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Like the breeze blowing in and out of the window, computers send information out and receive data in though these windows, or ports. I don't think its by accident that we are each having this problem either. I downgraded to Sonicwall Standard, using the same DSL modem configuration that was not working previously. Get the help and guidance you need from experienced professionals who care. The problem with these WAN technologies is that they are usually very expensive and complex to manage, but also not very flexible, making them a headache for both the end customer and service provider. But why port 80? Using this firmware on a device outside of India will void your warranty and may render the device unusable.

What happened?

T1, T3, DS3, OC Bandwidth Speed

If you are currently using a Digital Subscriber Line and it is no longer producing the results you need, it is time to consider other options. Many people are under the impression that a Digital Subscriber Line and a T1 connection are one and the same.

This is because there are many similarities but there are also differences. This type of connection works for a residence because you typically download more than you upload.

However, for businesses a symmetrical DSL line is typically used since both the download and upload time are the same. T1 is similar to symmetric DSL because the upload and download speed are the same. The difference is that a Digital Subscriber Line utilizes Discrete Multitude Modulation which is capable of adapting to a telephone cable where it is shared.

The speed of data transfer depends upon how much interference may be present on the line and how far away you are from the central office of the DSL provider. A T1 line remains constant however the cost is significantly higher than DSL the farther away you are from the Internet Service Provider. DS3 is also known as Digital Signal Level 3 and is synonymous with the term T3 so both terms are used to define this type of Internet connection.

They both originate from the T-carrier system which was the original system that was used to provide high speed lines between telephone companies. With a digital signal line everything is measured from level 0. The VPN will connect and successfully transfers data then it just resets the connection. From the logs its the client that is initiating the drop. More accurately I think the client is timing out set to 3 attempts, 3 second wait and is trying to reconnect.

I will try a more detailed look at it using Ethereal now Wireshark to see if there are any issues with the packets. From initial packet traces, nothing seems to be going wrong at the TCP or UDP level meaning no timeouts or retries of packets. Has anybody experienced an issue like this? I haven't seen any firmware patches or errors that would address this. I do have another DSL router on order to get back to the "working" configuration, but I would like to figure this out and get the issue resolved in case it happens again and I need to do a direct connection to the internet.

John, I agree, you shouldn't need the dsl modem to act as the firewall. Is the sonicwall under warrenty? If you hook it to dsl at another location and the connection is still unstable, then they should replace it as faulty.

If it works fine, then I'd battle it out with your dsl provider. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. For additional information, the issue is only with the VPN connection.

There is heavy use of the internet connection including backups over internet that have zero issues. Detailed packet traces show no dropped packets or retries.

Because the firewall is in use at a business in production, I can't remove it to try it at home on my DSL connection as I don't have another firewall to put in place unfortunately. Would I be correct to say that the sonicwall has it's own proprietary vpn client? If so, I'd get more details on how it worked from sonicwall.

Maybe you can figure out why the dsl can't handle the extra work load. Are you open to other vpn technologies such as ssh or ssl? If so, you could put a box on the dmz and use something like OpenVPN. I hate to let a problem beat me Bit I think the foremost question is, what's more important, getting the sonicwall to work or achieving a viable vpn solution for the remote users?

Best options is to always get the latest version drivers also not all companies hire true experts of their products Many times I have spoken with a MS tech with little to none true knowledge of the subject.. We had a T1 connection through XO and it gave us no end of issues. We dumped it for something else and everything started working. Someone asked if the Sonicwalls have their own VPN client.

I asked several networking people and they recommended Sonciwall as it was widely used and reliable. I have used pfSense on my connection at home, and have switched to Untangle which has been working very well and I will recommend to other clients in the future.

Thanks for the links Merete, but the issue seems to be with the VPN tunnel, not a specific traffic type. When it works, everything works, so that to me points to the tunnel itself.

On Monday I will try downgrading to the Standard version, reapply the settings and see if it works or not. Then at least I will get a better indication if it is the firmware having an issue or the appliance itself. The goal is to have a working Sonicwall with working VPN clients, which is why we bought it in the first place. If its the hardware I will get one under warranty as it's not even 6 months old,.

If neither solves it then there must be magic in the DSL Router that allows it to work perfectly, and I will just go with that and try to figure out the differences as an academic exercise after the fact, and of course share my findings to save hours of frustration for others.

Stay tuned for the next update on Monday, and thanks for all of your suggestions I usually follow my recommendation with as many caveates as possible. Seems like no matter how comfortable I am with a product or how good it is, as soon as I stick my neck out, Murphy's Law will step in and give me a big black eye. Sounds like you're on the right track, John. I look forward to reading your findings.

Okay, after a two day delay with the ISP accidentally canceling the phone wrong phone line, I have a result. I downgraded to Sonicwall Standard, using the same DSL modem configuration that was not working previously.

The conclusion is that there is an issue with the Enhanced OS for the Sonicwall in my case or something funky with the configuration somewhere. It's was not the ISP or any other part of the network. For me this is the solution. Why the Enhanced doesn't work is unknown to me, and because it's a production environment I will leave it in a working state.

Thanks for you help. Thanks for helping me bounce ideas around. It always helps to get different perspectives on problems. Its as if you are me Please, for the love of all geekiness, can you tell me your MTU settings, or something. I promise you, as sure as I type in the wii pun intended hours of the night, this problem is killing me softly. I am running and have always ran the standard version.

I have the TZ I've replaced the original failing unit, only to have the second one make me look totally retarded. Please Please Please if you can let me know what settings you have configured, without revealing any critical information, I would greatly appreciate it. I don't think its by accident that we are each having this problem either. I wonder if I went to Enhanced, would it work for me in reverse? It's more than this solution.

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