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Govt uses off-record WhatsApp, instructing states to cut back work for MNREGA
But did you know that you can set up dual WhatsApp accounts, and use them both on the same phone? You can block that person. Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA. The process of registration is:. The entire process will take anywhere from minutes, depending on your experience with the phone. Whatsaid app is block in india:

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My tablet has Wi-Fi connection only and that connection works properly. What could be the problem? Hi Abhishek Thanks for the above post, I am planning to buy Dell Venue 7 for my dad who needs a basic tab but unsure of how to import contacts from his phone to this tab. He is using a basic phone not a smartphone. I want to gift this tab on his birthday next week and any help will be useful. Hello Richa whatever model of dell venue 7 you are buying please make sure it has following option.

Tap menu and go to 'People'. Tap 'Create a new contact'. Enter the name and save your contact. If that model have this people option then you can save contacts in the tablets. So check this first. Got dell venue 7 WiFi only installed whatsapp but in verification it says download latest version though I downloaded latest version.

Whatsapp is upgrading day by day for security purposes. So in future I can't say whether it will support tablets or not. BTW try downloading whatsapp from its official website then apply the above tutorial. If it still doesn't work then Whatsapp may have removed tablet support. Whatsapp is updated every months and the old app version stops working own its own.

Hi, I have note After that I would reach a solution. The verification process produces a "Download the latest version" message then" OK" reverts to the verification process: I'm also getting the same on dell venue 7 asking to download latest version. Any solution for this? Download the latest version from play store.

I am on it this problem, after finding a possible solution I will write a blog post specially for dell venue 7. For some reason she had to format the phone and hence she lost whatsapp. Now when re installed it asks for SMS or call verification but since the sim dosent have service providers network none is possible. Yes if you give her an Indian mobile phone number then the number can be verified.

Whatsapp will send verification code to the number that you provide to her. When you receive the code tell her to enter the code in whatsapp for verification. Now she will be able to use Whatsapp in Japan with an Indian number. According to new whatsapp updates it is hard to say whether it will work or not. But you can try and check whether it is working or not. Hi Abhishek, I could set up WhatsApp on galaxy tab s under owner's profile but not for another user profile created in tab s.

But just after entering the verification code I get error saying "Unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped. Please let me know if there is a solution for this. Clean the app cache and re-install whatsapp. Repeat the process it should work. Am waiting to see your write up on Dell Venue 7 or 8 for Whatsapp compatibility. OK thank you, I will come up with a solution. Installed fine on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 but I had the problem others mention saying that none of my contacts use Whatsapp, and I couldn't add them.

I logged in to my email gmail account in a web browser and added the mobile phone numbers of my friends to the Gmail contact details. Then I forced a sync on the Tab an all my contacts appeared in Whatsapp. Hope this helps someone. My Galaxy Tab 2 is not a phone, just a tablet. It works for me.

I bought a galaxy Tab s several weeks ago, and installed whatsapp the way you suggested. It has been working very well ever since. But I have a small worry. The shopkeeper of the shop where I bought this tablet advised against saying yes to update suggestions from whatsapp, lest it will disable its own function, just to keep its promise of not supporting tablet computers.

Should I believe him or not? Or will it simply become a self fulfilling prophecy, since whatsapp will naturally fail to work just because it has become too outdated a version? Actually my question is, will whatsapp do something new to disable itself in tablet computers, and, if so, how can I avoid this happening to my tablet? In the final analysis, I really don't understand for what reasons, commercial or otherwise, is whatsapp trying not to support tablet computers.

There is no official word from Whatsapp whether it will support tablet computers or not. You can try this method I stated above. Don't believe anyone, just stick to this tutorial only. I will show you how to setup whatsapp on Nexus 7.

If it works then it work on micromax funbook also. Plz give me days. Well Asus Fonepad 7 is better than micromax funbook.

Hi abhishek, how to save contacts on tablet without sim? I have a galaxy 3 tablet and I had to reinstall whatsapp.

I used a free phone number from groove ip and I had whatsapp call the tablet to verify and after waiting 1 hr it says the number cannot be reached.

I tested the number and it is working fine. Hi Abhishek, Will this solution work for Nexus 7 Wifi tablet as well? I tried to download Whatsapp onto Samsung tab 4 today but message came back "device not supported". Maybe I am too late. Hello, I use Xiaomi tablet, i install wait for sms failing, then call me fail and have to wait 1 hour , i dont know why call is failing.. I have a Android 5 tablet, but not SIM card and no phone.

I installed textplus to get a 'phone number' and am trying to use it for whatsapp downloaded and installed the apk. When I get to the point of entering the phone number, I press OK and it says that it is 'not a valid mobile number' and refuses to connect.

Whatsapp will work only with real phone numbers. Generated phone numbers will not work. Put the SIM on your phone and enter its number in Whatsapp, the SMS verification will fail, but your will receive a call on your phone, you will hear a Whatsapp verification code, feed this code into whatsapp on your tablet for verification.

Thanks a ton PCnexus. Whatsapp on non sim tab worked fine. Thanx, I installed it and work perfectly. But how can I add contacts on it? In the phone I do this with the call app. And also I want to know if I can do phone call with it?

Save your contacts in Google. Whatsapp call can be made through tablet, use the headset. Whatsapp has changed a lot since I wrote this article. I hope this tutorial will work for your Lenovo Tab 3 7. Just give this tutorial a try and find out.

When I try to install it on my Lenovo tab 3 7 essential WiFi only from Google play store, it say this app is not compatible with your device. Now what to do? You need to download the Whatsapp apk file.

Go to this link below http: Then install it on your tablet. I don't know how to add contacts to my Lenovo tab 3 7 essential WiFi only.

For adding contacts you can read this tutorial by Lenovo. Thanks it work on my Lenovo tab 3 7 essential without sim. It got installed BT neither voice nor video call is working. Are you getting any error or just blank screen? Does your tablet has front camera and which android version does it have. Older android versions like android 2.

If you own an android smart phone then you are definitely using Whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp is a free messaging app for android with which you can send text messages and media files like images, audio files and video files. Whatsapp requires an android phone with SIM support. Also you require a working phone number to use it. But do not worry as the this tutorial for installing Whatsapp on tablets will work on both types of android tablets like Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy Tab Pro Download and install the latest version of Whatsapp for android here.

Now install the app. If install is blocked enable unknown sources. It tracks WhatsApp messages, calls, and text messages. The choice of the right WhatsApp spy app largely depends on what ones needs are.

Identify your needs and choose the app that best suits you. Android keylogger has become a must both for parents and employers nowadays. Pornography, sexting, cyber …. Your email address will not be published. Please enter an answer in digits: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Best Whatsapp Spy App. A resourceful and detail-oriented professional with keen observational, analytical and reporting skills honed by more than 10 years of experience in investigation and surveillance work.

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The last factor that you need to consider when it comes to buying WhatsApp spy software is the quality of customer support. Chances are you will need some help installing your new software and monitoring the logs. Always pick the software which has the best customer support.

So the following are the top 6 factors to consider when it comes to buying smartphone spying software: No doubt you are still not sure which spying software is best for you.

It is easy to get stuck in the overthinking frame of mind and never get around to buying any software because you are too busy looking for the absolute best deal. But, I can guarantee you that, even after you spend hours researching and comparing every WhatsApp spying software on the market, you will arrive to the same conclusion. The software is easy to install, easy to use, reliable, undetectable, cheap, and the customer support is excellent.

Not to mention the fact that the software includes over 20 different features that can turn an ordinary smartphone into an incredibly advanced spying device. You can even install mSpy on your personal phone to create a backup of all the data that your phone processes.

But if you are on a budget the Highster Mobile is the clear choice. Maurizio January 3, 9: Keep in mind that you will need to get control of the phone. Once you have chosen a vendor for your WhatsApp spy, it is a matter of paying for your subscription, downloading the spy app, installing it on the phone to be monitored, and viewing the information from your subscriber control panel.

This can be done online via your PC. When you complete the payment, you will receive an email from the vendor that will include your login credentials, download link, activation details and installation instructions. This step usually takes about 10 minutes. Now that the spy app is installed on the phone, it becomes undetectable and immediately starts to silently record a range of data WhatsApp chats, call logs, SMS, GPS locations , and then secretly uploads all the data to a web account.

You can now log in to your account to view all the information from the monitored phone. Rooting is not required, however, you will need to root the target android phone if you want to monitor WhatsApp. Asiphile November 1, 5: Please contact me if you have found any. Abbass March 17, 6: Jay Patel April 9, 8: I want to spy on my girlfriend phone, She is using Windows Nokia Lumia and I dont have access to her phone because she lives in another state.

Please help me to do this. Santanu Chatterjee September 12, 4: Hi, I want to spy my girlfriend phone. I just want to know last 30 days conversion. She is using Samsung smart phone. Nyanzi Ashraf September 19, 8: I wanted to know. Do I have to pay for the download every time I want to install it on a new phone. Or I just have to pay once and keep using the same link on different phones.

You may install the software on as many phones as you like, but can only use on one phone at a time. If you want to monitor two phones at the same time, then you need to purchase two licenses. Some companies such as FlexiSPY and mSpy allow you to move your license to a new phone, but you must uninstall the software on the old phone first. For example, you want to test the software on your phone before you install on the target phone. Once you know everything is working fine, then uninstall it and install it on a new phone.

Sai Kumar September 25, 6: Yes you are right. These whatsapp spy apps run in the background on the targeted phone without the user noticing. I have a question I wanna monitor WhatsApp messages.. These spy apps work with both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

However, non-rooted Android devices will not capture the following:. Gmail App Logs 2. Facebook Messenger Logs 3. Twitter Messenger Logs 4. So yes, you need to root the phone for WhatsApp monitoring feature to work. Suzanne September 27, 3: Hi, Is there a way for me to access my partners whatsapp conversations, without purchasing the whatsapp spy application?

Is there any way i can see text messages or whatsapp messages without having access to the target phone? You need to get full access to the phone. This will then start a download of the app. The entire process will take anywhere from minutes, depending on your experience with the phone.

Bottom line, without having access to the target phone, there is absolutely no way you are going to get spy software on it. Do what the trojans did. I know this is not the phone, but what two items do people use most to communicate? Stu October 3, 4: These applications are currently not compatible with iOS 8. I am actually confused after reading one of the comments above.

Maulesh October 7, 4: Hey I m also looking for an app that can hack whatsapp n give me chat of target phone… but i want to ask that if i buy software and if it is not possible i mean its not working than.. Sne October 11, 1: Is there any spy software that is free or that does not need to be paid with visa like whatsapp?

What does rooted mean please? Also is the software compatible with Samsung 5? I want to monitor text messages and twitter messages specifically. You can read more about Android Rooting here: Curious October 19, 2: I need to find a software that will allow me to spy on someone that lives in another country.

Meaning, I have NO access to the phone. Can we send them something via whatsapp, like a picture that will do the install in backgroud? There is no such product in the world that can do this. Lily October 23, 4: Carol October 23, 6: Or they will be deleted also on the spy app and thus, nobody can read them? Hey, i want to know that which is the best spy app for android you listed above..

Part 2: How to read someones whatsapp messages without their phone?

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Want to know which is the best WhatsApp spy app? We compared the 4 best tracking apps for iPhone & Android. Learn how to spy on WhatsApp messages. Some of your most personal moments are shared on WhatsApp, which is why we built end-to-end encryption into the latest versions of . Want to know which is the best Whatsapp tracker and whatsApp spy utility. How to read someone's WhatsApp messages without their phone? The answer to this question is use Whatsapp Spy App. Copy9 is an application with which you can learn how to spy whatsapp. The best part of the Copy9 app is the trial feature.