How to fix Resolving Host (DNS) issues on Windows

Clearing Chrome's DNS Cache

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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. That brings me to two more points. Chrome is not without its problems, however. But that's not always the case. Comment 79 by bugdro You can use the nslookup command to find out a ton of information about your DNS resolution. Comment by aesouza

Disabling the Prefetch Resources Actions Feature

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If that process takes longer than it should, a resolving host status may be displayed. Browsers, Windows and other programs may cache DNS records for some time to eliminate the look up phase of connections. When I want to open something in Google Chrome, it takes a very long time and at the bottom of the page it says: Resolving host (I noticed . Aug 23,  · For at least 3 years, we have used a Tenda D ADSL wifi-router here at home to connect this MacBook Air and my wife's iPad to the Internet.