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Step 2: Connect your Chromecast device

Using Netflix on your Chromecast
As yet, there is no way I can find to send over mobile Chrome browser pages to the Chromecast I trust the Internet will correct me if I'm wrong. I have the Netflix and Hulu Apps on my laptop which has windows Using Netflix on your Android phone or tablet. You can also connect your Chromecast Ultra to an Ethernet network through the port on the power supply. I found I had to do this twice before the reset took and the screen went dark and rebooted. You will be able to solve some problems by running a troubleshooter that will automatically fix some common issues with Windows Store Apps. To Google's credit, Chromecast setup is a breeze compared with some of the hair-pulling experiences I've had involving the Apple TV , for which I suspect Apple designed the remote control out of metal in order to help you withstand the compulsion to throw that thing back into the useless hell it spawned from.

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Use this article to learn about Netflix features and how to set up and sign out of your account. Netflix is available on many Chromecast models. Netflix streaming features on supported devices include:. Supported Regions Chromecasts will work with Netflix wherever Netflix is available, but may only be available for purchase in these regions. Navigation Your Chromecast gives you the ability to control your Netflix experience from your Android mobile device, your Apple mobile device iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch , or your computer from a Chrome browser with the Google Cast extension installed.

Compatible with the Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers. Each device must have the latest updates installed. The Google Chrome browser updates automatically. Resolution Chromecasts will stream Netflix TV shows and movies in p; titles with an HD symbol will stream in high definition with an internet connection speed of 5 megabits per second or more.

Chromecast Ultras will stream Netflix TV shows and movies in 4K; titles with an UltraHD symbol will stream in ultra high definition with an internet connection speed of 25 megabits per second or more. Subtitles and Audio Chromecasts support subtitles, alternative audio dubbing, other languages , and 5.

For general information about Chromecasts, please visit google. Not all routers are compatible with Chromecasts. For more information, see Google's list of supported routers. You must use the power supply included in the Chromecast Ultra box. Once your Chromecast Ultra is plugged in, you should see the Chromecast home screen. Get an answer from an expert on the Chromecast Help Forum.

Help Center Contact us Chromecast. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Chromecast Help forum Forum Contact us. First, choose the Chromecast that looks like yours below: Plugging it in Sounds simple enough.

Grab your dongle and stick it in. But there's more to it. So to deliver the extra juice it needs, a Micro-USB cable is included that can be run to either the included power adapter, or ideally, an available USB port on your TV.

The latter option will minimize cable clutter, save on power, and give you one fewer thing to plug into what is likely an overcrowded power strip behind your TV. Another hiccup in this first step is that the Chromecast dongle may not fit quite right in the space carved out around your TV's HDMI input -- especially when you factor in the Micro-USB power cable that juts out from the top.

To give you a little extra flexibility, Google includes a small HDMI extension cable that can easily be plugged into cramped inputs. Once you're plugged in and powered on, switch your TV to the corresponding HDMI input and you should see a short Chrome startup screen and an invitation to get started.

Software setup The Chromecast dongle itself is a relatively "dumb" technology -- there's no user interface, and no means of directly connecting a Bluetooth keyboard or remote. So the first hurdle is to figure out how to get the Chromecast on your local Wi-Fi network, without any direct way to talk to it. So, to set your Chromecast straight on how to connect to the Internet, you'll have to talk to it through a nearby browser.

I pointed it to the address listed on my TV also inscribed on the inside of the Chromecast box: Once here, I was prompted to download a small Chromecast setup application. Initially the app is used to locate and identify any nearby Chromecasts. You can tell yours apart using the name and unique four-digit ID shown on your TV screen.

Step Two: Connect to Your Chromecast

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Once your Chromecast Ultra is plugged in, you should see the Chromecast home screen. If you do not see the Chromecast home screen on your TV after setting up Chromecast, use the Input or Source button on your TV’s remote control to change the input until you see the Chromecast home screen. Step 4 - What you will need. How to connect wirelessly from your computer to your TV using Google Chromecast. Google Chromecast is a digital media streaming adapter that plugs into one of your HD TV’s HDMI ports. It allows you to wirelessly “Cast” content from the Google Chrome web browser to your TV. Jul 26,  · So, to set your Chromecast straight on how to connect to the Internet, you'll have to talk to it through a nearby browser. In my case I had a MacBook running Google's Chrome browser.