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Friday, April 04, But why couldn't Microsoft just leave the option to show the menu bar and keep every one happy? I don't want Metro-functionality while working with a desktop. Sunday, December 08, 3: This tutorial will show you how to do a repair install aka: Another step in the right, and I appreciate these incremental improvements. Making it slightly less unbearable with "subtle updates" just isn't enough.

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Particularly with the context menus on Start For me, when I right click on a start tile, it's usually because I'm rearranging the Start Screen, rarely for another reason.

In that time, I'm using my mouse and only my mouse. Having to go the keyboard for Ctrl for multiselect is suddenly a hassle for me and I've not figured out how to turn off the new context menus yet Not to mention, as said before, they don't match the visual style of W8 at all. I'm a big fan of most of these changes, not because I personally will enjoy them, but because they'll make it easier to convince my office to introduce Windows 8 and then I can slowly start converting people to the wonders of Windows 8: Friday, April 04, 4: Agreed with most here.

It's sad that so many loyal paying customers have to beg for and sit around waiting for little bones like this update to be thrown to us. I've been a lifelong Windows user and enthusiast, but 8. Making it slightly less unbearable with "subtle updates" just isn't enough. We're all the stupid ones. Shame on us for wanting to support and be proud of the direction Microsoft is going with their OS.

New updates look great, but the naming, oh the naming. Friday, April 04, 6: Another step in the right, and I appreciate these incremental improvements. Here's some more wishes: The fullscreen swap to the start screen still breaks my flow by taking me out of context.

The Windows 7 start menu does not break my flow, and provides an intuitive metaphor for what I can do next, a blinking icon in the Windows 7 Search box tells me I can start searching by typing or pasting. I hope the team realizes that things like magical charms really are not the way to go. We shouldn't have to memorize or tell others about magical incantations like "just start typing when you're on the start screen and you'll start searching.

The fact that I can "right-click" Windows store apps on the home screen alone is worth the update. Although, mouse over to left top corner was the way to reveal the apps which are currently open, it just felt as if it takes forever with the mouse.

Now, with it being shown on the task bar, it feels much quicker to switch apps. More reason to use modern apps when you are in the desktop environment. Saturday, April 05, Sunday, April 06, Thanks for this tour, one of the more helpful ones out there. I'll note that some of these have been in here since 8.

Sunday, April 06, 4: Sunday, April 06, 6: Monday, April 07, 2: Feel free to visit my homepage:: Monday, April 07, 4: I appreciate the tip but I'm afraid it misses the point. You suggest "swiping up", yet another magical incantation with no visual cue, you just have to stumble upon it or be told and then remember. What I am desiring is something that is keyboard friendly so that I don't have to reach for my mouse or the screen to perform a common action, and the inclusion of intuitive visual cues like a blinking cursor in a box with the faded words "Search programs and files".

Also, I don't have a touchscreen and therefore do not and cannot swipe. I have a mouse and I might click-drag-up but I don't swipe. Of course, I wouldn't fault you for not knowing that but once again it highlights part of the challenge of designing for and using Metro. Metro's efforts to be everything to everyone creates challenges for UX designers that didn't exist before and it is going to take time to get that formula down.

Visual cues and metaphors are key, we use keyboards, and we don't tap, we click. Monday, April 07, 5: Scott, When my mom searched for files from her old computer with the term "mom's old computer", Windows Search presented her a pornographic site about grandmas and grandchildren. Needless to say she was furious. If this feature is going to be enabled by default, THAT, can never happen. If Microsoft cannot guarantee that will never happen then it needs to be an opt-in feature with a disclaimer, or the feature needs to be reworked to be safe by default.

Monday, April 07, 8: Tuesday, April 08, 4: Is there a way to get this update before it makes its way to me--like you did? I tried my MSDN subscription and it seemed to be there, except there was no x64 version.

I did try the ones that were there but they yielded messages indicating they weren't compatible with my system, which I would assume. Tuesday, April 08, 7: Tuesday, April 08, 2: Craig I understand where you are going. However this new world Microsoft has entered into where the device is no longer important and the experience is the same across them all is where my problem starts.

I don't want mouse interactions to be second to touch input. I don't care to much that an Xbox One controller can now access the same content Right up to the part where I want my apps to be used by everyone on earth on any device!

Do you see the catch 22? The people making the apps resist the changes and we are thought of as second class citizens. When we help other users, suggest new ones to buy or I know.. However windows 8 is only not as well received by power users. We like our old ways, we are resistant to change and don't understand at times why something is better or easier to use for new users.

This brings me to the ribbon bar. It took me a while to see it, and to be honest.. I still hate it. The ribbon bar is great for new users to the software. The context interface is great. But why couldn't Microsoft just leave the option to show the menu bar and keep every one happy? Its the same with windows 8, give the power users the option to turn on the start menu and boot to desktop and we will be happy as Larry. So to sum that up, Microsoft Give the user the choice, don't guess what is best for all of us.

Tuesday, April 08, 3: Shaun I think we're feeling similar pains and thinking the same things. Concerning customization, I think there is a balance to be found, even for power users, between providing too many options and too few. Windows 8 is on the too few side of the line. I sure hope Microsoft stops fighting the strengths of the desktop and brings the Start Menu back to desktop computing or at least something more reasonable and relevant than the Start Screen.

Tuesday, April 08, 5: Nada What is the problem here, anyone else noticed this? Tuesday, April 08, 6: Sorry everyone, I think I got confused. MS released more than one package loosely labeled 'update'.. To whomever is responsible for naming , please realize that names are truly important. Also, I get the impression that there are some out there who are also getting WP8. On the win 8. Why not clarity 8. Tuesday, April 08, 8: Tuesday, April 08, 9: Wednesday, April 09, 3: It contain pleasant information.

Hi Scott, Thank you for your tips and your continuous commitment to share with the community the things you find out and learn. I have a question, how do you pin the Cmder lambda icon shortcut to the taskbar? It changes behavior when I try to pinned, don't know why. Wednesday, April 09, Hi, On tablets, the power button in the startscreen does not appear.

Is there anyone who knows how to force this? It's one of the new features I was looking out for in this update Wednesday, April 09, 1: I've installed the update, and I really like it. One more feature that I wish was there would be using ESC button for closing or minimizing full screen apps.

For every application in windows that take up the full screen you can escape with that key, except full screen windows 8. Thursday, April 10, 3: I've worked a lot with videos and screenshots on Windows 8. I'm running low on available storage space sometimes. We do need proper disk cleanup tools. Thursday, April 10, 7: Shaun, et' al go and read the Ars Technica site.

Hello Scott, What kind of window opens when you press the "cmd. Good stuff, but there are a few more very useful keyboard shortcuts: Monday, December 09, 2: Monday, December 09, 1: Scott, I love that you included Lemmings in your tutorial video.

That's a must-download when I get home from work tonight! Awesome videos as always. However much MS pays you, it's not enough. You often do a better job than the entire marketing department at showing all the value in MS's products. Monday, December 09, Tuesday, December 10, 4: So glad you put these together.

Very helpful for those techies and non-techies alike. Just quick note though. It appears the second and third videos are the same and I thought you'd want to know. Just me and my OCD here. I appreciate much of your work! Tuesday, December 10, 9: Hey Scott, The shortcut I use the most in 8. Thanks for the other videos! Tuesday, December 10, Richard - I checked, and while they have similar thumbnails they are different videos.

Great tips, thanks Alan! Tuesday, December 10, 2: You mentioned an app used to display the hot-keys pressed during the "Using Windows 8. I didn't catch the name correctly, and can't find anything on Google. Could you write down the name here? Wednesday, December 11, 7: Hey Scott, I just wanted to thank you for the Baby Smash computer game, My 2yr old nephew and 1yr old niece love pressing the keys and saying the letters.

I think its helped them both with learning their alphabet. I just wanted to see if by ANY chance you could update it so that the upper case I has the lines to differentiate the lower case L and the upper case I. If you could make that an update that would be Amazing! Anyways keep up all your great work and thanks again for this awesome product! Thursday, December 12, For those looking for the keyboard utility from the keyboard shortcut video check out Carnac I think that is it.

Friday, December 13, 9: Hi , My Windows 8. Sunday, December 22, 1: Monday, December 23, 2: I am really feed up with the no-task bar interface of Windows 8. Hi Scott, Cheers for the video on using Windows 8. Monday, January 06, 5: I learn so much in 30 minutes that I spent a few days figuring out Didn't know about the zoom out view or the task menu on the left Maybe if Microsoft put you in charge of marketing - cough, cough, people wouldn't be so intimated Now if I can just figure some of these flaky bugs, I'll hooked until um Hi Scott,I'm a Windows 8 user and i love to read your article.

Any way great post: Monday, January 13, 7: For those above who have had trouble installing Windows 8. The computer would download the 3. Eventually I found the solution. One of the Windows update files is essential but not necessarily automatically downloaded and installed. What you need to do is go to windows update manually and install every update available, only one is essential I think but get the lot in case. After this the Win 8. Like James above I have Windows 8.

Friday, January 17, 2: This is pretty good. I think I'll give also a try to this new version of windows 8. Sunday, February 02, 9: However, if you just drag it down and wait for a moment doing other things, only then it will get suspended and resumed from previous state once opened again.

A nifty feature, but can imagine it causing some confusion in some scenarios as well. Monday, February 10, 3: Hi I'm user of windows 8 and there are some lackness in it, but now in windows 8.

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