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Galen Marek
Although Eclipse was furious that Starkiller was still loyal to Vader, she decided to remain with Starkiller, believing that the fate of the Rebellion would ultimately be in the hands of the apprentice—not his Master. Shareaze has Preview filters to view that video file before it has finished downloading. Runs on Windows Operating Systems. On the surface of Raxus Prime was a colossal ore cannon used to fire raw materials into low orbit for retrieval and use within the shipyard, and Starkiller would simply commandeer the cannon and fire it directly at the shipyard, destroying it in the process. As a quick scan option this seems modestly ok.

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It was PROXY; damaged during his duel with Starkiller and in the destruction caused by the Star Destroyer crash, portions of his processor had been burned out, erasing his primary programming.

Bereft of his guiding directives, PROXY felt that he had been rendered useless and asked to be left behind to which Starkiller adamantly refused to do. With the successful destruction of the Star Destroyer shipyard, word of revolution was beginning to spread. Bel Iblis was a firebrand in the Senate who absolutely opposed both Emperor Palpatine and his New Order , and thus he wished to discuss an alliance with Starkiller.

Upon arrival at Cloud City, they found it overrun by criminals. Starkiller made contact with Lobot , the city's chief administrator, who informed him that Garm Bel Iblis was attempting to negotiate with the leader of the criminals, the Mandalorian Chop'aa Notimo. Kota encouraged confronting Chop'aa as a way of proving his worth to Bel Iblis. As Starkiller made his way into Cloud City, he was quickly confronted by Chop'aa underlings, though they were no match for his power.

Making short work of the mercenaries, he ascended to one of the rooftop landing platforms and destroyed one of Chop'aa's dropships.

While Lobot and the Cloud City guards secured the area, Starkiller moved on. As he crossed a large, circular platform, Starkiller was ambushed by a group of Mandalorian jetpackers. He manages to defeat them, though with difficulty. Cutting his way up to one of the rooftop walkways, Starkiller fought alongside Cloud City security forces against a massed force of mercenaries.

With Starkiller's help, the mercs were quickly dealt with, though the security team did suffer casualties. Clearing the rest of the building, Starkiller approached Lobot and asked for Bel Iblis' specific location, only to be informed that the Senator had been captured by a bounty hunter named Kleef , one of Chop'aa's underlings.

Knowing that the Senator's survival was important to his mission, Starkiller had no choice but to rescue Bel Iblis. Fighting his way to Kleef's location, Starkiller confronted him, only to learn that he had handed Bel Iblis over to Chop'aa. Kleef himself drew his blade and activated his two Heavy Tactical Fighting Unit droids.

Starkiller managed to disable the droids, going toe-to-toe with Kleef. The Gungan was a surprisingly able vibroblade duelist, though ultimately no match for Starkiller. Starkiller cut the blade off the weapon before grasping the hapless bounty hunter in a Force grip and dropping him off the side of the building.

Having dealt with Kleef, Starkiller contacted Juno and ordered her to prime the ship for launch in case he required a quick exit. Fighting his way to Chop'aa's location, Starkiller came face-to-face with the criminal ringleader and demanded for the release of Bel Iblis.

Chop'aa was glad for Starkiller's arrival, believing the Sith assassin to be a Jedi, and thus he was quite eager to confront him. Declaring that Bel Iblis' talks had failed, Chop'aa and two Mandalorian underlings attacked the apprentice. Starkiller managed to defeat the jetpackers, but Chop'aa donned his helmet and summoned his basilisk war droid. Running circles around the behemoth to dodge its fire, Starkiller managed to leap onto its back, fighting the mounted Chop'aa while using Force lightning to block the droid's attempts to knock him off.

Leaping off of the war droid, Starkiller telekinetically slammed it against a wall and disabled its internal functions. He then wrenched it to the ground as it exploded. An enraged Chop'aa charged out of the wreckage, eager for blood. While the Mandalorian was an impressive fighter with his double-pronged Electrostaff , he was ultimately no match for Starkiller's Sith combat training, and the Force adept cut him down.

As Lobot and the Cloud City security forces rushed in and secured the area, Starkiller approached Bel Iblis about joining the Rebellion. Bel Iblis agreed, leaving with Lobot with the assurance that he would contact Kota soon.

The meetings were apparently going well, though Starkiller noted that the involvement of the two noted resistance leaders raised the stakes dangerously. During the interim, Starkiller hid out near Rhommamool , waiting for updates and using the time to purchase a new pair of shoulder servos for PROXY. Starkiller also passed some of the time by sparring with Kota, but also had to dodge the Jedi's questions about his past.

Soon thereafter, Starkiller was contacted by Darth Vader. With Juno witnessing the exchange, Starkiller informed the Dark Lord that while the pieces were falling into place, the Rebels were still scared and were only beginning to trust him.

Starkiller cautioned that if he and Vader were discovered communicating, or if the Rebels even suspected his past, then the entire mission would be a failure. Vader stipulated that Starkiller contact him soon before severing the link. When Juno questioned Vader's intentions, Starkiller assured her that the Dark Lord wouldn't endanger the mission by intervening, regardless of his doubts.

Starkiller further stated that he was doing what was right, for both himself and Juno. When they received word from Organa, they traveled to Corellia to meet with him and the other leaders. The meeting came to a swift conclusion, already establishing the command structure of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Bail Organa's wealth would fund the rebellion, Garm Bel Iblis would provide the military hardware and Mon Mothma the soldiery. Starkiller would be the ultimate leader and figurehead, his involvement providing the power of the Force.

Rahm Kota then appeared, sober and cleaned up, declaring that he would join as well, if he was welcome. Bail Organa finalized the Corellian Treaty , and rebellion was officially declared against the Galactic Empire. Just at that moment, the mountaintop temple ruin they were using as their meeting place was attacked by the Imperial Military.

Darth Vader marched into the chamber, ordering his troopers to take the Rebels alive for personal execution by the Emperor. Kota drew his lightsaber and rushed Vader, but the Sith Lord simply caught him in a telekinetic stranglehold and tossed him aside.

With Kota disabled and the Rebels surrounded by snowtroopers, Vader advanced on Starkiller, complimenting his pupil's performance and revealing his status as the Dark Lord's secret apprentice to the shocked Rebels. Vader then cast the stone table at the center of the chamber at Starkiller, driving him outside into the snow. Starkiller managed to survive, thankful that his reconstruction on the Empirical had drastically increased his physical endurance.

Attempting to regain his feet, Starkiller angrily questioned Vader for interfering as the Sith Lord had agreed to stay away. Vader revealed that he had lied, and not just about Starkiller's "mission," but from the very beginning. Starkiller quickly deduced that the "very beginning" referred to the start of his apprenticeship, and thus he realized that his entire life had been a sham, and that Vader never intended to destroy the Emperor. Darth Vader confirmed this, though he added that he didn't intend to dethrone the Emperor with Starkiller specifically.

Lifting Starkiller in a Force grip, Vader tossed him towards the edge of the mountaintop cliff, though Starkiller managed to cling to the brink. Accepting that his true mission—to gather the Rebels for quick capture and execution—was complete, Starkiller concluded that he deserved to die for plotting to use the Rebel Alliance for his own ends, though he remained angry at having been outwitted.

As Vader advanced to kill his own disciple, Starkiller declared that without him, Darth Vader would never be free. Vader raised his lightsaber and prepared to strike, but was forced to break off when he was attacked by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

During the brief fight, Starkiller lost his grip of the cliff ledge and fell to the bottom. Although he survived the fall, Starkiller laid unconscious in the snow for some time. When Juno, who had escaped the Imperials, arrived aboard the Rogue Shadow to find him, Starkiller had regained consciousness, though he was still weak.

When Juno came out to help him aboard, he revealed his birth name to her. Rejecting the codename "Starkiller," Darth Vader's former apprentice reclaimed his birth name, Galen Marek , and for the first time, considered himself as a Jedi. Opting to save the Rebel Alliance by tracking down both Vader and the Senators, Galen entered into deep meditation in an attempt to provoke a Force vision. Although successful in his attempt, he was almost overwhelmed by a plethora of possible futures.

Focusing on one of the common elements, he discovered the location of the Rebels—the incomplete Death Star. Travelling to the Horuz system , they used the Rogue Shadow ' s cloaking devise to approach the massive battle station, entering the thin atmosphere maintained for the workers and slaves building the behemoth. Standing on the open boarding ramp of the Shadow , Galen and Juno exchanged their last words.

When inquired as to whether or not he would survive, Galen reluctantly answered that he would most likely die in the attempted rescue. Juno then rushed forward and kissed him on the lips, reasoning that she would never have to live it down. At first, Galen was surprised by Juno's sudden action, but then he returned the embrace. After their first and last kiss, Galen said farewell and leapt into the Death Star's extensive superstructure. Landing on the exterior hull in a clear patch between two construction sites, Galen attempted probing about for the Rebels, but found their Force signatures obscured by both the widespread suffering and despair within the Death Star, and especially by Palpatine's presence.

Darting cover to cover, Galen advanced on two Imperial stormtroopers on a scaffold, overseeing a string of Wookiee slaves. Telekinetically choking one into unconsciousness, he manipulated the other into providing him with information before inducing him to fall asleep.

As the slave overseers knew little about the movements of either Palpatine or Darth Vader, or even about the Death Star's layout, Galen opted to ask the construction workers; the slaves themselves. Attacking the Imperials and freeing the slaves, Galen began a revolt. While the Wookiees began fighting, Galen recruited a pair to guide him to the Emperor's location. Led through the confined inner workings of the Death Star, Galen was directed towards one of the superlaser tubes.

Following the tube, engaged by the Imperial forces attempting to stop him, Galen reached a convergence chamber. The massive room held the entrance to the Emperor's observation dome, and Galen ascended the catwalks and ledges towards the elaborate portal.

Reaching the door platform, he was suddenly confronted by a Shadow Guardsman , reinforced by four Imperial Guardsmen. Galen made short work of the Red Guards, and squared off against the Shadow guardsman. Grappling with the Darksider, Galen ended the fight by breaking his opponent's neck. He then telekinetically activated the locking mechanism to gain access through the massive door that led into the Emperor's observation dome.

As he charged along the corridor towards the observation dome, he was spied by the security systems. Darth Vader emerged through the entrance to the dome, lightsaber ignited.

Vader acknowledged that he had trained his student well, but declared that Galen still had much to learn, though Galen countered that Vader had nothing left to teach him. Galen was caught off-guard by the power of the blow, which jarred his wrists and shoulders and nearly disarmed him. Vader used Galen's momentary lack of composure to attack him telekinetically, though Galen managed to sweep aside the missiles.

Ducking under two savage slashes, he stabbed at the Dark Lord's abdomen before flicking his blade up, trying to spear Vader through the throat.

Vader only barely managed to block, and both combatants momentarily broke off. Galen realized that until this duel, he and Vader had never truly fought as equals; during his training, either Galen would capitulate or Vader would hold back.

They fought back and forth, with Galen taking a defensive stance against Vader's overwhelming offense. He mocked his former master with the knowledge that, while Galen had broken free from Vader's control, Vader himself lacked the wherewithal to free himself from Sidious. Realizing that there were better ways to kill than to call on his anger, Galen came to pity Vader, seeing the Dark Lord as a result of the same manipulations and abuse as himself, and thus desired to kill him as a way of "freeing" his former Master from the pain of being enslaved to the Sith.

Galen's taunts, especially his professions of pity, enraged Vader, who ramped up the intensity of his attack. Galen continued to use his self-taught Soresu to great effect, wasting little energy and turning Vader's would-be death blows into superficial burns. As Vader continued to relentlessly attack, Galen suddenly counter-attacked with a blast of Force lightning, which broke Vader's momentum and forced him onto the defensive for the first time. Galen began to steadily gain ground while Vader fell back.

Eventually, Galen saw an opening in Vader's defenses and took advantage of it, slashing Vader across the throat. Surprised but elated, Galen scored two more hits on the Dark Lord in short order before telekinetically pummeling Vader with any and all objects he could find.

The blast severely damaged the Sith Lord's armor and respirator, and destroyed most of his mask and helmet. As Galen approached his former master, intending to finish him, he saw Vader's face uncovered for the first time. Vader, much to the shock and surprise of Galen, was a terribly scarred old man, in whose eyes Galen saw only pain and exhaustion.

As he froze, Palpatine approached, praising Galen for his victory. Seeing a perfect opportunity to replace his hobbled apprentice, Palpatine gleefully encouraged Galen to execute Darth Vader and take his rightful place at the Emperor's side.

Galen became conflicted; the changes brought on by his recent experiences with the Rebels warring against his desire to continue using the dark side and become a true Sith Lord. In addition, though Vader's horribly scarred visage elicited pity from Galen, a significant part of him still wanted revenge. Rahm Kota, sensing Galen's indecision, intervened and telekinetically snatched Palpatine's lightsaber , using it to kill his guards before rushing the Emperor himself. The sudden violence snapped Galen back to reality, and he realized that he didn't want to go back to what he once was; not after seeing what it did to people.

He came to understand that executing Vader would accomplish nothing, whereas saving the Rebels could change the course of history.

With his final decision made, he resisted the urge to kill Vader and instead attacked Palpatine. The Emperor managed to pull out his other lightsaber before Galen attacked, and Marek and Palpatine at last began an intensely ferocious duel. They seemed to be at a standstill, with both Marek and the Dark Lord proving to be just equally relentless and matched in all fields they fought with, such as Telekinesis, Force Lightning and Lightsaber Combat, neither managing to hit one another.

Over the course of their contest, Palpatine would occasionally break off and allow intervening Imperial Senate and Royal guardsmen to engage Galen, though the Force-adept made quick work of them. Darth Vader had been little more than a proxy; it was Darth Sidious who had been Galen Marek's true master all along. Enraged by the sudden revelation, Galen drew substantially greater ferocity and strength from the rage he felt and quickly seized the offensive by further pressing his attack against the Emperor.

Throwing Palpatine off of his feet with a telekinetic shockwave, Galen then blasted the Dark Lord of the Sith against the ceiling of the dome with a Force push before slamming him against the ground.

Galen Marek faces off for the first and last time against Darth Sidious, and makes the ultimate sacrifice. Tossing his comlink to the Rebels so they could call Juno for evac, Galen advanced on the prone Emperor. Darth Sidious rose to his knees and declared that it was Galen's destiny to destroy him, by giving in to his hatred.

Galen initially struggled with the urge to do so, but repented in the end, extinguishing his lightsaber. As the Rogue Shadow landed nearby, Starkiller told Kota to get the Rebels aboard, but then Palpatine sprung into action. Snarling at Kota that neither the Rebels or the Jedi could ever have Galen, Palpatine roared to his feet and fired a blast of lightning into the Jedi Master's back.

Without hesitation, Galen immediately stepped into the stream, taking the full brunt of it himself.

The pain was unlike anything he had ever endured under the years of Darth Vader's tutelage; the sheer and overwhelming power of the Emperor's lightning caused Galen to feel as though a star was igniting within his chest. Overcoming the pain just enough to absorb and gather the energy, Galen advanced on Sidious as the two remained locked in the chain of lightning. At the same time, he noticed that a squadron of stormtroopers had entered the chamber, with Darth Vader limping behind them, in pursuit of the fleeing Rebel leaders.

With no other option left, Galen grabbed the Emperor's shoulders and redirected the lightning into the Dark Lord, causing Sidious to share in the agonizing pain of his own power. Driven by concern for his friends, Galen embraced the Force completely and released all of the pent up energy, resulting in a massive shock wave that killed the stormtroopers and destroyed much of the dome. In the last moments of his life, Galen felt himself leaving his body as death took hold of him.

With his final thought centered on Juno Eclipse, Galen Marek whispered his birth name for the last time and died. Although he ultimately perished as a result of the explosion of Force energy, he transcended physical existence and became one with the Force.

Palpatine was far from pleased with the results of the battle on the Death Star. Not only was he robbed of an extremely powerful new apprentice and still burdened with the diminished Vader, but the prisoners had escaped and would go on to lead a rebellion that had inadvertently been created by the two Sith Lords themselves.

However, thanks to Marek's actions, the Empire finally knew who their enemies were and Vader vowed to hunt down and crush them, as his Master intended long ago. Sidious correctly foresaw that the Rebels had to be quickly and decisively dealt with, or else they could very well pose a grave threat to his totalitarian rule.

The duel also had another outcome in that it drove a further wedge between the Sith Lords. Vader realized that Sidious desired a new apprentice, and as a result he became determined to find a powerful Force-sensitive apprentice to help him overthrow his Master in earnest.

Marek's sacrifice inspired the Rebels to finish what he began: Princess Leia proposed that the Rebels use the Marek family crest as a symbol of hope to rally behind, with which all agreed. Juno asked Kota if he knew that the man who created the alliance was the same one who tried to kill him less than a year earlier.

Kota revealed that he had always known, and still agreed to help. He explained that despite all of the dark thoughts that filled the Sith assassin's mind, Kota was able to glimpse at the one bright thing that Galen held on to until the very end: Six months after the death of Galen Marek, Darth Vader brought his body to Kamino and stored it within the cloning facility of Timira City.

The body would serve as the genetic template that Vader needed, hoping to clone a more powerful and obedient version of his deceased apprentice. However, due to side effects caused by the accelerated cloning process and memory flashes used in their training, the clones retained the original Marek's memories and emotions and were constantly haunted by visions of his life, many going insane within months.

After numerous failures , Vader finally created a clone that appeared stable enough to be the first success. Unfortunately, however, the clone began to suffer from the same visions that his predecessors did. By failing to live up to Vader's expectations, the clone was forced to escape from Kamino in order to avoid sharing the fate of the previous clones.

Driven by the emotional imprints he retained from Marek, he endeavored to locate Juno Eclipse. By the time he encountered General Kota, the clone had become known by Marek's code name Starkiller , having refused to be called by his template's real name.

During the course of his mission to find Eclipse, the clone gradually became confused about his origins, partly because Kota claimed that Force-sensitives had never been cloned in the past.

After defeating Vader in combat and rescuing Eclipse from captivity, Starkiller remained uncertain about whether he was a clone or not. He rationalized that it did not matter, since he had broken Vader's control over him, to which Vader calmly stated that he would always control Starkiller as long as Juno Eclipse lived.

The body of the original Starkiller observed by Darth Vader and the Dark Apprentice , the only perfect clone of Starkiller. Unknown to "Starkiller," however, Darth Vader did indeed perfect the cloning procedure as shown by the progress made by the latest clone he activated.

In the early phase of his training, he was confused by the original Starkiller's memories and was unsure as to whether or not they actually belonged to him or someone else. His curiosity also caused him to wonder about how many clones were created before him, as well as what kind of person his progenitor was. Vader saw no reason to indulge any of the clone's questions with detailed answers, merely stating that the original Starkiller was a broken man and all that mattered was how many more would have to be created if the clone failed to complete his training.

As the clone reached the pinnacle of his training, Vader brought him to the chamber that contained Galen Marek's body. The Sith Lord had not only confirmed what the clone already knew to be true, but also revealed the fact that the clone had surpassed all of the failures that preceded him.

By then, the clone had managed to free himself from Marek's emotions and proved it by striking down a Sith training droid that was impersonating Eclipse. By learning to hate his former self's weaknesses, the clone had essentially become Darth Vader's Dark Apprentice.

When "Starkiller," his renegade counterpart, returned to Kamino with a Rebel fleet, Vader ordered the apprentice to not interfere until he was needed—only then would his training be complete. Darth Vader was defeated and captured by the other clone, with no interference from the Dark Apprentice.

It is unknown what sort of child Galen Marek was, but what is known is that when he stood against Darth Vader, wielding the Sith Lord's own lightsaber against him, he did so out of a desire for vengeance after his father's murder. This desire marked Marek's first step towards the dark side, and Vader recognized this in him. Despite this desire for vengeance, he was not yet completely fallen, still being traumatized by Vader's massacre of the Stormtroopers immediately afterwards.

All of these traumatic events would cause Marek to repress all of his childhood memories, and forget his own name, though his initial step towards the dark side remained a permanent part of his personality for much of his life. Starkiller was raised by Darth Vader, who was not a very kindly father figure, creating turmoil, anger, and apathy in his mind.

He was trained to be loyal, but also a ruthless assassin and an unstoppable force. Though he was brutally and continually punished by his master, Starkiller submitted willingly to the teaching method of the Dark Lord, essentially because he knew nothing else, and this instilled in him the belief that whatever did not kill him would make him stronger, more adept at wielding the dark side. Such was Starkiller's state of mind towards the end of his training, a part of him almost wished for death.

His subjugation to Vader even displayed itself in his voice and manner, as he affected a formalized and faintly aristocratic accent whenever he was in Vader's presence, in stark contrast to his usual behavior.

In addition, due to his life-long isolation from all but a few individuals, Starkiller was reclusive, and emotionally remote to all but PROXY, and only began to open up to Juno Eclipse after a great deal of time, though his feelings of compassion for her would continue to confuse him.

Rahm Kota said that when Starkiller approached him on Bespin, his love for Juno was the one bright spot among all his dark thoughts that gave him hope that Marek could be redeemed. When hunting down and dispatching his targets, Starkiller was always satisfied that he had helped defend the Galactic Empire and fulfill his master's will. To that end, he was disturbed by the fact that he would have to cut down Imperial troops during his mission to kill General Kota, feeling that their only crime had been to cross his path, but he was careful to conceal his feelings from his master.

At the same time, for much of his life he had craved a confrontation with a Jedi Knight, and was excited by the prospect.

While powerful and confident, Starkiller demonstrated many different sides to his personality. He was wary of his purpose in life and what he was meant to do; he began with a sure focus on the Sith destiny trained into him by Vader. However, his exposure to both the Jedi, the light side of the Force , and also to the reality of Sith life caused his focus to waver. Ultimately, his innate sense of loyalty proved incompatible with Sith philosophy, and he gradually made his choices in life accordingly.

After Vader's second betrayal on Corellia, Starkiller displayed not only anger, but also pity for the Dark Lord, remarking that if he were to die there, then Vader would never be free from his master. With this last betrayal, Starkiller rejected the Sith and the dark side, and finally admitted his love for Juno Eclipse, and held on to it until his death. When he converted to the light, the last of his persona as Starkiller ceased to exist, and he reclaimed his birth name, Galen, and fully accepted his destiny in the makings of a Jedi.

During his battle with Darth Vader, Galen stated that he did not hate the Dark Lord, but pitied him, declaring that he would kill him to free him. When the Emperor tempted Marek into killing Vader, Marek struggled briefly with his emotions, but in the end decided he would not return to the dark side, and so made his choice to attack the Emperor instead, saving himself from the dark side. In the end, Galen Marek was driven by loyalty to his friends and allies, and willingly surrendered his life for them.

The Sith Lord had provided the prototype holodroid to Marek in order to harness the young Sith apprentice's combative skills. Although PROXY proved essential in the development of Starkiller as an exceptional duelist, the droid also provided Marek with the compassion and nurturing needed to stay sane. While Galen cared for and confided in his droid companion, he needed to remain constantly wary of him, due to the droid's primary programming which compelled him to kill his Master.

However, even in this, Marek remained caring towards the droid, sometimes prolonging battles merely to allow PROXY pride in his combat modules. Just as PROXY's compassion helped ground Galen as a child, his compassion helped his friend out of his despondency after the erasure of his programming. For much of his life as Starkiller, Marek lived in fear and terror of Vader.

Having experienced nothing but Vader's cruel treatment, Starkiller thought of it as only natural, especially for the development of a Sith; learn, or die was what he took from it. He invested a great deal of trust and loyalty in the Dark Lord, coming to fear failing his Master more than death.

He was left deeply shocked by Vader's betrayal of him, and only reluctantly agreed to reenter his service. Left distrustful of his Master, and developing compassion for his allies, Marek began to genuinely consider betraying him in turn by using the rebellion to take revenge and then take over the galaxy for himself.

However, Marek still believed that Vader's mission for him was genuine, and pragmatically judged that Vader wouldn't risk losing another chance to assassinate Emperor Palpatine.

He was left shocked and enraged when Vader betrayed him again, this time actively seeking to kill him. However, as Marek fought Vader, he realized that his Master was a product of the same manipulations and abuse as he himself was, thus causing Marek to pity Vader rather than continuing to hate him. Thus, Marek resolved to end the Sith Lord's life as an act of mercy, "freeing" him from an even greater source of torment—Palpatine. Despite the apprentice's years of immersion into the Dark side of the Force, Juno Eclipse ultimately proved to be the catalyst behind Galen Marek's redemption.

When Marek first met Juno Eclipse, he was unsure what to think of her, as she was his first female pilot. His initial interactions with her were awkward, though he slowly grew more relaxed.

He noted her effort to seem lighthearted towards him, and he eventually started to enjoy her presence, something he chided himself for. As they grew closer, he began to fear that he would have to take action lest they develop a rapport. After his reconstruction on-board the Empirical , Marek rescued her in spite of Vader's order to sever all connections to his past, for reasons he himself wasn't sure about. To a certain extent, he desired Juno's approval, and her anger when discovering his continued service to Vader genuinely hurt him.

However, with his secret out, he was able to bring her fully into confidence, and he began desiring to keep her in his life, to the extent that he started considering the idea of leading the Rebel Alliance in earnest rather than returning to Vader and the Sith.

However, the choice was taken from him when Vader betrayed him again. Having lost his sense of loyalty to the Sith cause, he finally admitted his love for Juno. His compassion for her was what ultimately pushed him to reject the dark side of the Force. Marek's initial attitude towards Darth Sidious was very detached. On one hand he revered him as the Sith Lord who destroyed the Jedi Order.

On the other hand, he was completely devoted to the goal of one day standing at Vader's side as a true Sith Lord. To that end, he trained for years in the hopes of eventually helping Darth Vader in assassinating Sidious so that they could rule the galaxy together as master and apprentice. However, this changed when Sidious "discovered" Marek and ordered his execution, taking sadistic delight in his suffering.

Marek came to hate Sidious, and seeking revenge became his primary motive. Marek's hatred became further strengthened by his horror of Sidious and his excesses; the Death Star proved that the Emperor was no longer satisfied with misinformation and oppression to control the galaxy, and was willing to resort to all out genocide.

On a more personal note, he also realized how Sidious had created Darth Vader through deception and brutality—tactics that Vader used in a similar way to create Starkiller. Marek learned how Sidious had ordered the death of his father and his own abduction, and how he had in fact been Marek's true Master, using Vader only as a proxy. The revelation proved to be the final straw for the apprentice. Attacking Sidious, he drew heavily on his anger to subdue the Sith Lord, almost falling to the dark side all over again.

However, he repented in the end, rejecting his hatred and turning away from the Sith. When Marek first learned about General Rahm Kota, he thought nothing of the Jedi Master, simply seeing him as another mission in service to Darth Vader, albeit a thrilling one for the simple reason that he had never had the opportunity to fight a real Jedi at the time. As they fought, high above Nar Shaddaa, Marek developed a certain respect for Kota, as he was unlike the privileged, weak image of Jedi that Marek had cultivated in his mind over the years.

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