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AVM FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable Manuals
Select the desired encryption and enter the encryption data. The support desk can be reached by e-mail or by fax. The columns have the following mean- ings: Wps wi-fi Protected Setup Box Cable network ports.


AVM FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable Installation, Configuration And Operation

Errors Opening The User Interface Wlan Connection Is Not Established Obtaining An Ip Address Automatically Removing The Printer Port Removing The Program Group Declaration Of Ce Conformity More About Wlan Wps wi-fi Protected Setup More About Network Settings Changing Network Settings Virtual Private Network vpn Security Through A Vpn Supplementary Software For Vpn Band Width Management Box user interface to pre- vent losses of data.

Box or the USB storage de- vice, only operate USB storage devices that require more than one USB port for operation for instance hard drives with a Y cable if they have their own power supply, or Audio Signals The following diagram illustrates the duration and intervals of the various audio signals and ring tones of the telephones connected to the FRITZ!

Time in seconds Audible Signals Ring Busy signal Box can be reset to their condi- tion upon delivery by restoring the factory settings. Box—including the config- ured Internet connection—are deleted when the factory set- tings are restored.

Alternatively, you can enter a Do Not Disturb period during which the telephone will not ring. The alarm can be set individually and enabled or dis- abled at any time. Configuring the Alarm for a Telephone Pick up the handset.

Configuring by Telephone Call Diversion With call diversion you can divert incoming calls. The following diversions can be set up on your telephone: Configuring by Telephone Call Diversion Immediately Incoming calls are immediately diverted to the given destina- tion telephone number.

Wait for the acknowledgement tone. Hang up the handset. Configuring by Telephone Call Diversion Delayed Incoming calls are forwarded to the specified destination number if not answered at the number originally dialed within 20 seconds about five rings. Configuring by Telephone Disabling Call Diversion Delayed s61ssr Disables call diversion delayed for all telephone numbers.

Call Diversion When Busy Incoming calls are forwarded to the specified destination telephone number only if a call is already being conducted using the number dialed. If you would like to conduct only certain calls with the Caller ID suppressed, prefix the number dialed with a keypad se- quence.

Box fea- tures via your telephone keypad. Box are internal telephone calls. These calls are free of charge. Dialing Internal Calls Pick up the handset. Box, dial ss and the number of the extension.

Operation at the Telephone Picking up a Call from the Answering Machine Use this function to pick up incoming calls on your telephone that already have been taken by the answering machine.

Picking up a Call Pick up the handset. Dial the sequence shown at left. Operation at the Telephone Alternating Between Calls Whenever you have one active connection and one caller on hold, you can switch from one call to the other as often as you want using the Hold button. Alternating Between Calls Call 1 You are talking to caller 1. Box allows you to hold telephone conferences with two other people at once. Two external and one internal party, or two internal and one external party can conduct a conference call with each other.

You then may consult with someone else at your workplace or dial a second call. The party on hold does not hear the second conversation. Transferring Calls Call 1 You are talking to caller 1. Press the Hold button. Caller 1 is now on hold. Dial the external number of the first party. Dial the number for your second external call. You can now conduct a second conversation while your first call is on hold.

Operation at the Telephone Room Monitoring Baby Monitor The following keypad sequence enables the function for mon- itoring the sound level in a room. First enter the volume level a value between 1 and 8. Enter a telephone number. Do not hang up the handset! When the volume in the room reaches the specified level, the number you entered will be dialed. These keyboard entries are called keypad sequences. Ask your telephone carrier for the specific keypad sequences to access ISDN features.

Box does not appear in the window of your web browser. Cause The cable connections are not secure. Remedy Make sure that all cable connections are plugged in securely. Box cannot be opened by en- tering fritz.

Box can be reached neither at the address fritz. Cause The IP address set on the connected computer is inapplica- ble. Cause The web browser is set for offline operation.

Remedy Configure the web browser for online operation. Using the ex- ample of Internet Explorer 8: Cause The execution of CGI scripts is disabled in the web browser. Remedy Configure the web browser so that the execution of scripts is allowed in the user interface. Cause Security software is blocking access to the user interface. Box in all of the enabled security software.

Box is con- cealed. Select the desired encryption and enter the encryption data. A window is displayed with the WLAN security settings. Remove the network cable and check the configuration of the WLAN adapter in the printout.

Box to a computer using a network ca- ble. Obtaining an IP Address Automatically The connected comput- ers must be configured such that they can receive their IP ad- dresses automatically. Box Cable network ports. Box Cable is a standard category 5 Cat5 Ethernet cable. If you need a re Box Cable, which flash or light up to display various connection statuses. Box is equipped with a WLAN button.

The button has two functions: Box Cable Wireless cable modem router complies with the following directives: Radio Equipment and Telecommu Box Cable package may not be disposed with household waste. Please bring these to your local collection points for disposal. This allows multiple users to share one wireless Internet connection.

It is especially easy to install and can be operated at any V power outlet. However, due to heavy use of the 2. Note the following for the configuration of this setting: Box and all WLAN adapters must work in the same frequency band. Security Encryption The most important security setting is encryption. Box and your WLAN adapter, please note the following recommendations: Box it can occur that the WLAN adapter attempts to register there.

Box automati- cally searches for the channel subject to the least interfer- ence. You should hear a long beep in the handset and it should revert to factory settings. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to reset a Fritz!

Box DSL router to factory settings? What's the exact model number of the Fritz Box? It's difficult to say, cause it's not written on the router.

But it looks like I checked, it's true.

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Die FRITZ!Box Cable ist für den Kabelanschluss konzipiert. Für den bequemen Internetzugang, Telefonie und Heimvernetzung. Das schnelle WLAN, Gigabit-Ethernet und der USB-Anschluss garantieren beste Netzwerkverbindungen. The FRITZ!Box Cable allows you to enjoy the full range of FRITZ!Box features with cable connections: a versatile telephone system, high-speed wireless LAN, and gigabit LAN ensure optimum connectivity for all devices. FRITZ!Box Cable An Overview The FRITZ!Box Cable is equipped with an integrated cable model and designed for operation at a cable connection. The FRITZ!Box thus connects your computers with the cable connection. Each connected computer can establish an Internet connection over the FRITZ!Box. Page FRITZ!Box Cable .