Fix Unidentified Network and No Network Access in Windows 7/8/10

Method 1 – Disable McAfee Network Agent

Tuesday, December 29, Shut down the system and reboot after 30 seconds. My problem was that the network got marked as Public by default but it was a Saturday, April 14, 4: If the the VPN default gateway had a lower metric, it would prevent the connection to the VPN server without yet another routing table entry to direct the tunnel traffic.

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It is understandable that the anti-virus software is crucial for the system, but to isolate the issue, it could be disabled to check if the network connectivity issues resolve in its absence. Right-click on its system tray icon and see if you get an option to disable it. Once disabled, see if you can connect. If you use Windows Firewall, you may want to reset Windows Firewall settings to default and check. If you are using a VPN software , disable it and try. All of us have noticed that the later versions of Windows boot considerably faster than the previous versions.

This is because of a feature called Fast Startup. Sometimes, this mode causes issues. To disable the feature, use the following steps:. Another important information is the metric of current route to 0. New route to 0. This command adds route to 0.

And of course, replace the interface number with your own. And network is now identified in Network and Sharing Center so the 'Set a location Now wait for the adapter to magically appear as private.

What you just did the exact same thing as the above two solutions - adding persistent routes - but this is even better - it survives restarts since it's configured in Windows. You can actually check in cmd by typing 'route print' and you'll see 1 entry added in the routing table, as well as 1 entry under persistent routes. If the metric of the new route is smaller than that of your physical adapter, redo 2 and change the metric from 'automatic' to a value higher than the physical adapter.

That means, every time you reset the computer, you have to use the 'route add' command over and over again. What this does is, it tells windows not to try to identify a specific virtual network adapter. Once there, look in the keys for a string called DriverDesc with a value of 'Tap-win'. This is the key that deals with the virtual adapter that OpenVPN uses. Finally restart your computer. Now you shouldn't see an unidentified network.

Please remember to backup your registry before you attempt this modification. If you are using OpenVPN, and you don't feel comfortable doing this, you can download a script that will accomplish this for you.

This works, but it is better if you take it one step further by changing the IP settings for the TAP adapter manually. Use ipconfig to figure out the proper settings and use the gateway for the DNS server. Ignore this step - if you do it your IP address won't be masked. I don't know why that is but I have done everything I can think of to reverse it, but the only way is to undo what I did in this step and reboot the computer. A problem I have with this is that I configured Windows 7 to start the connection when I boot Windows.

Sometimes when I reboot or shutdown the computer, the network would go back to unknown. The route would still be in the table. A workaround to this was to modify my configuration file for the VPN client I connect to. The command I added was:. Message 4 of 7. Message 5 of 7. You say your connecting to a business VPN, They don't use the same address range do they? I don't know if t hat would cause the error you describe, but perhaps that is the fault too That would be possible.

It is common to some company will use common LAN subnet so that would cause an issues Most VPN client will haver virtual adapter as well.

It sure doesn't seems to be any third party PC firewall since directly connected to broadband has no issues. Message 6 of 7. It is very possible with lack of VPN pass-through with Netgear consumer routers.

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Add this line: route vpn_gateway 50 (don't change vpn_gateway, it's an environment variable) and save. Connect VPN ; If needed continue to step 5 and 6. Open run (Win+R) and type go to 'Network List Manager Policies' Right click on on your VPN network, and properties->Network location. Select Private Network. Jan 07,  · As a result, Windows automatically classifies this VPN connection as an Unidentified Network and forces its classification to public. There appears to be no way to manually identify this network and mark it as private. Reconnect to the VPN and you will no longer have issues with Unidentified network:) VPNSecure Provides Secure VPN servers in over 45+ Countries If you are a looking for a versatile easy to use VPN service, checkout Today.