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2018 WWE Royal Rumble: Rules, match card, participants, how to watch, live stream
Fans chant for Nakamura while both men are down now. AJ stands tall with his arm raised as Sami and Owens look on from the ramp. Jinder can't believe it. Stone Cold Steve Austin. Woods rocks Wyatt against the ropes. Anderson breaks out of a hold but Dawson tags back in and goes right to work on him, still focusing on the leg.

2018 Royal Rumble results

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Have a look on this table and guess who will going to be added in this year Royal Rumble One of the important matches are on the WWE preshow named as: It is a tag-team rematch from Raw's 25th Anniversary and a cruiserweight six-man tag.

Watch Royal Rumble Woman Full match. The pre-show begins at 10pm, with the main card set to start from midnight. The Royal Rumble is available for both of the networks at different prices as: For the first time in the history of the PPV event, a women battle royal match will look to take place at the Royal Rumble with the traditional 30 men's battle royal. Apart from the two big battle royal matches, some power-packed matches are scheduled for Royal Rumble Several other matches are booked as well.

Here's the full list Main Card: Dash unloads in the corner but Gallows rocks him and comes out of it. Gallows no-sells another shot and launches Dash into the corner for big body shots. Gallows keeps control as we go to a break with The Revival regrouping on the floor. Back from the break and Dawson takes control of Anderson after Anderson doesn't see a tag. Dawson keeps control until Dash comes in to keep the assault going.

Anderson breaks out of a hold but Dawson tags back in and goes right to work on him, still focusing on the leg. More back and forth between the two teams. Anderson finally nails a Spinebuster on Dash but he kicks out. Gallows ends up on the floor with Dawson.

Gallows runs into the ring post after Dawson ducks. The Revival double teams Anderson and takes his knee out for the pin. We go back to the panel. They go over tonight's card. We get more discussion for tonight's show and a backstage Twitter video from Rusev and Aiden English. Blayze mentions that she would like to be in the Rumble and because Asuka is undefeated, she'd like to beat her a Blayze takes forever to pick a women's Rumble winner and never actually makes a pick but she does say she likes Nia Jax.

Renee sends us outside to Sam Roberts again. Fans behind him are going wild. Renee sends us back to the ring for the final Kickoff match.

We go to the ring and Tom Phillips welcomes us. He's joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Roode cuts a promo and kicks off the challenge, asking who's going to jump on the golden opportunity. Out comes Mojo Rawley to answer the challenge. They lock up and Mojo sends Roode to the mat. Roode charges and Mojo knocks him down. Fans chant "Mojo sucks" now. Mojo works over Roode in the corner but Roode fights out. Mojo charges out of the corner but Rode hits an inverted atomic drop and a side Russian leg sweep for a 2 count.

Mojo comes right back and nails Roode. Roode tries to come back in but Mojo knocks him off into the barrier. Mojo charges and sends Roode back into the barrier. Mojo talks some trash and brings it back into the ring for a 2 count. Back from the break and Mojo is still in it. Roode manages to get an elbow up as Mojo charges in the corner.

Mojo catches a Blockbuster attempt but Roode slides out of a slam. Roode with a forearm and a clothesline now. Roode with a corner clothesline and a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Roode keeps control and hits the Blockbuster. He calls for the DDT but Mojo blocks it and drops him for a 2 count.

Mojo plants Roode into the mat and covers for another 2 count. Mojo mushes Roode around and talks some trash. Roode catches Mojo with a spinebuster for a close 2 count. Mojo blocks the DDT once again with a backdrop.

Mojo launches Roode into the ring post. Mojo charges into the corner with the big punch but Roode blocks it. Roode with an awkward DDT out of the corner for the pin. Flair says being here means a lot and he's glad to be anywhere with the company these days.

Flair talks about the Rumble and his win years ago. Flair says it's a special moment for the winners of tonight's Rumble matches. Flair also comments on tonight's big Triple Threat and says he wouldn't wish Lesnar on anyone. He respects Braun and gives props to Kane for his career.

Flair picks Lesnar to retain his title. The panel talks more about tonight's show and Flair jokes about his history with Philly. Renee wraps the pre-show. The Road to WrestleMania 34 starts now. Tom Phillips welcomes us as the sold out crowd goes wild. Tom is joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs. We go right to the ring and out first comes Sami Zayn as fans go along with his theme song.

Kevin Owens is out next. AJ hits the ring as we see some of the international announce teams at ringside. We get formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton as fans chant for AJ. Sami starts off with AJ as we get some stalling. Owens comes in and AJ hits him. Owens stalls some now and tags in Sami before he gets going with AJ.

AJ and Sami trade counters for a quick pin attempt by AJ. Owens drops AJ but it backfires. AJ stops Owens from tagging Sami. Owens runs around the ring and back in to make the tag. Sami stalls some more in his corner. AJ and Sami tangle for a minute but Sami tags Owens in again. Owens unloads and takes AJ to the corner while the referee has AJ's attention. Owens takes AJ to another corner for more offense.

Sami tags in and stomps away while AJ is down. Sami keeps control and fights a comeback off. Sami with a backdrop for a 2 count. Owens tags in and launches AJ into the turnbuckles for a 2 count. Owens with more offense while AJ is down. Owens keeps control and tags Sami in again.

AJ fights up and out but Owens tags in and turns it back around. AJ rocks Owens and drops Sami as well. AJ unloads on Owens now. Owens runs into a boot in the corner. Owens gets AJ in the Electric Chair, slamming him face first into the mat for a 2 count. Owens argues with the referee and goes right to AJ to keep him grounded on the mat.

Owens slams AJ again and tells him to stay down. Owens goes for the corner cannonball but AJ moves. Sami tags in as Owens clutches his ankle. AJ climbs up and rocks Sami on top. AJ brings Sami to the mat with a big hurricanrana. AJ is slow to get up as Sami crawls for a tag. Owens comes in but AJ nails a pele kick and Owens goes down. Sami tags in and goes for a Helluva Kick but AJ boots him. AJ goes for a moonsault but has to land on his feet, turning it into an inverted DDT. Sami crawls and tags in Owens again.

AJ rocks Owens as he charges into the corner. Sami runs in next but AJ hits him as well. AJ takes out Sami as Owens sends him that way. Sami is sent out. AJ ends up rolling Owens into the Calf Crusher as fans pop. AJ pulls back and tightens the hold in the middle of the ring. Sami runs in and breaks it up as fans boo.

AJ unloads with strikes and drops Sami. Sami gets sent to the floor again. AJ ad Owens go at it for a quick 2 count. AJ sends Owens into the ring post. Sami runs in for a Blue Thunderbomb but AJ blocks it.

Owens assists with a superkick from the apron while Sami has the referee distracted, allowing Sami to hit the Blue Thunderbomb for a close 2 count. Fans chant for AJ as Sami gets up first. Sami with a chop and a slap in the corner as the referee warns him. Sami takes AJ to the top and rocks him. Sami climbs up for a superplex but AJ slides down and sends Sami face first into the turnbuckle.

Sami sends AJ to the apron. Owens charges and AJ drops him. AJ gets up first and turns to Sami for a forearm. Sami fights back as they trade shots in the middle of the ring now. AJ hits two straight forearms. AJ ducks a shot and stops Sami from tagging. Sami gets sent out to the floor again as AJ tosses him. Owens hits a superkick. AJ counters the Pop-up Powerbomb and rolls Owens for the win to retain. AJ stands tall with his arm raised as Sami and Owens look on from the ramp.

AJ raises the title and looks up at the WrestleMania 34 sign. Sami and Owens head to the back as the celebration continues. Shane doesn't want to hear it and walks off. Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable vs. We go to the ring and out comes Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin first. They cut promos on their opponents from ringside and throw the mics down.

They hit the ring and face off. Jey Uso starts off with Benjamin and goes right to work, taking control. Gable comes right in but Jey scrambles from their corner to his own as Shelton and Gable stare him down. Jey and Gable lock up. Jimmy Uso tags in for a double team but Gable avoids it and scrambles to the floor. Shelton joins him on the floor to regroup.

Gable and Jimmy go at it now. Gable slams Uso to the mat. Jimmy goes to the corner and they break. Gable tries to attack but it backfires. Uso with offense in the corner now. Jimmy ends up dropping Gable for a 2 count.

Jimmy swings at Shelton but he drops off the apron and avoids it. Gable with a chop block from behind. Benjamin focuses on the injured leg of Jimmy now.

Shelton returns to the ring and works Jimmy over. Shelton twists Uso's leg now. Gable tags in and stomps on Jimmy before going back to work on the leg. Gable with a 2 count. Gable continues working Jimmy's leg over. Shelton tags back in and keeps the assault going. Gable tags back in as Jimmy looks for a tag. Jimmy fights out of the corner but Gable hits a Dragonscrew leg whip for another 2 count. Gable and Benjamin double team Jimmy with jumping knees and then knock Jey off the apron.

They stand tall as some fans boo. Benjamin kicks Jimmy around now and takes him back down for a knee drop. Jimmy with a big right hand.

Shelton fights back and catches a kick but Jimmy nails an enziguri. Jey rallies for a tag and gets it. Jey unloads on Shelton and knocks Gable off the apron. Jey goes to work on Shelton but misses a Samoan Drop. Gable tags in but Jey clotheslines him to the floor. Jey runs the ropes and nails a dive on Benjamin. Jey returns to the ring and leaps out onto Gable on the other side of the ring. Jey brings Gable back into the ring and hits a crossbody for a close 2 count.

More back and forth between Jey and Gable now. Gable with a Tiger suplex for a 2 count. Benjamin tags back in for a big double team powerbomb in the corner but Gable dropkicks an incoming Jimmy instead. Benjamin powerbombs Jey into Jimmy. Benjamin with Paydirt on Jey for a close 2 count.

Shelton and Jey go at it now. Shelton knocks Jey off the apron. Gable tags in and goes to the top, nailing a moonsault on both of The Usos on the floor. We get a replay of the moonsault. Gable rolls Jimmy back into the ring but the referee informs him Jimmy's not the legal man. Gable turns around to a big superkick from Jey and one from Jimmy. Jey nails a top rope splash for a close 2 count on Gable. Jey can't believe it.

The Usos go to opposite corners now. Shelton runs up and nails Jey, sending him to the floor. Jimmy rolls through and superkicks Shelton. Gable and Jimmy go at it in the ring now. Gable takes two superkicks from The Usos and then one in the middle. Jimmy covers for the first fall. Shelton and Gable run wild with the double teams now.

They double team Jimmy on the floor and take him out with a big move. They return to the ring and Gable goes after Jey but the referee makes sure he can go. Jey tells him to bring it. Gable nails an overhead kick. Shelton tags in but gets rolled up for the win as Gable is getting into position for a double team move.

The Usos stand tall on the stage with the titles in the air. They send us to the "By The Numbers" video on the Rumble. Mike Rome is in the ring to go over the rules. Aiden English is out first to do a big introduction for Rusev, who hits the ring as the first competitor. Fans chant "Rusev Day" loudly. Finn Balor is out next as 2. The bell rings and they stare each other down. They lock up for a test of strength but Rusev tackles Balor into the ropes.

Rusev sends Balor to the apron but he fights back in. Rusev sends Balor to the mat. Balor tries to dump Rusev now but can't get him up.

Rusev nails Balor against the ropes and runs the ropes again but Balor dropkicks him. The timer starts up and out next comes Rhyno. Rhyno enters the ring and goes at it with Rusev. Rhyno with a belly-to-belly on Rusev and then for Balor. Rhyno tries to dump Balor but Rusev comes from behind and stops him. Rhyno scoops Rusev but he slides out.

Rusev with a spinning heel kick. The timer starts up again and out comes Baron Corbin to some boos. Corbin goes right to work on Balor and then Rhyno.

Corbin tosses Balor across the ring and hits a big boot on Rhyno. Rusev soon cuts him off. Corbin goes under the ropes, runs right back in and clotheslines Rusev. Rhyno goes for a Gore but Corbin catches him and hits a Deep Six. Corbin eliminates Rhyno to boos. Balor eliminates Corbin to cheers. Corbin pulls Balor to the floor as referees yell at him. Corbin hits a big backbreaker on Balor before leaving.

The music hits and out next comes Heath Slater. Corbin floors him on the ramp with a clothesline. Officials check on Slater but he's laid out. Balor sells a shoulder injury on the floor as we get a replay of what happened to Slater.

The timer counts down and out next comes Elias with his guitar. Elias plays the guitar and introduces himself, stopping to stomp on Slater on the ramp. Elias asks who wants to walk with him. He enters the empty ring and keeps talking. He asks everyone to hold their applause, turn their phones off and shut their mouths. He also takes a shot at Slater. Elias and Almas go at it now. Almas drops Elias in the corner and charges in with the double knees.

Elias blocks the hammerlock DDT but Almas counters that. Elias with a big clothesline. The timer starts up again and out comes Bray Wyatt. Slater has moved closer to the ring but Wyatt launches him into the barrier. Wyatt hits the ring and nails an Uranage on Elias. Wyatt turns upside down in the corner and smiles. Balor runs in and stops Sister Abigail on Elias. Wyatt drops Balor with a clothesline. Fans chant for Rusev, who is still down on the floor.

Rusev gets on the apron but Wyatt decks him, and again. Big E stops at Slater at ringside and picks him up. Big E pulls pancakes from his singlet and shoves them in Slater's mouth. He enters the ring but Wyatt boots him and drops him. Big E with a belly-to-belly on Wyatt. Rusev and Elias double team Big E to drop him.

Fans chant for Rusev again. Rusev works on Almas while Elias tries to dump Balor. Big E works on Wyatt in the corner now. The next man out is Tye Dillinger at Tye's video plays but he's not showing up. They beat him down until referees run over. Owens says he's got this but Sami says no, I've got this. Sami walks off, apparently to the ring. Sami decks Slater at ringside and enters the ring to go at it with Balor. Sami tries to dump Balor while Big E works over Rusev. The timer counts down and the next man out is Sheamus.

Sheamus enters the ring but Slater runs in right before him. Slater charges and clotheslines Sheamus out for a quick shocker elimination. Slater celebrates but Wyatt comes from behind and hits Sister Abigail.

Rusev tries to dump Balor now. Big E has Elias down now as the Rusev Day chants continue. The timer counts down again and here comes Xavier Woods. Woods goes at it with Wyatt in the corner.

Sami decks him but Woods fights back. Big E and Woods double team Sami. They double team Elias next but he hangs on and stays in. Wyatt makes Sami and Woods hit face to face. Almas works on Balor in the corner. The counter starts up again and the next man out is Apollo Crews.

Crews goes at it with Wyatt. Rusev tries to dump Sami. Elias fights off Big E and Woods at the same time. Almas has Balor down in a corner. Balor turns it around. Rusev works on Crews. Shinsuke Nakamura is the next man out for his Rumble debut. He hits the ring and drops Sami, then fights off Rusev and Wyatt as fans continue to sing his theme song.

Nakamura works several Superstars over as fans cheer. Nakamura with knees and Good Vibrations to Elias in the corner. Fans chant for Nakamura now as he avoids a Helluva Kick. The next man out is Cesaro, who has uppercuts for several Superstars. Wyatt works over Woods now. Rusev has Crews down. Cesaro works on dumping Balor but Almas hits Cesaro from behind. Rusev sends Crews to the apron but he hangs on.

Woods rocks Wyatt against the ropes. Nakamura and Elias go at it. Rusev almost eliminates Cesaro. Rusev and Cesaro trade big shots in the middle of the ring now.

The next man out is Kofi Kingston. Kofi comes in but gets dropped on his head, apparently but Rusev. Crews lifts Cesaro high in the air but can't eliminate him. Crews also hangs onto the ropes from the apron as he and Cesaro go at it.

Jinder Mahal is out next with just one of The Singh Brothers but he hits the ring by himself. Jinder takes out Woods and drops a big knee on him. Woods gets eliminated by Jinder. Big E and Jinder go at it on the apron now. Jinder eliminates Big E. Rollins goes right to work on Wyatt and Elias. Rollins blocks a Slingblade from Balor and hits one of his own. Cesaro nails Rollins and tries to dump him but can't. Jinder works on Kofi now. Balor has Almas down. Jinder looks to eliminate Kofi but Woods is holding one of his feet, keeping him in the match.

Big E brings a plate of pancakes over and puts it under Kofi's other foot. Kofi stays in the match. Woods and Big E launch Kofi back into the ring and he dances around. Jinder can't believe it. Kofi unloads on Jinder and eliminates him. Almas takes advantage and drops Kofi into the mat. The next man out is Matt Hardy. Matt unloads on Elias and faces off with Wyatt but Rusev hits him.

Wyatt and Hardy end up teaming to eliminate Rusev as fans boo. Matt and Wyatt double team Almas next but it doesn't last long as they start brawling. Hardy and Wyatt eliminate each other at the same time. John Cena is the next man out at Fans sing their own version of Cena's theme song.

Elias goes for Cena now while the others fight each other. Cena eliminates Elias to boos. Cena goes at it with Nakamura now. The next man out is "The Hurricane" Shane Helms as a surprise entrant.

Cena can't believe it as he and Helms face off. They go at it and Cena quickly eliminates Helms with an Attitude Adjustment over the top. Cena works on Rollins now. Balor works on Nakamura in the corner. Aiden English is the next man out.

English goes right to work on Rollins. Fans do dueling chants for Cena s he goes at it with Balor. Cole gets a pop and hits the ring with offense. Balor works on Rollins now. Cole works on Almas. The next man out is Randy Orton to a pop. Orton hits the ring and unloads on Cole.

Orton with a powerslam. Almas launches himself in from the apron but right into a big RKO. The next man out is Titus O'Neil.

Cole works on Nakamura in the corner. Titus tries to eliminate Cena. Cole and Rollins try to dump Nakamura. Titus turns his attention to Cole and tries to dump him but Cole hangs on.

Nakamura rocks Titus with a kick. Titus with a big chop to Nakamura in the corner. Miz charges the ring by himself and goes to work on Rollins, then Balor.

Cena scoops Miz for an AA but it's blocked. Miz with a big DDT on Cena. Rollins drops Miz with a superkick. The next man out is Rey Mysterio for a big return pop at Rey unloads on Miz and then goes to work on Cole. Fans chant "holy s--t" at Rey's return. Rey goes to work on Cole now.

Rey tries to dump him and gets it. Cole has been eliminated. Rey springboards in and hits Miz. Rey with a on Miz. The next man out is Roman Reigns at Reigns enters and drops Cena.

Reigns goes at it with Miz next. The Miztourage helps Miz stay in but Reigns takes them both out. Rollins with a Curb Stomp Blackout to Miz. Reigns and Miz double powerbomb Miz to the floor on top of Axel and Dallas. Reigns then grabs Rollins and eliminates him. The next man out is Goldust. Goldust hits the ring and goes at it with Orton and others. The last man out is Dolph Ziggler to make his return.

Ziggler goes right to work on Cena. Cena misses an AA and eats a superkick. Ziggler sends Cena to the apron but he hangs on. Nakamura goes after Ziggler next. Nakamura catches a superkick but Ziggler hangs on. The final 6 go at it. Cena with an AA on Balor. Rey with a on Reigns. Reigns ends up hitting a Superman punch and then eliminating Orton. Rey with a double on Cena and Reigns. Rey springboards in on Cena.

We're down to Cena, Balor, Nakamura and Reigns. They all take a breather and look at each other before getting up and facing off in the middle of the ring. Cena taunts Balor but decks Nakamura. Reigns drops Balor while Cena goes after Nakamura on the mat. Reigns and Cena face off next. Fans chant "you both suck" at them. Nakamura and Balor attack them to a pop. Balor and Nakamura face off now. Balor fights Nakamura into the corner. Nakamura with a high knee in the corner but Balor hangs on. Balor with a kick from the apron.

Balor fights back in. They go at it some more. Cena and Reigns come back with clotheslines as fans boo. Cena and Reigns face off again. Fans chant "you both suck" again. Cena and Reigns go at it. Cena hits the shoulder but Reigns comes back with a Samoan Drop. Cena blocks a Superman Punch and drops Reigns.

Balor with a Slingblade and a dropkick to Reigns now.

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WWE Royal Rumble live stream for FREE. If you've never had an account, you can get your first 30 days for FREE, or pay £a-month if you have. The Royal Rumble kickoff show is FREE to watch for all, and starts at 10pm (GMT). The TWO-HOUR pre-show will be live streamed on, the WWE app, plus on WWE's Facebook and WWE's Youtube channel. Jan 28,  · WWE Royal Rumble live streaming: When and where to watch Royal Rumble live, TV channel, online streaming The first Women Royal Rumble match will feature the likes of Asuka, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Express Web Desk.