How to Use an Anonymous Proxy in China

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Visit a website and ping your IP address to see it identifies your location as China. Because you have to deal with the legality of using proxies in China, you also need to be mindful of sharing proxies. This project keeps information out of the hands of the people of China. If you get a private proxy from Blazing Proxies , you will be much safer than you would be if you went with a shared or public proxy. First, of course, there are the average Chinese citizens who need to have access to more information than what they can get. Download a proxy server--from among those accessible--based on your preferences.

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How to Obtain a Proxy Server in China

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How to set your browser to use a proxy:

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China proxy org is a web based proxy anonymizer that helps anyone to change real IP address of a Computer and circumvent this way the restrictions based on IP address or Geolocation where the computer is based. 38 rows · Any proxy server listed on this page can be used with a software application . First, do not make any volatile posts online. You might feel angry that you have to use a proxy while in China, but don’t make it known online. Advertising the fact that you’re using a proxy and you’re angry about it is a surefire way to get caught. Keep your feelings to yourself while you are online.