My Facebook Account Temporarily Locked! How to Unlock?

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How Do You Unblock Yourself From Someone’s Facebook Account if They Blocked You?
I have the same problem with my ig account! I have only had 1 FB acc. My facebook account was locked couple of weeks back. ID which I have provided. Plz help me to open my account that is temporary locked. Which I did immediately and I also got a response pretty fast say with in 2hrs saying my timeline did not look like an individuals but rather like a business page and next time when I log in I will be guided to convert into a business page.

How to unblock blocked account ?

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I got a new phone and was intermediately using fb on two phones. Now the fb app on my phone is asking me to identify my identity. I have a serious problem I was locked out of my long term facebook account due to name change I sent them the photo id but the problem is..

I did not put in a phone number either Can you help me thankyou.. My facebook page has been disabled for spamming my gofundme in too many groups at once. I have filled out the appeal but I am concerned because I do not have access to my login email since this FB page is almost 10 years old.

I have requested that they contact me at my gmail account that I have access too. I really hope they let me back in, let alone message me at the right email address: Hi everybody, I had same issue.. FB app on my hp suddenly kicked me out of the app, thus when I tried to login, it asked me to change the password immediately by asking to enter old password and new password.

Anybody know their email, pls share with me. Thanks for confirming your identity. View updates from your Support Inbox: After getting this email i tried hard to login but failed with the same error that your account is temporarily locked, please help to verify us by providing your Government issued ID.

I have provide them more them 25 times my ID and more then 25 Emails i received from Facebook that we have unlocked your account. Learn More about why your account might be disabled.

If you can please help me the way to contact with fb thank. First of all, I want to appreciate you Anurag for providing such an informative post. Many doubts of my are cleared after reading this whole. You followed a manner to detail every topic which is very easy to understand. Sometimes I face typical issues with my Facebook account as well but I try to solve it by my ownself.

For me, blogs like this are true support. My account is having issues. I deactivated it and reactivated it a few times and now when I tried to login from the mobile site I get a message stating you must login first after I put in my email address or phone number and password then hit submit.

If I try to login from a computer the screen does nothing and just resets the email and password entry to blank after I hit submit, no messages. I can still log into the app on my phone however, if I try to access any security settings or other options on my account the app closes and then my phone displays a message from Facebook saying it cannot authenticate the account.

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your help. First of all, Merry Christmas! I would be really happy if you would be able to help me with this.

Since more than a week, my account shows the following when I try to log in:. This type of attack is known as phishing. Learn more in the Help Center. I tried changing passwords etc and it still keep coming back to the above. Is there any other way to go about this? I know that normally, a recovery process with pictures and security questions is suppposed to come up so that I can verify my identity, but it just does not come up.

You need to clear your cookies as well as IP address. Then, you have to follow the instruction as it is mentioned in the article. You will definitely recover you account. Hi Anurag, I am temporary blocked with my facebook account. I have done many steps to access my account but I am unable to do so. So sir can you please guide me what to do to get my account back and I am an original user also all the information provided is all correct.

Also shared a govt ID with them. And how much appx time will it take to be in the recovered condition after which I can reset my password using mob no or mail access? You need to wait and try to recover through different medium such as mobile or clear your IP and then try to follow the process which I have listed. I already sent out 3 photo id and the verification was successful. I tried the alternative way and change my password using their code.

Same message still shows up. I already cleared history and cache, tried to open my facebook on a laptop but the same thing still happen. Hope you could help me. Hi, No need to worry much, since you have not violated any of the Facebook policies you will be recovered soon from Facebook. You need to give some time and try after days. Please try again later.

Hi, First thing you need to do is to verify your identity because as it say it was phishing, it will open when you confirm your identity and other details. Then, you have to wait till you receive a confirm message from Facebook. Have a great day! I know that I need to verify my identity, but how do you verify if it gives you no options to do so?

I have only had 1 FB acc. I had it disabled, forgot password and was finally in. I started on browser, taking for ever so figured I logged in app on same comp. Now its locked until I submit id. I just want my pics. Do I send them doc with my real name? Am I just completely screwed? Im having a major breakdown. My Facebook account has been temporarily suspended because I violated the policies and standard.

My own fault, clearly. It then asked me to submit a photo ID, which I did. Is there any quicker what to resolve this or do I have to wait the 7 days? My ID matches all my Facebook information so no issues there. I had been temporarily suspended for 72 hours before but was still able to log in and see my news feed etc. If it matches everything, no need to worry. But, still I can say you read their TOS and policy very carefully before doing anything. My facebook birth year is different because i made it loong time ago when i was little..

I did nothing wrong.. Imsending a picture of my ID. But my actual birth year is Would they still accept it???! But if my facebook birth year is different from my actual birth year would they still unblock my account?!!!

No, Birth year should be same as per ID proof. If they reply, just provide them a genuine reason. Hope this would help! This is completely ridiculous! Now the only way to get back in is to give up more of my personal information?? Even though all the information I have on Facebook currently is completely accurate and I have never had an issue.

How can I resolve this without giving up all these documents?? Their is no other way to go through it. Im gutted… just typed my comment and its gone. Facebook locked me out tonight, asking for my mob number.

No problem, I went to do that and the page where Im meant to add it keeps flashing on for a second then throwing me out. I cant do anything!! Its my real account, not some fake one. Im really frustrated with facebook…. Any other solutions aside from what is said from your topic. It was utmost necessary that your account should be well protected with your identity and this is one of the foremost filtration by Facebook. Hello Sir, My Facebook account has got locked.

I think somebody has reported about me as a fake id. But I have given real information about me on Facebook. When I tried to login, it said complete a security check. I was asked to select a option.

There was only one option — Identify photos of friends hourly limit exceeded. The option is not getting selected. Then I selected — I am having trouble with this step. Soon the confirmation page opened and I was asked to give a government id proof.

I uploaded my domicile certificate in which my real name and birth date was clearly mentioned. But no reply came. Should I upload a Xerox of my driving license? What should I do? If you have uploaded the exact document what actually needed then you need not to worry about it. When I tried to logged in again. There are lots of questions running in my mind.

Who can help me? This type of message is not generated by Facebook instead due to malware and virus. This whole process shows the installed malware trying to hack your Facebook account. I think you should first clean your devices with anti-virus and anti-malware software. Remove cookies and history and finally clean your registry using one of the recommended software Ccleaner. I am temporarily disabled due to suspicious activity. I got to the screen where I had three options for Facebook to recognize me.

Problem is, that cell phone number is obsolete. I tried to get it back thru Verizon but I no longer own the number. I am an author and have a nice following on facebook, but I could only recognize one out of ten. Evidently, Facebook refused to believe me and said I was wrong. What do I do? There is NO human recourse on Facebook — a major problem that I never realized before. I hit the button and that was it. After clicking on continue enter text below it asks.

After that it is asking date of birth, but i forgotten which date i have given while creating. So please help me. Thank u in advance. Hi, You need to enter your security credential to get unlocked from Facebook. Moreover you can do speculation to just bypass the security check. Few days back i forgot my fb passwrd.. I did a password reset through my phone and i got a answer from fb team for verifications.

But my fb id last name is a nickname not a real name. Which ive snapped a picture of both of my ID and send it to FB. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Can you pls advise me dear admin. Please help us confirm that it was you who tried to log in.

And this happens on all my devices Computer, iphone and ipad. Have used different browsers and deleted caches but nothing works. Do you have any idea what I can do? My account was locked because I logged in from a different IP and now I cant access it. I reset the password, recovered account, etc. I have tried to login numerous times from different devices, browsers, private windows, etc. Every time I login, I see the message that my account is locked and I am asked to confirm the suspicious login attempt.

I click to say yes I recognize the login attempt and then get an error message. My account is stuck in an endless loop and I can not get past the error.

Have you seen something like this before? It means that link has been changed or modified. So, now you need to clear the cache, cookies, and history and start with the fresh browser. You also need to switch off and on the internet network and then continue browsing. Yesterday I was browsing the internet using Epic Privacy browser with Proxy enabled.

I also logged into my FB account using that browser. And since I was behind a proxy, my location got reported as Unknown location and my account was temporarily blocked. On trying to login again, I was showed the temporary blocked message with options to unblock which were: After choosing any of the options and answering successfully, I was redirected to a page with a map of the location of the suspicious login. It had 2 options:. Regardless of which option i choose, a or b, I get a blank page with Error and I am unable to unblock my account.

I tried to find solutions for this online but could not find any solutions for this error server error anywhere. I have raised a issue with facebook regrading this with screenshot. ID which I have provided. My e-mail is okay though.

Whenever I try to log in I get redirected to page: I can log in on other accounts friends. I just deactivated that one, just in case.

When I try to log in on my phone a blank page pops up. I browse privately on my iPhone and delete my history on my laptop frequently. I did accidentally log in to facebook when on a proxy, but after that I could log in and secure my account, which I did.

I changed my password 2 times, which works, but when it logs in the blank page still appears. I wish facebook had some sort of contact form. I tried emailing to disabled at facebook. Will I ever get back to my account? What can I do? You will now be logged out of Facebook. Hello sir, I have read your article in a state of utmost confusion and panic. My facebook account got Locked by Facebook just yesterday.

I had recieved an Email in the morning regarding someone who tried to access my account by answering all the security questions and then trying to change my email to some other.

Unfortunately before I could read the email and take some security measures my account got locked. As it had never happened to me before, I automatically went for any identification process the facebook demanded from me. And by your article I even got the point that the response may take sometime.

But during all this, I in the state of panic tried too many times and they continued sending me codes until they stopped doing so saying that I had tried too many times. Plus, during all this time they kept on notifying me for the changed password. I guess my password got changed thrice as per my trials. But none of them works as they either say the password is old or the whole security check process restarts.

While on the other hand facebook is still considering my security check and my confirmation is being done. The first time I sent them an email with the picture, they replied and said its difficult to identify the name so resend a clearer picture.

Please tell me would my too many trials affect the confirmation process. And what about the passwords that have been changed all along the process. Please help me sir…. My FB account was reported earlier. Cause when I opened in my mobile phone the logo of session expire suddenly popped out from nowhere it asked me to log in again wich I did then the reply was they are reviewing some of the documents etc. Is there still a chance that I can recover my account? Hi, If they found out some missing docs, they will definitely contact you.

Once they find account as genuine, your Facebook account will be recovered. Hi Aman, Congrats for your unlocked Facebook account. You can try with different browser or internet network.

You show me how many online businesses register their company name offline unless they grow to be very big. And yes I was logging with the same computer, but maybe my IP address changed.

I suggest you to go through security check and provide them with the relevant document as listed by them. Their is always an alternative to every document. I want you to go through the link which is provided in the article to find the relevant document with is available with you. I believe if their would be no fault from your side, your Facebook page will get reopened without any doubt. I think you need not to worry, be patience and wait for their action.

It may take some time from Facebook side to understand the situation. I found out so many cases like this and believe me they got recovered within a week or two. Yesterday I was uploading some music videos to share with my friends. There were notifications that I was infringing on copyright guidelines. But there was no warning that my account would be blocked if I did not stop this. So I continued to upload music thinking that if I I inadvertently to infringe again, I will again get similar notification and nothing more will happen.

Then suddenly I got the notification that my account has been temporarily blocked because of repeated copyright violations. Now how to get the account unlocked? Hi Suriya, Copyright violation is one of the strict guidelines of Facebook. These tips definitely help to prevent me or anyone else from getting locked up! Thanks for the post! Hi, my account is locked for security reasons.. I sell sarees online and I sent friend request to many people who are interested in similar pages like mine.

My business page is active but personal page is locked. I am the only admin for my business page and could not acess my page now. Have submitted my passport copy. Will my account be unlocked. Last night I clicked on a story to share while using Facebook on Safari. I use an ipad and have the. FB app as well. Yesterday I updated my ipad to the latest update to ios 9, and got a message flash up during the share that My account was temporarily locked due to someone trying to log in from a different device — now that was me using the same device I normally use, and the app had session expired on it.

Only other thing could be is that when I clicked on the share button on the page it may have spooked FB, when you click a share button on a webpage, can this cause problems, how does the software behind how sharing sharing buttons work, and can webpages access your account via other devices via the share button. Luckily I got back in ok using my security question, but this is a pain.

Please read the instruction on the article, what all document needed to verify your Facebook account. Two days ago november 28 I went to a concert and there was a place some kind of toten or TV where you could take a picture and post it on Facebook. I took a picture of my friends and logged into my Facebook.

I logged out right after taking the picture. When i got home, my Facebook account was blocked. I did the security confirmation by recognizing my friends and by receiving a code on my cellphone.

Its been almost two days and still happens the same thing. Can you help me? I just read on foruns that maybe i need to wait for 96 hours. I really need to recover my access. I think this the case of phishing, you need to clear the cache of your browser and login again with your Facebook credential. Hi, I got a message from facebook 5 days ago that my account is temporarily locked and i have to submit a govt id proof or 2 other proofs with my photo and date of birth matching to my Facebook profile details.

This facebook profile is Fabric e Studio and i have 2 pages i. I created a separate profile for business purpose as i wanted my business profile and pages to be separate from my individual profile. Obviously i do not have any id proof for my business profile. I submitted my personal id proof and informed them that this is a business profile. I have used their adverts on several ocassions and at that time why did they not verify or object it.

They get back to me with this standard reply — It looks like your timeline doesnt represent you as an individual person. As a result we have determined that your timeline should be converted to a facebook page. When i try to login the next time i again cannot login and get same message that account is temporarily locked and submit id proof for identity. What will happen next? I have never spammed anyone.

How will i convert it to a page when i cant login at all? I have addresses of all my clients in my inbox and have inr worth orders pending to be sent: For business, Facebook already given an option of Facebook page.

My problem I have gotten is that my email which I have provided does not longer exist after 12 months locked, and there is no way I may get their reply.

I only have the Gmail one or the yahoo mail which I registered. Is there another way I may get their reply? I need help please. It has passed 3 days now and am still locked out. I need your answer thanks! Hi good evening, I have been locked Facebook on Sunday last week when I was just sharing about my religion belief and kind of preaching and, suddenly I got several spams by the Facebook users.

I was reported for infringing the terms and policies and then I was reported for fake account which is the same account am use to now and before, perhaps my profile picture was unseen but still with the image of sky. I just noticed that it happened the next day when I woke up with 4 notifications, and I was seeking for help how is gonna be unlocked. It happened when I shared my page to promote and, nothing just happened that I posted messages that annoyed some different believers.

I do not know if am gonna be permanently locked because of violating or whatever case it seems absurd. I just want to know how Facebook is gonna be unlocked. After 92 hours if then is not unlocked, what is the next? I am ready to send my passport to the Facebook if they require my identity. My facebook account was locked couple of weeks back. I had a created an account for my business page. I created it like a normal account and created my page under it.

Both my profile name and page name are the same. I was not aware that business page can be created without actually creating a profile. Though I got multiple friend request I did not accept as I was always wanted it to be a business account. I was sending a message to a customer when suddenly my account got locked. I was asked to verify with an Id Proof.

Which I did immediately and I also got a response pretty fast say with in 2hrs saying my timeline did not look like an individuals but rather like a business page and next time when I log in I will be guided to convert into a business page. I waited for a day to log in.

It still did not allow. I reopened the issue using support inbox. I was asked to provide my proof again as they were not sure if it was my account. I got a response with the same message when you login next we will help you to convert it into a business account. It is almost a week and I am still unable to login.

There are few things which I feel I have made a mistake. I had joined close to 20 groups to promote my business. When ever I posted something on my page I used to share it in those groups.

Is this called as spamming? Now I am stuck. The page likes are increasing for my business page on a daily basis and I am get notification on my email account and I just cannot respond. I really do not know what to do now. I see so many people successfully doing business on FB but I am not sure is it the right medium.

Posting in different group and joining to different group is not a spamming. But, I think sending a message continuously to a person, who are attach with you are count as spam. May be this would have occurred due to large number of message to an unknown person. I think this would help! I have a similar, yet different problem with FaceBook.

When I load FB, I only see a completely white screen. No FB logo, no home screen, no anything! It happens on whatever device I use my computer or phone. Maybe they can do that or at least find out more information about why you were blocked in the first place. Next send a friend request from all the 3 accounts to the victim and you should be clever enough that your request must be accepted.

After that, Facebook will suggest to recover password by existing email address. Next, Facebook will ask a secret question if the victim has one , you also need to bypass that by entering the wrong answers three times. After that, Facebook will try to help you recover the password by the help of 3 friends and here comes the loophole. After doing this you will get the verification code on your fake profiles, with those 3 codes you can easily change the password.

The fake account must be friend with that person with at least 3 weeks and all 3 accounts must not be mutually friends. Here is what Facebook says to do. I am temporarily blocked from Facebook. Please look at the article on this page to find out how to get unblocked. I am blocked from face book for using my pen name.

How do I get back using the social media using my pen name? Take the hint and leave them alone! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. July 26th, by fbhelper. Luke Besse December 27,

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Facebook is the clear winner when it comes to the number of users in the world. In order to maintain heavy number of user accounts, Facebook implements extreme security measures to control fake IDs, p. To unblock someone in your blocking settings. Click at the top right of Facebook and choose Settings.; Go to the left side of Facebook and click Blocking; In the Block Users section you should see a list of people you've blocked. Click Unblock next to the name of anyone you want to unblock.; Tap Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock. HI my frds facebook account is blocked temporarily.. Now she is getting only two potions to unblock it Fst is from mobile number which she had lost long back. and second to recognised her friends from photos upload from them in which she is failed.