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The number of West Nile infections in Douglas County is at a year high. Kim agrees to dismantle main nuclear site if US takes steps too The leaders of North and South Korea announced a wide range of agreements Wednesday which they said were a major step toward peace on the Korean State Department says global terror attacks declined last year, but threats deemed more complex The number of terrorist attacks worldwide fell 23 percent in and the number of deaths dipping 27 percent, a State Department report says. Instead, one of her kidneys went missing. KDKA 4 shot, suspect dead in shooting outside Pennsylvania judge's office The suspected gunman was shot and killed by an officer at the scene, state police said. There was a problem completing your repair order.

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Two South Carolina sheriff's deputies who were transporting a pair of mental patients in a van that was overcome by flood waters -- drowning the two women, CNN Two South Carolina mental health patients drowned in a prison transport van when floodwater from the aftermath of Hurricane Florence overtook the Florence County officials says all residents that live along the Lynches and Pee Dee rivers to prepare to evacuate if necessary.

Officials say both rivers are British Prime Minister Theresa May urged EU leaders to compromise and back her Brexit blueprint Wednesday, ahead of a key meeting of the bloc's leaders in In scarcely more than six months Britain will leave the European Union. That departure on March 29, could be toxic and disruptive through a failure to A woman died after a caravan she was sleeping in was blown off a cliff on Wednesday as the British Isles were battered by a heavy storm, which has been Storm Ali battered the British Isles and left around many homes and businesses without power.

Storm Ali unleashed strong winds and downpours on the British Isles Wednesday and more unsettled weather is expected across the region in the coming days. BRITS are set for travel chaos this morning after the country was battered with deadly mph winds which killed two as Storm Ali swept through the UK. Iran remains the world's leading state sponsor of "terrorism" with funding networks and operational cells working around the world, a US government report said.

The State Department says that annual count of the number of terrorist attacks worldwide dropped by 23 percent in , according to an annual report from the The State Department cautioned Wednesday that Islamic militants have "adjusted" their tactics after U.

The number of terrorist attacks worldwide fell 23 percent in and the number of deaths dipping 27 percent, a State Department report says. Washington CNN The number of deaths and attacks attributed to terrorism significantly decreased in according to a new report by the State Department's Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted Israel's offer to share detailed information about its air raid which triggered fire by Syrian forces that downed a Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the downing of a Russian military plane by Syrian air defences was the result of a "tragic chain of circumstances", Russia's ally Syria shot down one of its planes on Tuesday, and it exposes how Russian President Vladimir Putin is strangely powerless to protect his own Although it is currently in Russia's interest to de-escalate tensions in Idlib, an attack is still likely.

On a phone call shortly after Trump took office, Putin told the President it wasn't their fault that they couldn't cultivate a close relationship. On the contrary, the Amazon plans to open as many as of its cashier-less Amazon Go convenience stores by the year , according to a report from Bloomberg today. Amazon is considering opening 3, of its cashierless stores by , Bloomberg said in a report on Wednesday, based on conversations with people familiar Amazon now has four of its Go stores up and running -- three in Seattle and one in Chicago -- with at least one on the way in New York.

And while we've heard It shows that Wall Street is in one of those cyclical peaks of optimism that Amazon. Alibaba chief Jack Ma says the waves of new tariffs imposed by the US and China have "destroyed" his already ambitious promise.

Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba, says the Chinese retail giant no longer promises to create 1 million U. N will set up a dedicated chip subsidiary and aims to launch its first self-developed AI inference chip in the second half of Asia markets were mixed on Thursday morning following broad gains on Wall Street overnight. Japan's Nikkei saw gains of 0. Here's what the Amazon founder's vast fortune tells us about the economic concentration of the tech industry — and how he might help unravel that for the world.

The Canadian cannabis producer Tilray became the first marijuana company to go public on the Nasdaq in July. Its initial share price: As of a month ago, Veteran traders and investors are cautious on buying pot stocks after the sector's surge, saying the frenzy is reminiscent of previous bubbles.

He told Jim Cramer that alcohol and drug companies should be looking Tilray investors could probably use a bit of the company's products right now.

The maker of cannabis extracts finished a whipsaw session 40 percent higher. Reviewers share their impressions of the redesigned, re-engineered Apple Watch Series 4 with a stunning new display and a thinner, slimmer case.

The brand new Apple Watch nearly stole the show at Apple's iPhone event last week. The fourth-gen smartwatch looks much sleeker than its predecessors, Its new EKG feature isn't active at launch, but the Apple Watch is already proving to be a game-changing home health monitor. With barely enough time to process the deluge of iPhone Xs reviews that dropped yesterday, it seems the floodgates have once again opened and reviews for The greatest Apple product comeback story of the past few years has, without a doubt, been the Apple Watch.

Launched with great fanfare four years ago, the The new iPhone XS is expensive. Gear up with everything you'll want for your iPhone—from Airpods to headphone dongles. To go alongside the latest iPhones — the XS and XS Max — Apple has updated its lineup of first-party cases, which include leather, silicone and folio options.

While it was roughly 2 years from Maxwell 2 to Pascal, the journey to Turing has felt much longer despite a similar 2 year gap. There's some truth to the feeling: Like any piece of expensive technology, a top-of-the-line graphics card comes with all manner of lingo and abbreviation. You'll need a glossary to wade through Nvidia's next generation of graphics cards is finally here, and it comes with big promises. Nvidia's first RTX card is launching tomorrow, so here's a deeper look at what the technology in the new ray-tracing cards brings to games like Metro: Nintendo's online service for the Switch also grants you access to some classic Nintendo games, and the NES library even provides a filter so it looks like you're Read a bit about how it was On Tuesday night, at roughly 11pm ET, Nintendo finally did it: No, the December launch of Vs.

Have you ever aspired to a seat of mayoral power? Fancy yourself as the next Mayor Quimby? Okay, perhaps he's not the best example of how to run a town, but Nintendo Switch Online hasn't even been out for a day and hackers have already found a way to upload new NES games to its existing library. The band is scheduled to take the stage for the annual extravaganza on Feb.

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler has more than a few projects on his plate, and he's just signed up for another: But which American has the most talent? The results of the 'America's Got Talent' finale are in, and Shin Lim is the winner of season Read what 'AGT' fans are saying about who won the show, This is going to be good. Fans think Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly are faking their beef and there's compelling evidence on Twitter—check out the conspiracy theory here.

Anthony Johnson says he will never completely put the final nail in the coffin of his MMA career, but says if he ever does return to action, it would be for UFC as Jones has been suspended Boston's manager learned a few things about winning a World Series as a bench coach for the Astros last year.

Those lessons may come in handy for the Red Have back-to-back losses in Bronx given you reason to fear historic season will be for naught in postseason? Mookie Betts, who sat out Tuesday's series opener vs. Manager Alex Cora outlined the starting rotation for the rest of the season in a A disgruntled superstar wing asking to be traded brings back bad memories, but this time it might actually help the Spurs.

During a much-publicized high-stakes meeting with head coach Tom Thibodeau, the All-Star swingman reportedly requested that the Timberwolves trade him. Vincent Goodwill and Mark Strotman are previewing the Bulls season, beginning with Kris Dunn and his critical season for both his and the Bulls' future. A spider web spanning nearly ft has appeared in Greece, where locals say unusually high mosquito activity took place before the web appeared.

A lagoon in western Greece is starting to look more like an abandoned home's basement than a picturesque shoreline. Google's Internet mail service, Gmail , and Chrome and Google-based search inquiries have not been available to mainland China users since Google has maintained that it would continue with the research and development offices in China along with the sales offices for other Google products such as Android smartphone software.

On 1 August , The Intercept reported that Google plans to launch a censored version of its search engine in China, code-named Dragonfly. The finalized version could be launched as soon as January The competitors of Google China include Sogou and Baidu , often called the "Google of China" because of its resemblance and similarity to Google. Before Google China's establishment, Google. According to official statistics, google.

Since announcing its intent to comply with Internet censorship laws in China , Google China had been the focus of controversy over what critics view as capitulation to the " Golden Shield Project ".

Because of its self-imposed censorship, whenever people searched for prohibited Chinese keywords on a blocked list maintained by the PRC government, google. In accordance with local laws, regulations and policies, part of the search result is not shown. Some searches, such as as of June " Tank Man " were blocked entirely, with only the message, "Search results may not comply with the relevant laws, regulations and policy, and cannot be displayed" appearing.

Google argued that it could play a role more useful to the cause of free speech by participating in China's IT industry than by refusing to comply and being denied admission to the mainland Chinese market. A US PBS analysis reported clear differences between results returned for controversial keywords by the censored and uncensored search engines.

If a site is inaccessible e. In June Google co-founder Sergey Brin was quoted as saying that virtually all of Google's customers in China were using the non-censored version of their website. Google critics in the United States claimed that Google China is a flagrant violation of the Google motto, " Don't be evil ". This was in response to a request on 6 April from the Chinese search engine company Sohu that Google stop distributing its pinyin IME software because it allegedly copied portions from Sohu's own software.

In early Guo Quan , a university professor who had been dismissed after having founded a democratic opposition party, announced plans to sue Yahoo! On 12 January , Google announced that it was "no longer willing to continue censoring" results on Google. The company learned that the hackers had breached two Gmail accounts but were only able to access 'from' and 'to' information and subject headers of emails in these accounts.

Experts claimed the aim of the attacks was to gain information on weapon systems, political dissidents, and valuable source code that powers software applications. Although Google did not explicitly accuse the Chinese government of the breach, it said it was no longer willing to censor results on google.

We recognize that this may well mean having to shut down Google. Congress planned to investigate Google's allegations that the Chinese government used the company's service to spy on human rights activists.

The Chinese government since made numerous standard and general statements on the matter, but took no real action. It also criticized Google for failing to provide any evidence of its accusation. According to Joseph Cheng , a professor of political science from City University of Hong Kong , the ruling Chinese Communist Party was deploying Chinese nationalism to stifle debate about censorship in On the website of the Global Times www.

Among Chinese users who strongly supported Google remaining in China without censorship or leaving China to keep its neutrality and independence , many were accustomed to using circumvention technology to access blocked websites. Since 27 May , Google's various services have been suspected of having been subject to malicious interference from the Great Firewall of China , as a result of which users became unable to access them.

Although some services like Google map and Google translate remained functional, users from certain places still failed to visit them. On the evening of 10 July , users became able use Google's services and functions, but users reported that access was denied the next day. In November , GreatFire. Org reported that China had blocked access to Google. The group reported that all Google domains, including Google search, Gmail, and Google Maps, became inaccessible.

The reason for the blockage was likely to control the content in the nation's Internet while the government prepared to change leadership. As the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre approached, Chinese authorities blocked more websites and search engines. GreatFire said that the block was far-reaching, and that Google simply wasn't working. This blockage includes Google search, images, Gmail and almost all other products. In addition, the block covers Google Hong Kong, google.

It is the tightest censorship ever deployed. In , one-third of all searches in China were on Google. Unfortunately, we only allow one Trade In per order. Please remove Trade In to add Pixel to your cart. Your order is still being processed. Check your Order history before placing another order. You are now on Google Store Hong Kong. Your basket has been cleared.

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