Why Won't My PC (Or Devices) Connect To My Wireless Router?

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I can't connect the internet, Error: cannot find proxy server. (Windows 7 Starter version)
The Friends menu allows mail with emoticon and attached picture features and video chat which requires an optional PlayStation Eye or EyeToy webcam. Here are some highglights of the application features, limitations and bugs: Archived from the original on August 22, Views Read View source View history. Technology magazine T3 gave the Super Slim model a positive review, stating the console is almost "nostalgic" in the design similarities to the original "fat" model, "While we don't know whether it will play PS3 games or Blu-ray discs any differently yet, the look and feel of the new PS3 Slim is an obvious homage to the original PS3, minus the considerable excess weight. It could also be used as a standard PlayStation memory card by connecting it to a PlayStation memory card slot.

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Onto games and Wine, again, it's simply not possible. The answer depends on what you want to do with it. For command line only, a keyboard should be fine. I reset my ps3 twice to make sure it worked and it did. Other things which will be specific to every distro. Now for the download links to the required stuff: Yellow Dog Linux 5. Originally created by Terra Soft, "yup" PS3 is talking to your TV or computer monitor, and how to adjust the display. Video terminology There are many terms and concepts that should be understood to get the best out of your PS3 display.

The following is a list of useful Wikipedia articles: No sound is included in the DVI connection. If you are buying a short cable, it does not matter if you buy an expensive one or a cheap one. Only the lowest of resolutions are supported: Stereo audio is supported via the white and red plugs. The basic tool for testing video modes is ps3videomode. You need to be running in text mode when you use this, as the Linux graphics system is unable to respond properly to the way that the PS3 changes video modes.

Underneath the bar of stars will be the video mode currently being shown. This relies on the fact that Xorg will ignore any invalid screen resolutions, and there will only be one valid screen resolution at a time on the PS3. Sometimes the picture will be stretched vertically to get it to fit the screen. On LCD monitors this usually results in less than optimal displays. CRT based televisions are typically the only monitor type that can show interlaced modes well.

Others will do some sort of conversion to display interlaced modes, and a lot of these conversion methods don't work well with typical computer displays. This must be v1.

Download the new PS3 Wi-Fi enabled kernel if you are upgrading a prior install. This is found via your YDL. Unplug the ethernet cable, eth0 is both the wired and wireless Ethernet port on PS3s. What it will do is force the installer to re-read the partition table. After it reboots, you will be back at the kboot prompt and you can continue your installation from the next step.

This will take some time. Go and make yourself a cup of coffee: The following is an example kernel label. Uncomment and edit as needed. Then Y to save and exit editor. Where to go from here Introduction OK, so you've just finished on your PS3 and you're wondering what you can do with it.

Firstly, here are a few things you should do to make your Gentoo experience worthwhile. What you should do after installation: Change the root password! If you get confused Gentoo Xsession fluxbox kde Until next time, have fun with Gentoo! What you have to do is reformat your hard rive that contains Linux. There is an option to use XMB to reformat your hard drive, read this and you will be all good YDL by default runs p resolution, even during installation.

There is a low resolution mode of install, but it requires Linux command line configuration. I don't recommend it for novice users, and the attached guide doesn't cover it.

Extract the zip in your Windows. There should be 9 files. Now you need to get those files to your PS3? You can get creative here, but the 3 easy ways are: After the previous step finishes, Type "yum install mplayer-gui" hit Enter. After process is complete, mplayer should be installed on your PS3. Configuring, Launching and Using Mplayer: Mplayer doesn't seem to pick the right drivers for the PS3 by default, so we are going to have to configure it.

Super Nintendo Emulation Download the Snes9x source code. Extract it in windows and transfer it to your PS3. Methods for transfer are mentioned above in the repositories section Log in as root.

All that's left is running it. Alternatively, instead of using just -zoom you can input your screen's resolution so that the video is fully proportioned to the screen by using -x and -y, for example on a i TV that's blocked on all For the codes, no quotations Log in as root.

That means in YDL's login menu your Username should be? The only one I could get working, streaming music to my PS3 was the commercial TwonkyVision MediaServer, and commercial just ain't good enough for me. I want open source! Open the web interface usually at http: At the time of writing MediaTomb only supports the PS3-native mpeg4 video-format, so you'll probably be better of just adding your music and pictures.

Step 2 applies to memory stick s also. Once the system is up and running from the disc, you may choose to install Ubuntu permanently. Run Ubuntu Linux 7. Select the Processes tab. The ones that are necessary for the system to install will automatically restart or refuse to be terminated.

Edubuntu onto a PlayStation 3 Introduction: The PlayStation 3 is a video game console created by Sony Corp. Aside from playing games, it also offers an option to install other operating systems such as Linux.

An alternative in case the above doesn't work is to turn off the PlayStation 3. Then hold down the power button on the PS3 until the PS3 beeps twice. They are located at the following addresses. At this moment there is a bug Bug that may leave you at the initramfs prompt instead of booting into Ubuntu. After sometime it will ask you about downloading some files. After it's finished, put your WinXP cd into the ps3 drive.

Open up, "Computer" click the computer icon at the desktop, and double click the cd-rom drive. If you don't and it's activated To do this go: Hermes experimental PS2 homebrew loader for the PS3. Download PS3 Linux Documentation PS3 Linux documentation.

View entire picture albums, transfer your music collection using the power of your own network. No more USB disks, cars or drives.

This program should work with the PSP, too. Let the features speak for themselves: When sign-ups are accepted, you will receive immediate notification. Requires Internet Explorer 6. Download InFeCtuS Programmer v. Download Vilvic Media Center 1. A Java application to decrypt and backup your Blu-Ray movies. Download Red Kawa File Server Easily share files from your Windows PC to your PS3. Sony's official PS3 1. This does not install on retail consoles. It is used strictly for analyzing the internals of the PS3 firmware.

Color output are now supported. Downscaled output of Blu-ray Discs is now supported. PS3 system software update version 1. You can now enter text in Korean using the on-screen keyboard. The official Sony PS3 v1. The online gaming functionality of the system software has been updated. Install Linux, boot custom formatted homebrew titles, etc Download Ludavader rerofumi's Ludavader homebrew game. PS3 Sixaxis device drivers for Windows. It's recommended Windows XP or higher.

Download and install the filter driver libusb-winfilter-bin Play backed up PSOne titles! Load to a USB stick and attempt to open the folder under Photos. The PS3 will seem to hang. Browse to the XMB game menu and launch a Blu-ray game.

When nothing happens blank screen , swap the disc, and remove the USB stick. Full Auto 2 - just before Huncho: Game Saves Mobile Suit Gundam Crossfire Description: Madden 07 Gamer Level Fall of Man beat in medium: Game Saves Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07 Description: Project 8 rank There is, however, light at the end of this tunnel. I'll tell you how my TV's set up to quickly repair the damaged graphics.

Because my TV has channels dedicated to both. If I can still enjoy the game play, I don't mind having a jaggy sword, or funny-looking handrails. Perhaps Sony will strive to fix this in the future, but for now, keep your PS2 hooked up if it gets too unbearable.

Mains power is dangerous! Dismantle the Playstation 3 console and follow this tutorial at your own risk! You will now be able to see the ps3 insides as shown in the picture below. There are 4 screws on the bottom of the drive and I think 2 on top after this you just pull off the metal shield and it will expose the top with a white cog that comes right off.

Once you have the cog off pick up on that top piece and just lay it to the left side now you will see the drive exposed like you do on my video. This is a fairly easy process, the most trouble i had was trying to figure out where to put the switch. There is no room to work with.. I ended up taking out my card reader on my PS3 because I never use it and just mounted the switch there.

I'd say make the length about a foot just to be safe. You can cut off what you don't need later. Now you gotta bust open the PS3. Very easy to do and no cutting or breaking involved. If you need help with opening the up to the BluRay drive go here. Take the one bolt out on the side and slide the top off.

Your main goal is to get to some small screws on the bottom so that you can remove the metal cover. You may choose not to unplug anything. That's up to you. This will allow you to see much more of the drive on the inside. The plastic piece I'm pointing to in the picture above needs to come off.

I then flip the switch back up and insert my backup and turn the switch off. The whole time you do the swap, the PS3 will still say you have a game inserted. So if you choose to try this, you don't need anything special. High-Definition Multimedia Interface port capable of transporting you into a new era of quality visuals but remember - a HDMI cable must be bought separately.

The Ethernet cable supplied with your PS3 connects you directly to the Internet provided you have a service provider. The high price might hurt Sony in the short term but there's no doubt that the raw hardware will stand the test of time and give you value for money. PS3 Features Sixaxis controller In terms of outward design the PS3 controller is almost identical to its predecessor but features finer analogue sensitivity and wireless connectivity.

The name is derived from its ability to detect six degrees of motion which has already been implemented in games such as Tony Hawk's Project 8 and the forthcoming Lair. Load Resistance so you are Online. Find any match that you can get into, doesn't matter what kind. When your in the "Staging" Finding RAM locations on resistance If you are unable to view, the video click here.

Parental locks for the different portions of the console can be accessed by going to Settings, followed by Security Settings movies , Parental Control games , or Internet Browser Start Control web browser. If you haven't messed with the password of the PS3, then your default password should be four zeroes: Click read more to see the full list and find out how. See it properly The video reset is the most important thing to remember when using your PS3. If you've set it up for HD and taken it somewhere with a standard TV, simply shut the machine down, then restart it holding the power button down until it beeps.

This will reset it into p so you can pick your settings. Press Triangle to "Display All" This'll show any files on storage devices plugged into your PS3 that aren't in the correct folders.

They'll be displayed in the appropriate places, so MP3s will be shown under "Music. This is an update from v0. Page of Go. Page 35 Page 36 - The dirt on Blu-ray lens and how to cle Microsoft Controller, Meet Sony C Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Sony PS4 Instruction Manual 15 pages. Page 6 Legal Disclaimer Legal Disclaimer: Page 9 PS3 Disassembly www. Page 10 PS3 Disassembly Once the screw is removed, slide the top of the case to the left.

Page 11 2 small clips near the back you may need to undo with a small screw driver. Page 13 PS3 Disassembly Also, take out the mains plug in the back of the power supply. Page 16 PS3 Disassembly www. Page 17 PS3 Disassembly www. Page 18 PS3 Disassembly Now you will hopefully see the same as what is in the pic below: Page 20 PS3 Disassembly Now remove the screws circled in red in the pic below. Page 21 PS3 Disassembly After the bottom of the PS3 case is out of the way, you can admire the huge-ass cooling system on the bottom of the motherboard.

Page 22 PS3 Disassembly After your done ogling at the hugeness of the fan, remove the plastic back panel. Page 23 PS3 Disassembly Anyway, back to the tutorial. Page 24 PS3 Disassembly It will now look like this: Page 25 PS3 Disassembly After that, flip the motherboard over again. Page 26 Do not touch or eat this stuff! Page 27 PS3 is reassembled. Page 29 PS3 Disassembly Congratulations!

Page 37 The dirt on Blu-ray lens and how to clean it If you are unable to view, the video click here. Page 38 Once the Screw has been removed it should look like the picture below. Page 39 The dirt on Blu-ray lens and how to clean it After the top is removed you will be faced with yet another cover to remove this cover start by removing the 7 long screw circled in red in the picture below using a Phillips head screw driver.

Page 40 The dirt on Blu-ray lens and how to clean it While taking the cover off you will see a connector as shown in the picture below. Page 41 The dirt on Blu-ray lens and how to clean it You will now be able to see the ps3 insides as shown in the picture below.

Page 42 The dirt on Blu-ray lens and how to clean it What you will need in order to clean the Blu-Ray drive: Page 46 So for now until something better comes along , the best "fix" is to reconnect your wireless controllers and attach your PS3 to your Internet router with a direct Ethernet cable. Page 57 PS3 3. Page 58 If you do why do you have a knife to begin with? Page 60 HDD cover and attach the bracket end to the cover.

Page 61 PS3 3. Page 62 You say you're made of money and you need to make up up for the lack of something else. Page 63 PS3 3. Page 65 PS3 3. Page 67 So not only does this Bluetooth-only solution make it absolutely impossible to integrate that optional BD remote — and thus control over the PS3 — into any universal remote control, but it also makes it impossible for that Bluetooth remote to perform any regular home theater functions such as turning on the television or adjusting the volume.

Page 76 Sony must have some ideas for putting a led there but never did. Page 78 PS3 Controller Light Mod Now if you want to change the red led's you have to replace the old ones with your own use the led near the top of the board for that. Page 84 controller. Page 94 Charging Station Headset Mod Charging Station Headset Mod I didn't have a place to put my Bluetooth headset, so I thought I'd build in the headset charging cable to the controller charging station it's nice to have all things in one place.

Page 95 Charging Station Headset Mod start with opening up the case. Page 96 Charging Station Headset Mod remove the shiny plastic thing and start to drill and cut until the end of the cable fits precisely in the hole. Page 97 Charging Station Headset Mod cut the shiny thing so that it fits around the end of the cable. Page 98 Charging Station Headset Mod now you have an all in one charging station! Page Need Blu-Ray disks? Page Simplecenter could do, I definitely thought it was the better option.

Page As of FW1. Page So, WMP11 sounds good, right? Page Nero Media Home Icon. Page Scroll to bottom of the page and Save your config you have setup. Downloading Ps3 Game Saves First off, download the game save onto your desktop, and transfer the "PS3" folder from your computer to your memory device.

Page PS3's connected to PC monitor. Page You're done! Make A Lag Switch Steps: Page Make a Lag Switch Now it would seem that you have two orange wires. Page Ethernet cord and unplug it from ps3 now get an Ethernet conjoiner now go get a long, long cord and plug that in to ps3 and Ethernet conjoiner now just pull the cord from the Ethernet conjoiner, and badaboom u have easy lag Page Although I have heard of some peoples standbys not doing anything. Who Needs Simple Dns Step 1: Page When the share is completed, change the password For the "receiver": Page Playstation 3 and you downloaded a full version of Lemmings.

Page Now click ps3proxy. Page Open one of these in a web browser and download the file to someplace you will remember Keep the file the default name it sends After downloading go back to the PS3 ProxyServer GUI, and on the third tab, click the little dot to the right of the right box. Page SimpleDNS so that it is back at the activity window.

Page Sony on their ones to tell you how it's done. Page PS3 and take a walk outside. Page GUI Kboot www. Page Yellow Dog Linux 5. Page PS3 is talking to your TV or computer monitor, and how to adjust the display. Page The basic tool for testing video modes is ps3videomode.

Page Underneath the bar of stars will be the video mode currently being shown. Page This relies on the fact that Xorg will ignore any invalid screen resolutions, and there will only be one valid screen resolution at a time on the PS3.

Page Partitioning and readying your PS3 for Linux www. Page The following is an example kernel label. Page Where to go from here Introduction OK, so you've just finished on your PS3 and you're wondering what you can do with it. Page Gentoo Xsession fluxbox kde Page Uninstalling Linux www. Page Extract the zip in your Windows. Page After the previous step finishes, Type "yum install mplayer-gui" hit Enter. Page Open the web interface usually at http: Page Run Ubuntu Linux 7.

Page An alternative in case the above doesn't work is to turn off the PlayStation 3. Linux Xbox Controller Driver diabolix's compiled Xbox controller driver for FC5. Utilities View entire picture albums, transfer your music collection using the power of your own network. Page Utilities Screenshot: Page When sign-ups are accepted, you will receive immediate notification. Page PiMPStreamer v0. Page BackupBluRay v0.

Page Utilities Description: So what can you do to deal with the outdated and now compromised mess that is HDCP?

To use the splitter, simply put it between the device s giving you the HDCP error and the display device. Wait 10 seconds or more after equipment was powered off to be powered on again.

Since we do power-off displays and source devices most issues occur when these devices are powered on again to re-negotiate the HDCP handshake between source and display. There is a recommended power-on sequence below if you regularly power cycle your equipment.

There are often handshake issues simply due to a poor connection. Even if the HDMI cable fits securely please ensure that there are no sharp bends of the cable or the cable is causing the hdmi port to bend. Your display must be at least HDMI v1. The specification is proprietary, and implementing HDCP requires a license. Some displays may also re-negotiate the handshake when swopping to another input e. Please contact your Source device, Display or Digital receiver manufacturer for a firmware upgrade and advice on hdmi handshake issues.

It is often extremely difficult to troubleshoot these issues since the HDTV supplier will blame the source supplier, will blame the digital receiver supplier, will blame the Hdmi Distribution supplier etc. If going through your total home entertainment setup, make sure all your equipment has the latest firmware.

Power-off all equipment At the wall socket. The problems and troubleshooting below can be done on any HDMI handshake issues even if it is not listed under the specific category of problems you are experiencing. If the manufacturer of the display or source cannot provide a firmware upgrade you will need to adapt to a sequence of resuming equipment from standby via remote. In the case of the DSTV HDPVR which we normally do not put in standby via remote or power off you may have to adapt to a certain sequence depending on your display capabilities.

In fact, even with the same brands, one model of DVD player may work with a particular switch but a different model will not. Also, compatibility is not specific to a single device.

Unfortunately, finding the right switch is a bit of trial and error in some rare cases. Only use this method as a last resort if no additional firmware upgrades are possible to the source device or the display.

Change the cable to test if this is the case before inserting a switch between source and display and use gold plated connector cables for best possible signal transfer on HDMI connections. Replace the cable with another one to test if cable pins might be damaged. Use General Guidelines e. Do not press remote button more than once within 10 seconds intervals since the HDMI re-negotiation can take 8 — 10 seconds which is normal.

Alternatively contact the display manufacturer to get a factory reset code to reset display to defaults. Check to ensure that high quality Category 5, 6 or 7 networking cables are used on extender sets between sender and receiver units. If using 28 AWG cables and digital sparkles occur switch to a lower resolution or use 24AWG Category 2 cables for higher bandwidth transmissions over longer distances.

Push the cables even when it clicks into place another millimeters inwards to ensure it makes a secure connection with the pins to transfer the signal properly. Write down ALL values before changing any values to ensure it can be changed back to original setting if needed.

Some display manufacturers common combinations listed below. Power down the display via remote. Go into manufactures settings press in sequence: Turn the TV on. You are now in Service Menu.

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Want a PC gamepad, but don’t like the Xbox controller? Here’s how to use a PS3 controller instead and connect PS3 Controller on PC.. Playing games on a small screen of the tablet can strain the eyes. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a home video game console developed by Sony Computer gzhegow.tk is the successor to PlayStation 2, and is part of the PlayStation brand of gzhegow.tk was first released on November 11, , in Japan, November 17, , in North America, and March 23, , in Europe and Australia. The PlayStation 3 . The steps to get your PS3 controller working with your PC are very easy, we won't be using MotionJoy in this tutorial, we will be using .