How to Fix Wi-Fi Issues In iOS 8 (and Later) on your iPhone/iPad

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Keep Your Wifi ON While iPhone is in Sleep Mode!
Just open Cydia and search for Activator and KeepAwake as shown in the screenshot below:. David on March 11, at 9: Start the days, no-limits, all-in-one free trial. It worked on my iPhone 6. I was inspired by this post. And in the category Airdrop it says: Very strange, I've never heard of anything like this happening before.

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Prevent wifi from disconnecting when display is sleeping

Could you be more specific? Do you notice it when you wake it after it's been sleeping for 30 minutes or more? If you're waking it after it's been sleeping for a while it's normal that it reconnects to WiFi. Turn wifi off and back on. Make sure the "connect automatically" setting is turned on, then go to Safari. Pick your network when it asks. Now it should connect automatically. This happened to me just last week on my Ipod Touch but I fixed it by resetting my network settings. Can anyone explain what happens with push notifications?

If it disconnects from the internet after a while then they will not go through? Yeah so the iPad doesn't have a Cellular Radio unless you have a 3G version and WiFi takes a lot of energy to run all the time. The iPad shuts down the Wifi card while the screen is off and periodically reactivates it to check on things like notifications and emails.

Sometimes it will not check for an extended period of time so an iPad is basically useless for anything like IM, Texting or Skype. I have to do this in the office but not at home. Office directs me to a webpage for login and password, at home I use AES. I thought that iPad 3 wasn't officially supported for iOS7?

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If you were to quickly put it to sleep and wake it up, would it lose connection every time? Would really like an answer to this: And in the category Airdrop it says: Can you guys help me? How is the iPhone the problem? Seems to be the new Internet provider. Apparently, that's how they want it to work. I've never heard of a router or modem that works that way.

The iPhone is not designed to shut wifi off while asleep. I'm not saying it is, I'm saying there's a disconnect between the new router and my iPhone. The problem is that this problem only happens to my iPhone, all other phones are fine. Originally Posted by Miss Daredevil. But why don't my push notifications come through now? Whereas with my old provider I got notifications constantly, even if I hadn't used the phone for a while aka it went into sleep mode.

If I was you, I would reset my network settings and see if that helps first. Usually when the iPhone processes connections it can save long term ones and process newly attached connections as temporary assignments. This can be the case with some computers, it's possible the same is happening with your iPhone if all your other devices are fine. Originally Posted by gaboon I don't have the sleep mode problem that I noticed but I just went through the same problem because I got a brand-new 5G modem router Wi-Fi installed two days ago, and my Wi-Fi kept cutting out.

It turned out the reason was because when the guy was here setting up the new router, he used all the same network passwords and login code that I had before. This confused the new 5G modem and it kept looking for both Wi-Fi names when you're trying to find the wifi network to connect to. So I had to phone sasktel and it took about 35 minutes for them to wipe the other one out and then do some rebooting and I also had to reconnect to the 5G Wi-Fi name for my router.

There were actually two to connect to that were for my router but I had to make sure I choose the one that said 5G, otherwise the names of the networks looked identical. So I guess the point is I'm wondering if your new Wi-Fi router is still set to the same login password code you had before and that might be confusing it they might have to reconfigure it for you as a brand-new one, which they should do anyway.

I'm having this exact same problem on my SE that I just got last week. Never have this issue on my 6s at all. If your ios device supports mobile data, turn it off for now. Originally Posted by b Originally Posted by HoliMiau. Same exact issue here. Everytime I pick up the phone to check the notifications, the Wi-Fi symbol shows no signal ALL "curved" lines in gray: After that, inmediatly turns on de 4G and a few seconds later seems to react and reconnect the Wi-Fi.

This is annoynig because:

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In certain situations like when updating your device to iOS , or 11, backing up data to iCloud or restoring data from iCloud is necessary, then you will need Wi-Fi to remain active and connected even when the iPhone is locked. However, when the iPhone goes to sleep (screen goes off) the wifi connected is automatically turned off to save battery and the whatsapp on my browser disconnects. Is there a way to force iPhone to keep wifi connection up when locked and/or asleep? Some iOS versions seem to have a problem with Wi-Fi, that disconnects every time the iphone is locked. This is due to the battery saving settings, that by default are set to “disconnect from Wi-Fi while on standby”.