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List of NordVPN server locations. Singapore 62 servers P2P. Get notified of new articles. To ensure that no one on the Internet can identify you or your online activities, all IP addresses on our network are dynamically assigned static shared IPs. Choose VPN servers by country or region. Occasionally a server will need a restart or to have a software upgrade, but down time is kept to a minimum. Hungary 13 servers P2P.

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So, here are the factors you need to consider when choosing the right VPN server location for you:. The numbers are just an example, and they can vary for each user. Usually, reliable VPN providers will make it clear which servers offer P2P support for legal torrenting. Another reason why you should pick a P2P-specific VPN server is because some providers optimize the servers for exactly that kind of traffic, giving users better results.

However, maybe you want to use the VPN alongside Tor for extra privacy to enhance your anonymity and prevent your ISP from seeing that you are using Tor. Many people as well as blogs and review sites like to emphasize the number of servers when talking about VPN providers, usually highlighting that a bigger number is better. Ask yourself this — if you have over servers to choose from, does that mean you will use every single one of them? Not to mention that staring at a list with hundreds of locations can be quite overwhelming when you just need to unblock a website.

A very large network of servers is not easy to maintain. Things can and will go wrong from time to time. Another problem is that you never know if all the servers on a large list think over are real as they are advertised.

Because, to save money on renting costs, some of those servers might be rented from untrustworthy third-parties so, not data centers which have actual no-logging policies that could actually log the data and traffic that goes through them if proper encryption methods are not used. Other aspects that are more important include:. Consequently, their services might cost more just for that reason. If there are only servers to choose from, they will likely be overcrowded, which means your speeds might take a hit.

We only rent dedicated servers from the most reliable and secure data centers, and each one of our servers has unlimited bandwidth. Yes, even on WiFi networks. Download and stream without interruption. But who wants to know the nuts and bolts? These include secure and anonymous VPN servers that are located in: We are working hard to maintain and improve our server network stability and security, as well as adding new useful network features to our service.

To maintain our outstanding The state-of-the-art VPN4ALL server network design allows us to perform most of our planned server maintenance without loss of availability. We built our server network with maximum uptime in mind. For each server geographical location in the server list, there are several servers often in at least two datacenters.

If something unexpected were to happen, such as a network failure in a particular datacenter, your VPN connection should still be up. This also allows us to choose the fastest route every time you connect. Worried about laws in jurisdictions your online data might be passing through on the way to its final destination?

Our users can access real-time network status and VPN server load information online. If we add new servers or IPs in the future, you will automatically get access to those as well. While continuous expansion of our server network is our most important objective, we cannot guarantee that a specific server in a smaller region will always be available. By default, our system automatically assigns you a random IP address for your chosen location. With a fixed anchor IP set, every time you connect, you get the same IP address.

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