Can I use a ping probe to calculate Jitter?

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Ping latency test results: How slow is your WAN link?
Add comment Created on Jun 22, 6: By adding the -c 4 option, you can make ping under OS X behave as it would under Windows and run four times. Thank you for your feedback! Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. Who came up with that requirement? The software tools you need to test for network and internet latency can be found within the Network Utility application on your Mac OSX machine. Enter the number of times to Ping the site default is

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I suspect you're not really interested in ICMP latency. These waterfall graphs are probably better for diagnosing where your sharepoint setup is ailing. In general for public facing: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is best tool to measure network latency? By adding the -c 4 option, you can make ping under OS X behave as it would under Windows and run four times.

After displaying the detailed results, you will be shown a summary -- which is what we really care about. You want that number always to be zero. Non-zero loss always requires further monitoring and likely action. Since any packet loss situation should be short-lived, ping can be used over the course of the following minutes or hours to determine if packets are still being lost. If packet loss is still being reported a few hours later, then it is time to escalate.

Contact your ISP to bring them into the situation. At a minimum, they can advise as to whether they are detecting any technical issues with your link. It may be that your traffic load is such that you need to upgrade to a higher- bandwidth Internet connection. Our goal is to have consistently low latency on our network, and ping will tell us how long it took for each echo to traverse the network -- i.

The statistics in the summary will show us how consistent the latency is. If you log your ping results, even manually, you can establish baselines for your specific network connections. You will need these baselines as reference points if you suspect network problems. Not enough to be noticeable by users. If you start seeing large swings in the ping response time -- that is not good. That variation in latency is known as jitter and can cause problems for latency-sensitive, real-time applications like VoIP.

Temporary fluctuations in round-trip time can just indicate a busy network. For example, a ping across our WAN link to the Internet showed 62 ms but increased to ms when a file upload was in progress.

When latency and jitter results remain unacceptable, though, it is time to either start looking at WAN optimization and QoS solutions to control bandwidth utilization or start thinking of upgrading your WAN bandwidth. Juniper Networks has introduced the Contrail Edge Cloud. The platform for running service providers' network edge applications After years of stagnation, the access-layer network is in need of a makeover.

Implementing software-defined configurations is Networking analysts and engineers examine SD-WAN security concerns, the importance of cabling in wireless environments and a new Ron Maupin Thank you for the information. I am not allowed to use any kind of tools as such. It has to be coded from scratch. It's as simple as: Sirex 4, 22 Could you kindly let me know what problems I might be anticipating. Also could you let me know how this problem could be solved in a better manner?

There's also things like smokeping that'll probably do a better job rather than write your own, and by problems i mean 'making a networking decision based on an icmp ping'. So its probably not terribly useful information. I might be guessing wrongly, but to me it sounds like the a thing someone would want put on a TV dashboard, but never actually used for any business purpose. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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A round-trip would take it 60 milliseconds. If we assume ping can't outpace light, you should worry if ping reports a sub rtt to Tokyo. Compare 60 with the achieved above. We got 3 milliseconds above, but will never get that to Tokyo. The above ping only went across town, not across the ocean. Short trips take less time and conversely. Gathering ping latency test measurements. Now that you understand the network tool, you can gather ping latency test measurements. While ping's only job is to generate the echo command across the network, you will still find that the ping utility has multiple options -- most if not all of which we can safely ignore. I want to measure latency between every one of those like a star connectivity. Will it be possible to do? I have come up with a rough algorithm like this: for each in hosts: ssh into each for all in hosts: if each!= all: ping all.