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Spy agency NSA triples collection of U.S. phone records: official report
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NSA surveillance exposed

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NSA and AT&T maps obtained by The Intercept indicate that Folsom Street is one of the eight “peering” hubs in the U.S. that process internet traffic as part of the NSA surveillance program code-named FAIRVIEW. NSA: EFF’s case challenging the NSA’s phone metadata surveillance. Jewel v. NSA: EFF’s case challenging the NSA’s dragnet surveillance. Hepting v. AT&T: EFF’s case that challenged AT&T’s complicity in illegal NSA spying. Smith v. Obama: EFF's appeal with the ACLU of an Idaho nurse's challenge to the NSA's phone metadata surveillance. The National Security Agency is the world’s most notorious spy. Their activities are broad-spectrum because they do not care whether you are a kid, adult or senior citizen. In fact, the NSA has been accused of espionage on European, African and Asian networks.