How To Update Apple TV via iTunes On a PC or Mac


how may I use my PC with Apple TV?
Anyway thank you again. Pick up your AirPods charging case and open it. Press your TV's Power button. Find your headphones in the list and choose them. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Galaxy Note 9 liveblog:

If you have an Apple TV 4K

How to pair your AirPods with Apple TV, Android, and other Bluetooth devices

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How to pair your AirPods with Apple TV

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Install AirParrot and restart your computer. Launch the software and click "Try AirParrot" to use the trial version for 20 minutes. Click "Allow" when prompted to open a port for AirParrot in Windows Firewall. Step. Click the "AirParrot" tray icon and select your Apple TV from the menu. The Apple TV immediately begins mirroring your PC's display. Right-click on the AirParrot tray icon and select Apple TV: Your PC screen should now be mirrored on your Apple TV. Use the correct cable for your model, and never plug a lightning to USB cable into your Apple TV. Plug the other end of your USB-C or Micro-USB cable into a USB port on your computer. For Apple TV (3rd or 4th generation), plug in the power cord. For Apple TV (2nd generation), leave it unplugged. In iTunes, you should see the Apple TV summary .