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I am posting very negative review here for Norton products and their lack of professionalism. This is very stupid behaviour from a big company like this one, as it helped me to move on to search for an alternative product which is not only better but also cheaper. Was told it could take up to 10 days depending on my bank to refund my money. So far they are unwilling to refund these charges. I don't remember even allowing an automatic renewal and hadn't even used their product in 10 months.

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You cannot argue that Norton provides exceptional value. Norton is the biggest name in the antivirus game. So you can expect some top quality and incredibly secure protection. But be warned, there have been slip-ups in the past. Norton will find all the viruses on your device and eliminate them. However, Norton may also detect some of your existing, safe programs and documents as a threat to security and remove them from your device as well. This is the price you pay with Norton. High security and protection, at the cost of some convenience.

I will let you decide on that. To get through to a real person in Norton is almost as hard as removing the virus yourself. To talk to a member of the support team you have to fill out a form online to get the number to call. But this will only get you so far and can often be frustrating.

For example, you could be going back and forth with live chat for 20 - 30 mins then it will tell you to call the support team. There are plenty of online forums and support resources to check out if you need help, however.

When it comes to features you get what you pay for with Norton. Antivirus Basic is only basic antivirus and that is it, nothing more. If you spend a little bit more you can find some really neat features.

If we take a look at Norton Security Deluxe, you can get instant protection from the moment you hit subscribe across 10 devices. If you subscribe to Deluxe or Premium you will receive family safety features, so you will not have to worry about the kids coming uncross inappropriate and unsafe content online. As I mentioned previously, Deluxe will also grant you 25gb of cloud storage. Keith Jensen - 8 months ago.

Have had Norton for years. Just discovered that my computer was seriously infected with adware. Used Remote PC Support. Thought Norton took care of this, guess not. The same thing is true for running a virus scan on your PC. You should run your scans when you are not otherwise taxing the computer.

Again, this logic applies to all antivirus software. This is how I continuously verify that my computer is running well, and that I do not have too many processes running. I can positively confirm, from years and years of experience, that I know Norton does not adversely impact the CPU usage of older machines that do not have a lot of processing power. I canceled my subscription 3 weeks ago. Was told it could take up to 10 days depending on my bank to refund my money.

I have waited now 3 weeks for my refund and have not received it. Every time I contact them they inform me they have escalated the issue and I would be getting a call in hours. Still no phone call. It's been about 4 days. I was trying to do 2 things on the phone: I had to wade through promotions for vacations, medical alerts, and free offers. The first connection was so bad I had to call back. I had some problems understand support persons English.

I was cut off twice. I spent at least 1 hour on the phone and online. After my experience, I am considering looking for another virus protection service. I have used Norton Mobile Security for 15 months, but the last month has been problematic. In the latest release, they push very hard to get you to buy additional Norton products. The latest is the warning that your network has been compromised in big red letters , and that you should try their VPN.

I spent 2 days changing logins and security settings on my modem, to no avail. Finally, on their user forum yesterday, they admitted that this was the result of their overzealous software, and that the next release would correct this. I am switching to someone else Bitdefender on my PC has been very good - if a bit intrusive.

Norton responded, "We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused to you due to the potentially incorrect alerts from WiFi Security. We have released an update we believe should resolve this issue. Please update your app to the latest version 4.

To quote the warning box, "An attacker is attempting to decrypt this network and may view and alter your communications. It clearly says that my network is under attack. Yes, I have not seen this message since I updated the app, but I still lost time and had a lot of grief all because Norton wanted me to buy their VPN product.

I been using Norton for many years since the Norton System Works days. I never any of there products crash on me or anything. I had a few issues with installation and Norton's support helped me. Norton to me is way better than McAfee. Norton keep up the good work! Norton was using an email address that is inactive and we didn't know existed to bill us automatically for over 12 years. So far they are unwilling to refund these charges. They will not give me the email address they were using to supposedly "notify" us, so obviously we got no notices for renewal.

They will not provide the "supposed" computer that was being covered on renewal. They want me to log-in to an account that I am unaware of and cancel the auto renewal!

I feel someone has hacked us over a security product and Norton is responsible for this fraud! I have asked repeatedly for account information which they have not provided. I have asked for complete refund, which we have not received. I have asked for a supervisor or someone in management to call us to explain all this, and no one has called. I am posting very negative review here for Norton products and their lack of professionalism. They have deceived and taken advantage of two senior citizens.

Any suggestions for anyone to post critical remarks about their behavior? I don't know what an "order number" is for this because we didn't know it existed until this week.

After over 2 months of trying to get Norton to refund our monies, they are still stalling and refusing to do the correct thing. How can you charge repeatedly for a product that was not being used, nor did we even know we were being charged for which were going to an inactive account, and Norton KNEW they were not being delivered or in service.

This is not a good business practice and this continued for over 12 years. There are extenuating circumstances here and Norton knows this but refuses to do the professional thing and fix this problem. First they will overcharge you if buy direct and then take your credit card details to catch up with you again 12 month later by overcharging you again by renewing your software without your knowledge.

But then after you complain about that, your email address will be permanently blocked from entering your Norton account in order to purchase another and cheaper Norton antivirus program. This is very stupid behaviour from a big company like this one, as it helped me to move on to search for an alternative product which is not only better but also cheaper.

Don't let this idiots control your life. This company takes your money for anti virus protection then causes you to be sent unwanted emails if you use their Norton search service for almost anything. In summary, this company will cause you lots of harassment if you use their Norton search engine.

I called and explained an issue that I had with Symantec taking a political position with other entities. The agent told me that Symantec was receiving a lot of feedback. When I called back with Product Key, which was verified by agent, I was told that the refund could not be issued.

Symantec gave me incorrect information which was recorded and noted on my Case and then backed down and didn't follow through with their promise to refund. There is clearly poor corporate leadership at Symantec, with regard to: Customer Product Support - inconsistent, unreliable , 2. The company's primary mission of providing excellent products and services to their customers - leveraging the political agendas of a few corporate individuals onto their customer base is inappropriate and must be boycotted.

I am not a member of the NRA. I bought a new computer. I contacted Norton to switch account to new computer. I was told the new computer did not support Norton. I asked for a refund on the remainder of the account.

I was told that because I had the account for more than 60 days, I would not receive a refund. There are days left on the account. I was then told I would receive a phone call from someone who could rectify this situation. I contacted Norton several times today and have been blocked. I will never purchase anything from them and will advise others to do the same. They are stealing money from people and getting away with it. Bought one year of coverage for multiple devices. After a Windows upgrade, had to bring in a computer tech to fix my work computer since Norton was interfering with my Office programs.

He recommended using a different virus program. At that point, I had already purchased "Core" for my home computer. Could not install, hours on customer service, not working, then finally asked to return it.

Then Norton terminated entire subscription at that point, including the year we had previously paid for, only 3 months into it. Now vulnerable to viruses on home computer. They denied we ever had a subscription outside of Core.

Meanwhile I got other virus coverage since Norton left us hanging. They agree to reinstate it, but no refund "past 60 days". Already found replacement virus protection, so we didn't want Norton reinstated.

The supervisor then said he would take my refund request to the "escalation committee" which was really a way to end the phone call and do nothing more. We gave them multiple chances to make it right and they didn't.

So much of my time wasted. I was having computer issues so I took my computer to a tech who found 43 viruses on my computer. A couple viruses were extremely dangerous and were the root cause of my computer issues. I was shocked because I purchased Norton software to protect my computer after reading so many positive reviews.

I called Norton to get a refund and was told I was passed the refund period. I will never trust Norton. I am experiencing software issues as well website issues. I called support but the representatives helped as much as possible but some issues remain. Renewal is difficult even after paying yearly fees. We keep on getting message that you are not protected. No phone contact info. Very strange so stopped using to minimum that pc and switched my usage to Apple.

I always used a free antivirus program in the past and they seemed adequate. But I have a much better feeling about Norton. It tells me what it did and I feel confident that it's taking care of me.

I have used other software in the past and always ended up regretting that decision. Overall Norton has been the best for me. Their customer support is very helpful and 24 hours. Now that's what I call a great antivirus program. I am generally happy with my Norton SW but I have had about five instances over the last three years where it stopped working for no apparent reason and required a remove and reinstall.

Once upon reinstall I lost my backup information and had to back up from scratch. I have used Norton for over 10 years. I have never had a problem. If you need help, there is online chat available. It is a great program! I have never had a virus! An Oregon based company that I trust. They have helped when I have had a problem and I am confident they have their customer's interests in mind.

They have a reasonable cost for multiple devices, needed today. Years ago Norton found a virus, notified me and took it out, I have been a faithful Norton user since. Norton support has even helped me with other compatibility issues which I was not sure if they were related to antivirus software.

The cost of Norton has always been decent. Norton Antivirus has been protecting computers since and was purchased by the software development company Symantec in The Norton Security division offers antivirus and other security solutions for home and business.

Norton Security works across all PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets, but you will have to upgrade to the deluxe or premium version to protect multiple devices. If you suspect that traces of malware remain after scanning your computer, you can use the Power Eraser to restart your computer and then dig even deeper to detect the most aggressive malware. Norton uses several layers of security to detect fraudulent websites that try to steal your personal information. This stops identity theft.

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Norton Antivirus Basic is a good program and offers decent protection. We saw a few threats sneak by this program’s protections, but other antivirus test labs gave Norton perfect or near-perfect scores for malware detection/ Soon they renamed their software from “Norton Antivirus” to “Norton Security”. Revamping the company helped. From to , Norton successfully reverted to its original success. After two years, Norton became one of the best virus protection developers in the world and is the winner of numerous antivirus software reviews. The Norton Security division offers antivirus and other security solutions for home and business. Works across devices: Norton Security works across all PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets, but you will have to upgrade to the deluxe or premium version to protect multiple devices/5().