bit key. IP address configured on the remote IPSec device. This displays for the site-to-site and remote access client role scenarios. IPSec device that can use the tunnel. Figure 48 VPN Wizard: Port roles combine physical ports into interfaces.

The physical port is where you connect a cable. In configuration, you Physical use physical ports when configuring port groups. You use interfaces Ethernet Ports and zones in configuring other features. There are three types: The following figure uses letters to denote public IP addresses or part of a private IP address. Then it examines the packets and determines how to route them. The checking flow is from top to bottom. It maps a range of private network servers that will initiate sessions to the outside clients to a range of public IP addresses.

SNAT defined in the policy routes. So make sure that your custom policy route comes before any other routes that would also match the FTP traffic. ZyWALL available outside the private network. Select the interface from which you want to redirect incoming HTTP requests lan1. See Chapter 7 on page You must have already subscribed to the content filter service.

Move your cursor over a configuration object that has a magnifying-glass icon such as a user group, address, address group, service, service group, zone, or schedule to display basic information about the object.

The ZyWALL provides a system log, offers two e-mail profiles to which to send log messages, and sends information to four syslog servers. It can also e-mail you statistical reports on a daily basis. Not doing so can cause the firmware to become corrupt. Here is how to set the dmz interface created in the previous section for a separate local network. Go to the Dashboard. When its connection status is Connected you can use the 3G connection to access the Internet.

Double-click the cellular1 entry and set the egress bandwidth for cellular1 to Kbps. Click the Add icon. Add wan1 and enter 2 in the Weight column. Add cellular1 and enter 1 in the Weight column.

Figure 66 VPN Example 2. Set up the Network field to This example uses the Web Configurator. Repeat this process to set up the remaining user accounts. Set the Authentication field to required, and make sure Force User Authentication is selected.

Keep the rest of the default settings, and click OK. In this example the values are Finance, Engineer, Sales, and Boss. The following figure shows the configuration screen example. Endpoint Security Error Message 7. Suppose you have a H. Then use it again to create an address object for the H. Here is how to configure a firewall rule to allow H. Internet the WAN zone.

In this example you have public IP address 1. If a domain name is registered for IP address 1. Chapter 7 Tutorials address 1. In this example you name it Public-IPs and it goes from 1. You can configure different interfaces to use on the wireless LAN card. Authentication Type to Auth Method. The ZyWALL can use its default authentication method the local user database and its default certificate to authenticate the users. The following sections show you how to have a wireless client not included with the ZyWALL use the wireless network.

It is also the SSID name of the wireless network. Select Infrastructure and click Next. Chapter 7 Tutorials Confirm your settings and click Save. Save Click Activate Now. Prompt for long name and password. Then do the following to import the certificate into each wireless client computer.

Figure Internet Explorer: Figure Internet Explorer Certificate Import Wizard File Open Screen When you get to the Certificate Store screen, select the option to automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate. Chapter 7 Tutorials If you get a security warning screen, click Yes to proceed. Enter the username and password and click OK.

Chapter 8 Dashboard interface status in widgets that you can re-arrange to suit your needs. You can also collapse, refresh, and close individual widgets. The following front and rear panel labels display when you hover your cursor over a connected interface or slot. Name This field displays the name of each interface. Slot This field displays the name of each extension slot.

Click the Detail icon to go to the Session Monitor screen to see details about the active sessions. Licensed Service Status This shows how many licensed services there are. Status This is the current status of the license. Name This identifies the licensed service. To access this screen, click CPU Usage in the dashboard. The x-axis shows the time period over which the RAM usage occurred Refresh Enter how often you want this window to be automatically updated.

Interval Refresh Click this to update the information in the window right away. The x-axis shows the time period over which the session usage occurred Refresh Enter how often you want this window to be automatically updated. Up Time This field displays how long the physical port has been connected. This line represents traffic transmitted from the ZyWALL on the physical port since it was last connected. This line represents the traffic received by the ZyWALL on the physical port since it was last connected.

If there is a Expand icon plus-sign next to the name, click this to look at the status of virtual interfaces on top of this interface. This field lists which services the interface provides to the network.

Reset Click Reset to return the screen to its last-saved settings. Statistics Interface Select the interface from which to collect information. This field indicates whether the indicated protocol or service port is sending or receiving traffic.

It is not possible to manage sessions in this screen. The following information is displayed. Select your desired filter criteria and click the Search button to filter the list of sessions. This field displays the amount of information received by the source in the active session. This field displays the amount of information transmitted by the source in the active session.

Duration This field displays the length of the active session in seconds. The screen appears as shown. This field is a sequential value, and it is not associated with any interface. Connected This field displays the model name of the cellular card. This displays the name of your network service provider.

For example if the bill has not been paid or the account has expired. This field displays the encryption and authentication algorithms used in the SA. Use this screen to do the following: Refresh Click Refresh to update this screen. Collecting starts over and a new collection start time displays.

Refresh Click this button to update the report display. Without Policy filtering service. Report Server Click this link to go to http: Click the heading cell again to reverse the sort order. ZyWALL to reflect changes in the external content filtering database. This column displays when you display the entries by Sender Mail Address Address.

Events that generate an alert as well as a log message display in red. Regular logs display in black. Click this button to clear the whole log, regardless of what is currently displayed on the screen. This field is a sequential value, and it is not associated with a specific log message. Time This field displays the time the log message was recorded. Note This field displays any additional information about the log message.

The Web Configurator saves the filter settings if you leave the View Log screen and return to it later. This section introduces the topics covered in this chapter. PIN number license key in this screen.

Service License Click this button to renew service license information such as the Refresh registration status and expiration day.

Port groups and trunks have a lot of characteristics that are specific to each type of interface. The relationships between interfaces are explained in the following table.

The port group uses a single MAC address. Reset Click this button to change the port groups to their current configuration last-saved values. See Chapter 14 on page for background information about these routing protocols. IP address settings change. With RIP, you can use Ethernet interfaces to do the following things. Clear this to disable this interface.

Enter the IP address of the gateway. The ZyWALL sends packets to the gateway when it does not know how to route the packet to its destination. The gateway should be on the same network as the interface.

Select this to use the default gateway for the connectivity check. Gateway Check this Select this to specify a domain name or IP address for the address connectivity check.

Enter that domain name or IP address in the field next to it. Choices are 1, 2, and 1 and 2. Receive This field is effective when RIP is enabled. This identifies the object for which the configuration settings that use it are displayed.

This field is a sequential value, and it is not associated with any entry. Object References Select an entry and click Object References to open a screen that shows which settings use the entry. Select this if this interface is a DHCP client. Check Port This field only displays when you set the Check Method to tcp.

Specify the port number to use for a TCP connectivity check. Install or connect a compatible 3G USB to use a cellular connection. See Chapter 51 on page for details. In the pop-up window that displays, select the slot that you want to configure. The following screen displays. Enter the APN from your service provider. Configure Click Policy Route to go to the policy route summary screen where Policy Route you can configure a policy route to override the default routing and SNAT behavior for the interface.

Select this to set a monthly limit for the user account of the installed Control 3G card. If you set New 3G connection to Disallow and Current 3G connection to Keep, the ZyWALL allows you to transmit data using the current connection, but you cannot build a new connection if the existing connection is disconnected. Wireless clients A and B connect to an access point AP to access other devices such as the printer or the Internet.

This icon is lit when the entry is active and dimmed when the entry is inactive. The screen varies according to the security features you select. It displays as shown next when you set the Security Type to none. Enter a password up to 31 alphanumeric characters as the key to be Secret shared between the external authentication server and the ZyWALL.

The key is not sent over the network. RIP Setting Section This field is available if the Authentication is MD5. Type the Authentication password for MD5 authentication. The password can consist of alphanumeric characters and the underscore, and it can be up to 16 characters long.

The following screen shows the WEP security fields. The following screen shows the security fields. The following figure shows the security fields. This field displays a descriptive name for the MAC address entry. Enter a descriptive name for the MAC address entry. The VLANs are connected to switches, and the switches are connected to the router.

If one switch has enough connections for the entire network, the network does not need switches A and B. Otherwise, VLAN interfaces are similar to other interfaces in many ways. They have an IP address, subnet mask, and gateway used to make routing decisions.

They restrict bandwidth and packet size. They can provide DHCP services, and they can verify the gateway is available. IP addresses are always static in virtual interfaces. The following screen appears. This field only displays when you set the Check Method to tcp. Cancel Click Cancel to exit this screen without saving. There is no entry yet, so the bridge broadcasts the packet on ports 1, 3, and 4.

It is blank for virtual interfaces. DHCP settings, and connectivity check for each bridge interface. To access this screen, click the Add icon at the top of the Add column in the Bridge Summary screen, or click an Edit icon in the Bridge Summary screen. Enter the subnet mask of this interface in dot decimal notation. The subnet mask indicates what part of the IP address is the same for all computers in the network. Relay Server 2 This field is optional.

Click Cancel to exit this screen without saving. ZyWALL decides which gateway to use based on this priority. The lower the number, the higher the priority.

In most interfaces, you can enter the IP address and subnet mask manually. DHCP requests to all of them. A network can have more than one WINS server. Samba can also serve as a WINS server. The first one runs on TCP port It is used to start and manage the second one. An interface with a larger weight gets more of the traffic than an interface with a smaller weight.

This setting applies when you use load balancing and have multiple WAN interfaces set to active mode. Timeout Specify the time period during which sessions from one source to the same destination are to use the same link. Use this screen to create or edit a WAN trunk entry. The next queue is given an equal amount of bandwidth, and then moves to the end of the list; and so on, depending on the number of queues being used. This works in a looping fashion until a queue is empty.

You can select more criteria for the traffic to match and can also use schedules, NAT, and bandwidth management. This is the interface on which the packets are received. Source This is the name of the source IP address group object. Destination This is the name of the destination IP address group object. This is the maximum bandwidth allotted to the policy. Select this to activate the policy. Criteria User Select a user name or user group from which the packets are sent.

Use this field to specify a custom DSCP value. This section does Translation not apply to policy routes that use a VPN tunnel as the next hop. This allows you to allocate bandwidth to a route and prioritize traffic that Shaping matches the routing policy. This screen displays the configured static routes. If congestion occurs between classes, the traffic in the higher class smaller numbered class is generally given priority. Game server 1 responds using a port number ranging between - The ZyWALL distributes the available bandwidth equally among policy routes with the same priority level.

Network Size Small with up to 15 routers Large Metric Hop count Bandwidth, hop count, throughput, round trip time and reliability. Use the RIP screen to specify the authentication method and maintain the policies for redistribution.

Click this button to return the screen to its last-saved settings. It is a member of all the areas to which it is connected, and it filters, summarizes, and exchanges routing information between them. BDR in another group, and neither in a third group all at the same time. Active Static Select this to advertise routes that were learned from static routes. Authentication This field displays the default authentication method in the area.

Reset Click this button to return the screen to its last-saved settings. None uses no authentication. Text uses a plain text password that is sent over the network not very secure. Alternatively, you can override the default in any interface or virtual link by selecting a specific authentication method.

Please see the respective interface sections for more information. This field displays the name of the zone. Member This field displays the names of the interfaces that belong to each zone.

Select any interfaces that you want to remove from the zone, and click the left arrow button to remove them. Click OK to save your customized settings and exit this screen. Profile Name This field displays the descriptive profile name for this entry. This value is case-sensitive. This field is read-only when you are editing an entry. Select the interface to use for updating the IP address mapped to the domain name.

Select Any to let the domain name be used with any interface. Select None to not use a backup address. Once your mail server is available again, the DynDNS server delivers the mail to you. Use the NAT screens see Section You can also create new NAT rules and edit or delete existing ones. This field displays the new destination port s for the pack et. This field is blank if there is no restriction on the original destination port.

Type in the name of the NAT rule. The name is used to refer to the NAT rule. You may use alphanumeric characters, underscores , or dashes - , but the first character cannot be a number.

See NAT Loopback on page for more details. Suppose a NAT 1: Responses to these requests are allowed automatically. This is the IP address of the proxy server. Port This is the service port number used by the proxy server. I changed this to So bottom line; for L2TP to work when both client Win 8. Settings were working with a Windows 8. As well, connecting with an android tablet, an iPhone and iPad has not shown these issues.

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Windows 7 IT Pro. Sign in to vote. Microsoft Certified System Engineer Tuesday, December 08, 7: Well I don't now what to say but my problem is weirdly solved!! The things that I have done is: Link to Microsoft Support 3-Update my Router!! If the problem is because of the firewall blocking ports then why after disabling those rules it's work again?!! If the problem is because of the registry key then why after deleting that it's work?!! About this problem I really don't have any exactly true answer!

Friday, February 12, 9: Any idea or something else? Wednesday, December 09, 1: By the way i think the primary problem is from integrity during IPSec because the problem is before opening session I completely confused please help me: Thursday, December 10, 9: Meantime please also make sure that the "IPsec Policy Agent" service is enabled. Proposed as answer by Mike Bellia Tuesday, January 28, 6: Thursday, December 10, Thursday, December 10, 3: Please help me to solve this problem Thanks a lot Microsoft Certified System Engineer Sunday, December 13, 5: Does your router have a firewall?

Please refer the instruction from the router manufacturer. Or you can contact the technical support of the manufacturer. Monday, December 14, 6: Proposed as answer by Routerman Thursday, January 28, 3: Monday, December 14, 4: I am having the exact same issue, were you able to find the solution.

Thursday, January 28, 3: Friday, January 29, 8: So has anyone else encountered this issue? Saturday, January 30, 9: I have same problem too. I have tried on 3 PC with Windows7 with same result. But on same Win7 i have XP in Virtualbox. Has anyone found solution for windows7?

Monday, February 08, 2: Did you have any luck HR-Damir? I am having the same problem, XP works fine, Windows 7 doesn't.

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