How to Activate HBO GO on Your Apple TV

Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation)

How do I get HBO NOW on my Apple TV?
A movie or show watched adds to Up Next in the TV app and everything works just fine. You can sign up for a 1-month free trial and test out their service. Guys you didn't buy this app because it's a free bonus feature added on with your tv subscription. Contact them to find out about availability. In addition to the live feed, users can catch up on specific stories at any time via the extensive on-demand news library. The show includes a NEW enhanced viewing experience featuring touch-screen capability on phone, tablet, and desktop to allow you to learn more about the stories you see. Third generation Apple TV hardware is required to play p video.

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All The Ways To Watch HBO Without Cable

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HBO Go, Apple TV and AirPlay

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To activate HBO GO on your Apple TV, follow these steps: Open HBO GO on your Apple TV. If you don't see HBO GO on the Home screen, see How do I get HBO GO on my Apple TV?; Navigate to Settings.; Select Sign In or Activate Device to get your activation code. Stay on this screen until you enter this code on your computer (as per the steps . HBO GO is preinstalled on Apple TV and should appear on the Home screen. Apple TV (4th generation and later) If you don't see HBO GO on your Home screen, go to Search and try searching for HBO GO. An even easier way to watch HBO on your Apple TV: There are the official Apple TV Apps provided by Apple. You can find them on the home screen of your Apple TV. HBO Now: Subscribe to HBO right from your Apple TV — no cable or satellite subscription required.5 With HBO NOW, you get instant access to HBO’s award-winning original .