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Do you know of any "Magic Tweak" in Preferences or anywhere else to fix this? Despite its close resemblance to uTorrent, qBittorrent doesn't feature any ads either, leaving you free to get on with managing torrents without distractions. To make sure all of your changes take effect, restart uTorrent. Be careful when modifying the advanced options in uTorrent, as modifying the wrong options can result in problems with the application. Provided the copyright holder has given permission for the file to be shared this way it's fine, but using torrents to download content you'd otherwise have to pay for is illegal. Torrents have a bad reputation due to piracy, but they aren't illegal in themselves and have lots of legitimate uses, including downloading open source software and material that's in the public domain. It's also fallen foul of security vulnerabilities, including issues with the web and desktop clients revealed in February that left users at risk of snooping and hacking.

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BitTorrent Free. A simple piece of software that makes downloading files fast. Get BitTorrent Pro. An ad-free upgrade for our most popular software. AD-Free. Enjoy the features you love, without interruption. Antivirus Protection. The upstart BitTorrent client was super lightweight and trounced other popular BitTorrent clients. But that was long ago, before BitTorrent, Inc. bought uTorrent and crammed it full of crapware and scammy advertisements. BitTorrent is one of the popular torrent clients, but the free version comes with ads on the software. Most of the users are free users and many of us don’t like the annoying ads displaying inside the software.