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Cloudflare Ordered to Expose YTS, Showbox, and Popcorn Time Site ‘Operators’
How's that the Internet's fault? I had problems with the staff in the past but the rules didn't kill the site. Of course they'd come back. IPTorrents is a well-established private tracker that offers nearly , different torrents. Data that passes through these servers is also locked down with bit AES encryption and backed with a zero-logging policy on all traffic.

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Albums, individual songs, full discographies, Redacted has it all. Previously known as PassTheHeadphones, Redacted is a relatively young site that focuses on music of all types and genres. Bibliotik has nearly , torrents and an extremely active community of 7, or so users. Bibliotik keeps a great selection of mainstream, classic, and niche books of all types and genres.

Private gaming trackers are rare, and they seem to shut down after only a year or two of existence. GazelleGames is a notable exception to this trend. The site has been in operation since and offers over 65, torrents to 14, users, making it the largest private gaming torrents site around.

PassThePopcorn has been around since , which is practically a century in online time. Its main focus is mainstream movies, classic films, and popular international releases, all presented in high quality whenever possible.

Founded in , BroadcastTheNet focuses on high-quality TV shows and full TV series releases, everything from modern content to classics and international releases. One of the more difficult semi-niche scenes to follow is anime. General torrent sites frown upon heavy anime and manga uploads, making it even harder to access Japanese exclusive and fan subbed content.

AnimeBytes is a huge private torrenting site with 16, users and over , torrents to choose from. A large portion of private trackers enforce something called a ratio. Ideally your ratio should stay above 1. Some private torrent sites set hard rules about ratios and will remove your registration if you drop below the limit for too long.

Ratios are also frequently used as a sort of application requirement for torrent trackers. Keeping a good ratio on a private torrenting site is a simple matter of constantly seeding your downloads. Leave it running and actively uploading for as long as you can. Weeks, months, even years.

Another way to keep a solid ratio is to use a seedbox. These off-site services work like a paid version of a remote torrent client that constantly seeds each file, even when your computer is switched off. Seedboxes usually work on a subscription service and cost a few dollars a month to run. Not all private trackers allow them, so check with your torrent site before signing up.

An extremely popular yet notably niche alternative to torrent sites and torrent downloads is usenet, which is sort of like a precursor to the internet. It was developed in the s as a method of sharing messages across a distributed network, as evidenced by the old newsgroup and bulletin board systems early internet users will remember.

In recent years usenet has become a haven for file sharing. Torrents work by distributing pieces of a file from every user who downloaded it. Usenet , on the other hand, delivers content directly from a server to a client.

When a file is uploaded to a usenet group, every site that indexes that group will have access to the content, normally at very high speeds, as well. You can think of usenet as a sort of inverted torrent network. Instead of connecting downloaders and having them share files, usenet servers connect to each other to form the distribution network.

Usenet carries roughly the same risks as downloading torrents. VPNs and virus scanners are essential tools for usenet access, as is a subscription with a reliable usenet provider. There are hundreds of private torrenting sites out there, many of which purposefully hide themselves to avoid scrutiny. This makes it difficult to discover new sites, let alone join them! Which private trackers do you use for accessing all your favorite content? Let us know in the comments below!

Well, i didnt know the most popular Hungarian private torrent site would fit in the second place by torrent selection on a list like this and first? I always assumed it was because it is so hard to keep a good ratio there. I have never had an issue with staff on any tracker probably because I ask all my stupid questions here. Therefore, I cannot seed long term and I prefer to use trackers where I can seed long term to maintain ratio. Obviously, the staff can implement whatever rules they want, and I respect them, but if they allowed seeding behind a VPN, I could cross-seed TBs of content.

Hadn't visited in months, knew they were having problems. Been a member since at least You knew they were having problems and didn't screenshot it? How's that the Internet's fault? It was ancient, and ugly, and it worked.

Obviously the rules were working. Why would I need to think about trolling for an invite to another tracker? The admins were reassuring us that everything would be fine, they've had downtime before, why would things be different now?

Of course they'd come back. Oh, and when they were having downtime how was I supposed to log in to screencap my account page?

You probably should've taken the hint that a site with completely inept owners might not be around forever. Anyways, complaining to us won't get you anywhere. I've calmed down from my temper tantrum. But I still stand by what I said. I can't think of any other tracker that's been around as long as TVT was.

I had problems with the staff in the past but the rules didn't kill the site. Frankly, we don't know what did. Everyone that does know isn't talking,as far as I've seen. It seemed to be a technical problem or a money problem. I got on the irc channel the other day and all the admins are in there but aren't talking about the site. Maybe someone will talk to torrentfreak or come on reddit and talk about what happened.

It would help all the other trackers avoid the same issues. As far as getting on another tracker, I know it'll take some work. But quite frankly, I don't care that much. When the technology came out I was a broke kid and it was a great way to get stuff.

Now I'm much better off financially and there are more convenient ways to get stuff legally. It took a long time to get here, but with spotify and netflix and hulu and crunchyroll and kindle unlimited and steam and all the other ways, why bother?

Piracy just forced the old gatekeepers to adapt. It's not perfect yet. But you guys keep fighting the fight and it will be. TVchaosuk is the new thebox.

UKNova was around for over a decade. I just needed one for TV shows. Waiting on BTN to open up. Then I'll have the holy trinity. Neither Torrentleech or Alpharatio are dedicated to tv shows, but you can find a lot of tv shows on either one.

You definitely want to join BTN if you get the chance, I can't see anyone disputing that it is the best tv tracker out there. By your logic, WCD is a public tracker since all you have to do to register is pass an interview that you can study for 30 minutes for and ace.


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private trackers google spreadsheets and private trackers flow chart don't even mention Bitmetv and yeah nobody can come close to BTN but freshon is the new TvT alternative. permalink embed. Hebits is an ISRAELI Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Video. general · hebrew · israeli · limited signup · movies · tv. 4th Dimension is Open for Limited Signup! Sep. 9. 4th Dimension is a Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / . Private trackers are extremely popular, for example, OiNK alone tracks hundreds and thousands of torrents with over a million peers, more than most public trackers.