SonicWall fails torenew the IP address for the virtual interface

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SonicWall VPN
Apr 9, But, When you asked those questions, it made me look and check several things, and I got it working. Apr 6, 1. Also, I'm unsuer what you mean by version 8. Then power on your PC. I tried to connect yesterday in order to document connectivity issue expecting error.

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I wear a lot of hats David Atkin Technical Director Commented: Have you restarted the SonicWall? Check the DHCP server that is providing the addresses to make sure it is still working correctly. I restarted the sonicwall soft restart , and have just rebooted the server.

Is it just your VPN Account or everyones? Try creating a new account if possible and see if it authenticates then. Do you have the latest firmware? Its the next step in the process where it's trying to obtain renew an ip address that is hangs.

I probably dont have the latest firmware. But before I go through that, i have to ask why would it have been fine, normal, fast! I dont think its the sonicwall itself, but something else on my domain server? I just dont know where to look. Have a look here: Maybe worth testing on an evening when the staff are not on their PCs. For me usually its a matter of right clicking the SonicWALL virtual interface on the machine and clicking enable or repair if its already enabled then try the client again.

I don't know why it works but it usually fixes the issue. OK, more info to work with: My issue is that I've been travelling, away from my office at a customer site. Authenticates and renews IP almost instantly. When I'm at my customer, I am just plugged into his netowrk.

If so, why would I authenticate at all? But in addition to this, another developer who works offsite from his office was experiencing the same problem as I was.

And he wasnt going through different means of connectivity as I was. So, why was he having issues? Where it stands now is that the problem seems to have "fixed itself. I'm not seeing the place in my GVC to select the settings you refer. This is GVC 4. I hate it when things fix themselves as well do I can understand your irritation by this.

An IP conflict would explain the problem but there is no way of proving it Unless its in the logs. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. I have GlobalVPNclient 4. Learn when you want, where you want with convenient online training courses.

Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by. Experts Exchange gives me answers from people who do know a lot about one thing, in a easy to use platform. Facing a tech roadblock? Get the help and guidance you need from experienced professionals who care. Ask your question anytime, anywhere, with no hassle. Go Premium Individual Business. We recently decommissioned the Windows server and replaced it with a Windows server. When we try to VPN into the office, it accepts the username and password and gets to: DHCP in the Sonicwall is disabled.

We have changed the setting in the Sonicwall to point ip requests to the new server different IP than the old We have tried different users, and have removed and recreated the VPN client users profile. It seems that Windows Server is restricting or handling the IP addresses differently.

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Find the answers to your questions by searching or browsing our knowledge base. Video Tutorials. Failed to renew the IP address for the virtual interface. and the message "Failed to renew the IP address for Virtual Interface. When you view the Log there is an entry that says "Failed to renew the IP address for the virtual interface" Double-click to get the properties of the connection. Click on the Peers tab, highlight your connection and click Edit. Sonicwall VPN Client "Failed to renew the IP address for the virtual interface" with Windows Server We have been using a Sonicwall TZ with a Windows server as the DHCP server for several years. The Sonicwall Global VPN client worked fine. "Failed to renew the IP address for the virtual adapter".