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BT Sport customers 'miss matches due to website problems'
Jurgen Klopp revels in 'deserved' PSG win. Similar to my problem. I ask because I thought you BT all you to see it on sky or youview but not both. However it should have been live on the 15th June but still no BT Sport. Report post Message 5 of

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This will make your subscription active. You can then watch BT Sport from the main TV guide. Steps to take if you're watching on BT TV (via BT Broadband): First, make sure your set-top box is connected directly to your BT Home Hub using an Ethernet cable. Update BT sent a HH4 to solve the issue of not getting BT Sport on copper broadband which it did. However as the broadband throughput dropped to a level the family complained I have had to go back to my DXL. This was not because of BT Sport using bandwidth as it was not used much. Similar to my problem. if you have bt broadband you WILL get bt sport1 bt sport2 and espn for free. BUT, you have to phone them to activate it. If you have a sky box it will be in the sport section. you also have to phone them to activate/register for online viewing through your pc and smartphone.