How to Close Yahoo Email Addresses Permanently

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How to Close a Yahoo Mail Account
Help answer questions Learn more. How do you terminate a Yahoo email account? Close your Yahoo Mail account if you no longer use it or if you plan to move to another email provider. I have another yahoo account i am trying so hard to get back in to, i no longer have the recovery phone number how else can i recover it? Deletar Contas do Yahoo! I don't want to change it?

What happens when my account is terminated after it's closed?

How to Cancel or Close Your Yahoo Email Account

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Delete a Yahoo account that you're no longer using. Find out how to permanently terminate your account and what you need to do beforehand. Oct 26,  · The termination of your account could result in the loss of other services that came with it. In other words accounts come in package and when you deleteStatus: Resolved. How to delete your Yahoo! data and shut down your account What you need to know about Yahoo! account termination. When you go through the aforementioned process to delete your Yahoo! account, you are terminating the following: iMore CrackBerry Thrifter CordCutters MrMobile Forums and Discussions.