List of assigned /8 IPv4 address blocks

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IANA provides standards on this subject. Starting , was used to map Public Data Network X. Of course, if it seems that you're involved in spamming or other unwanted online behavior, your IP address could get blacklisted and blocked. The most common list Ive found is show below. Have your friends check their IP too. Archived from the original on 27 June

az network public-ip create

Download Microsoft Azure Datacenter IP Ranges from Official Microsoft Download Center

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Public IP addresses are what differentiate all devices that are plugged into the public internet. Each and every device that's accessing the internet is using a unique IP address. In fact, a public IP address is sometimes called an Internet IP. There are a number of lists on the web that define all valid public ip addresses ranges but they don't seem to be very accurate. The most common list Ive found is show below. This list however doesn't include addresses in x.x even though there are public web servers in that range. The list of tags associated with the public IP address. gzhegow.tkioningState string The provisioning state of the PublicIP resource. Possible values are: 'Updating', .