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What a super speedy recap, Head! I think it depends on how each of us sees as 'female centric' really. Its lime green accents evoke a nostalgic LimeWire vibe. OMFG I am actually so pissed off right now. Let the journey begin already. This story is from a book and a Chinese version so they have to stick to the story as much as possible.

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On mdbc, with the scene of the queen and the gagging court lady i felt confused. Like huh what was that? Then its obvious that the kiss scene is dream. If tonight's episode shows its not then i take back all i said. It didnt feel like that confused on Hae Soo's sudden marriage to Taejo Wanggon. I remember her first meeting him scene.

And that bg music hahaha. Then the princes running all over to rescue her because hey they have reasons right. HS lives up to being literslly the heroine when she 'volunteered' as per 4th prince's words just to save them all at that moment.

See the irony of it, they were trying to save her but instead she saves them all. But why oh why show are you doin this to me. Wook is doing all the right lead guy stuff and So is like 'ill kill you' 'i dont care its her choice' when we all know the OTP.

Ill just see how it goes. Now how Hae soo handles what she remembered about the next king and how she will "act" on it is the next eps promise. Act on it historical events. Which is impossible but the show doesn't dwell on that. I have this feeling Soo's 21st century identity wont interfere. Hey, is she just taking a history subject here? I dont want her waking up and finding out the purpose of this all is for an exam in the lol. I dont know what to feel right now.

Well thank the heavens it wasnt a dream. I agree with the poster that says it is now perhaps a bit more aligned with the novel. Because of the more limited time on this drama than the original, there is not the time to build the relationships so it seems a bit rushed, but I still find it a good time.

Also, I loved having more of 4th prince in these early episodes. That is so not the way it worked in the C-drama so just hold tight everyone.

With regard to ratings, after I saw the writing on the wall, I moved on. Happy to see another drama do well because there were a few pretty blah years in dramaland; they needed some hits. SH seems to be getting international love and, I guess, that will have to suffice. Yeah, actually we get more of 4th prince here than in BBJX the original. I really liked episodes 4 and 5 but i just dont get the feelings, BBJX was alot better ,cheaper but better. Patience dear, I think they're following the novel here.

We'll get to see more WS starting next episodes. Everything will start to heat up, the battle is about to begin. Nah, they're just following the original. When I was watching the original, I had no idea the girl will end up with the 4th until the middle.

I can't say I'm surprise because they were upfront with it. They did say that they will be following the novel. Wang-so would be the main focus if they were following Goryeo's history. It's ok if they follow the novel and LJK appears more only later, but at least reduce the amount of time we have to spend listening to Baekhyun. Sigh, I'm kind of disappointed, but it won't stop me from watching though. LJK is still the star of the show though, his acting skills is just perfection.

I think a part of the problem is that the Su-wook story has sort of run its course. When LadyHae died, it should have been the end of their love. Because the dialogues they are now giving wook, makes me want to punch him, KHN's excellent acting not withstanding.

They need to stop dragging this love story and move to the next part whether its so-su love story or the fight for the throne. LJG appearance was like 10 minutes. So doesnt even feel attached to Soo at this point and visa versa beside she treat him like one of the prince and he treat him like his brother's cousins. As the others have mentioned, in the Chinese adaptation his character wasn't exactly prominent till the second half. But really it's because the book is extremely female centric.

No matter how you adapt it, doesn't matter that LJK gets top billing, the drama itself will be female centric as well. Everything is based around IU's character, so whoever she interacts more with will get more screen time as well.

The drama itself is supposed to be female centric but Hae-Soo isn't all that interesting for a female-centric lead. The female characters so far except Lady Hae also are pretty one note which is why I find myself increasingly disappointed with no Wang So.

One thing that helped C-version was how Rouxi narrated the politics moving and how we could perceive it through her eyes. The only thing I perceive through Hae-Soo so far is that she is helpless and she is a fish out of water. I don't find that so much interesting. Don't know about others. It was fascinating which made up for lack of him in first half.

The whole situation is different in this adaptation so they are following the novel all on a sudden does not cut it for me. In the original did 4th prince kill them all?

Is it a sad ending? These 2 eps per week are killing me. I've never read the novel but have watched BBJX. Like pretty much all historical Cdramas, yes it does have a sad ending. If you're really curious, the cdrama stuck to the original characters and how each character ended up is close to what really happened to them. Keep in mind that the kdrama is also based on real historical characters and their ending is still left up to the discretion of the writers.

This is exactly the problem I have with this show. It is supposed to be a female-centric show: But Hae Su is so shallow, one-note, and rather stupid that she feels more like a side character than the main lead. The show has no center except when it focuses on So's story.

Since the political stuff only happens after she moves into the palace, I guess we have to wait for that to happen first? Oh wait, she just moved into the palace this episode, so maybe that story arc is just beginning? Taejo is sticking with the old fashion way of alliance through marriage. Wang-so thinks that cutting off the most powerful clan especially those that are not loyal to Goryeo like the Haes would be the best way.

I'm surprised that he is already sharp in his ability to deal with court politics in just a short time. I foresee a house cleaning in the future when he ascended the throne.

The drama is female centric but this female in not interesting enough on her own to carry entire episodes. So we have these pointless interactions with younger princes which feel like fillers. Its just how the script has been written.

WS is literally the most compelling character right now. After that wook, i hope they have him changing from this calm, non ambitious , generally peaceful person to a true contender to the throne. This drama is not female-centric. HS is just the female lead.

That she gets to choose between several pretty princes doesn't make this one any more female-centric than any other love-triangle rom-com Kdramas.

So far the conflict we've seen most of is WSo and his royal family, and Wook and his 'life lesson' of love. We are neither told the story from Hae Soo's viewpoint, nor does she move the plot forward. We're seeing things from a third person's perspective, and at this point the only ones who are moving the plot along are Queen SMS and her minion Princess YH. It's also not very common to see a drama spending so much time on the female lead's love romance with the 2nd male lead.

I think it depends on how each of us sees as 'female centric' really. The depth of relationships that HS shares with her cousin in the past eps does not feel substantial enough and now with Lady Hae out of the picture there is no further chance to make this any deeper, versus the C-version where RX's sister passed away very late in the drama and even though both sisters are separated for most of the time RX serves her time as a tea-maid, the time they share to bond is portrayed more at the beginning of the drama.

The way I see it, most of Kdramas are male-centric, even if they seem to focus on the female leads. Here are what I have noticed in most Kdramas esp.

Depending on how much liberty is given to an actress or how powerful her acting is, she can balance it out with her male-costars. However, with the way the scripts are thus often written, there is nothing much an actress can really do to turn the table in her favour. So having several men surrounding a woman, while boosting female self-esteem, doesn't make a drama female centric. From the moment SH chooses to focus on 4th's backstory right at the beginning of the drama, the focus has shifted.

LJK has less screen time than Hae Soo, but viewers actually know more about his internal struggle than that of Hae Soo's. The show is still undergoing an identity crisis, and clumsily switches between female-centric clues and male-centric clues, but the focus on the male protagonists and side characters are very clear to me: Just my two cents.

Lol sorry for the typo. I was actually thinking about the movie Entangled while typing this. A very annoying and problematic trope that kdramas love to perpetuate is the idea of the lead vs second lead. Even in cases where love triangles are extremely close and competitive, the lead always wins the day.

There is never any other option. It's like it's impossible to be in happy, committed relationships with multiple people in the course of a narrative.

One possible scenario, and indeed the most likely scenario, if the series is loyal to the source material, is that Hae Soo simply fell in love with the 8th prince first. This isn't a spoiler because it's happening before our very eyes, and it should be allowed to happen despite the billing of another endgame otp. This isnt the first time this has happened in this genre, I doubt there's any Cheese level protagonist assassinating conspiracy going on here.

That being said, the disjointed editing is seriously killing the narrative, and really hampering my expectations for the rest of the series. It wouldnt surprise me if So and Soo's relationship ends up rushed and unfulfilling. But they've got hella chemistry and look otp af and so I am keeping my hopes up. I was actually disappointed with this episode overall, but now that I'm certain I watched an abridged version I'll try watching the other version before episode 7.

I did think the funeral scene was really well done and Wook's grieving broke my heart, but most of the stuff after that I wonder whether the script would have been for a episode show. I mean, yes we all know it is a episode show, but they are rushing the plot, it shows This is based of a "leaked script". I really wish I can read the whole script for this drama. Sounds like it will be much more enjoyable than the drama itself.

I think their problem is, instead of letting the show take the form it was suppose to, the minute people complained they started editing an already produced show. They forget that in show biz you cannot please everybody, know where you fan base are.

Dd healer get high ratings in its time? No but they did sooooooo well internationally. Koreans might not like it but international fans LOVE it esp Chinese that they even took the story from so don't start editing what you already pre-produced to suit TV request this is not a live production!!!! They are acting in desperation and m so pissed off. My sister is soooo selective about Kdramas but "she" fell in love with immediately!

Eps was a good watch though. It's this episode 6 where the flaws are almost unforgivable. But clumsy and shoddy as it may be, at least we know the show's entering a new arc now. But I think you have the most reasoned response. Here we get the balance of the female lead actually returning that affection for the second lead.

It doesn't necessarily mean end game for him but it does give the story a sort of balance. But yes, outside of Lady Hae's episode, today's episode was so badly edited I was getting whiplash in between scenes. Seriously though I just want their otp chemistry to shine!

Seriously this is not like Cheese that way at all. It's the messed up editing that spoil the experience. If anything I'm now more afraid of it potentially becoming like Dr Jin: I'm just happy this drama is one of the rare cases the second lead isn't friend-zoned. It's just annoying to watch a character pining away over someone that doesn't want them knowing it will lead to nothing but the same old predictable ending. That's why Dream High will always be a fave. I like to see these romantic relationships play out and then watch the lead actually figure out who they really want.

Loved Reply too but the husband hunting gimmick became a pain with the second and third installments. Im a fan of Kang Ha Neul. But, much as i like him and his acting, im aching for more Wang So scenes.

Like, isnt he the main prince here? I know they need to show the relationship of IU to the other princes but i feel the main character is being overshadowed. Do I need to wait for episode 8 or 10 before I see more development of his character? Not enough LJK in this episode.

Why would anyone in the production team thinking cutting a LJK scene worthwhile? I thought i was the only one. It's like SO is the second lead and Wook is the main lead. I starting to get really annoyed. This explains why their ratings are not hitting it. By the 3 week Ep 6 we should be seeing more of the Main leads that the second leads.

Reverse harems are one of my favorite tropes, im really glad we got to see more of that today. I just want to know the identity of that song in the very beginning T. I need that song. The song has Hayao Miyazaki tone, really comforting and also sad. I really love that song. I thought I was the only one who feel the whole episode is disjointed, the writing and editing on this drama are definitely its biggest flaws, and I think it's hard for viewers to follow when the story itself is not making sense.

Almost everyone in this drama is written to like Su even if it's out of their character, it's either too soon, or their bonding doesn't make much an impact for me to feel that she affected them in a special way enough to make them care for her. I don't buy her friendship with Baek Ah at all, I mean their one conversation wasn't special enough to make me feel that he can quickly forget about Lady Myung and fight to keep her from marrying some old guy, in fact, aside from Wook and So, I don't even know why the princes would risk it for her, they're not THAT close for them to give up their lives for.

Baek Ah and Su's convo is not just a one-time thing. Baek said that after Myung Hee died. He and Su drinks almost every night. I think he warmed up to Su because she gave that talk about "do what makes you happy" thing. I don't think he likes Su romantically. How the princes acted was pretty normal in sageuk.

All the royalties "test their limits" until they gave in to noble idiocy. So i don't see anything wrong with how they want to protect Su. Because all of them are somewhat close to her.

I would find it weird tho if 3rd and 9th was there. Yeah but even if I understand he feels affection for her because his nui did, it's so sudden, no? I think the conversation they had while drinking was they'll find each other everytime they miss Lady Hae. The problem is they tell us this, show us one drinking session and that's all.

They need to at least hint better. The grass has also grown over her burial mound. They did have a short scene to show the passing of time with the melting snow in the pond, swimming ducks etc. Yeah, the script told us that Baek-ah and Su became friends like that, but I didn't really feel it. I mean, they could have spent less time on the blasted puppet show and the less screen time Baekhyun has, the better and a little more towards establishing this new friendship in Su's life that leads to Baek-ah actively trying to save her from a forced marriage.

Absolutely, please give us less Baekhyun, he's offers so little to the plot and I want to see the friendship between 13th and Soo develop! Jung is meant to be the youngest as the 14th prince, so why is 10th played like a fool? Bad directing in my opinion. Not to mention needing more Wang So. In fact give me less of the Princes that will have little to do with the ongoing stories ie 10th, 9th and more of the future movers and shakers.

I like the development of Wang So and Baek-ah friendship, could see more of that too. They sorta skimmed over the relationship development too quickly for Su and Baek-ah, I mean we sort of saw it in flashbacks. So it's not surprising that we don't feel invested in this sudden new relationship between the two. In the Chinese version she risked getting Pneumonia to help the 13th prince when Kangxi punished him.

That was after he fell in 8th scheme. Initially, she was close to Then came 14 and 13th. Her nickname was Death Defying 13th Sister.

How could they not focus on the friendship more when tons of fillers could be edited out. Those who feel that every princes designed to like Su basically not aware that this drama is based on the C-novel and Scarlet Heart is not SH without the many princes and their relationship with Su.

Agree that Baek Ah's bond with Su could have better off been told directly instead of in flashbacks but the reasoning for others to help her are logical enough: Wook because of love, Eun because of his crush, Jung because he promised to protect her life, Baek Ah for their common affection towards Lady Hae and So because he did not realized that he has feelings for her. I am happy that the drama is progressing to further story development instead of stuck with too much times trying to convince over the development of her relationship with each princes.

Now i think the battle of the throne will take center stage. I love the prominition scene so much And though I have watched the C-version and aware of the story flow, please give Lee Jun Ki more screentime. Just couldn't get enough of him. I think you misunderstood me. I don't find issues with the princes liking or falling or protecting Su, I'm finding issues in the flow of their relationship, like we barely covered the base their friendship and they jumped like 10 steps ahead, and I'm like whoa, when did we even get here?

That's what makes the story severely flawed.

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