You Can Still Share Your HBO GO Password ... For Now

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Everything you need to know about HBO Now
Instead, you need to install the app on select Amazon, Apple or Android devices and then sign up via that app. According to HBO, your subscription "applies to your entire household. See that word up above: How much is HBO Now? Only HBO subscribers can enjoy them. Technically, using software like PlayOn violates the terms of at least some services notably Netflix and Hulu.

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Can I stream HBO NOW on multiple devices at the same time?

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Can I stream HBO NOW on multiple devices at the same time? Yes, in most cases, Differences between HBO NOW and HBO GO; Which devices work with HBO NOW? My connection or session timed out. What should I do? Where can I get help with my Apple TV? Contact us. Email Us;. Apr 08,  · HBO Go can be streamed by three people simultaneously, Once the person signs up, he can watch via his Mac or PC at Download. Timothy Stenovec. Technology reporter, The Huffington. Your HBO subscription applies to your household, so you can share your username and password with members of your household, who can sign.