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Those DNS servers are Comcast. On some routers, that might include disabling the RIP-2M routing protocol. This type of configuration makes it very easy to Entry Level Users to start Network sharing. The solution you provided worked a treat am using VM Exsi with Application Servers installed as host. Dric 16 2 Please enter a valid email. Check "Share this folder" from the network options so that your computer can access the content of the hard drive on the server.

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I just posted a similar thread http: In my case I reinstalled the server and now none of the clients can reconnect to it. Can you provide some additional information? Now for more information. I have another test server and that I got the same error message when I tried to join this computer to that domain. I will try to join another computer and see if there are issues. I successfully joined another computer to the server. It was a Windows 7 Home Premium box.

I must conclude there is some issue with the computer that won't connect. I will do an image restore of that computer before I originally joined it and see if that works. There must be some registry issue or something like that after you join a computer, disjoin it and then try to join it again. I restored the computer to an image I had at the time I successfully joined the computer to the server and still get the same error message!

Cannot join it to either server. I just don't know. I have no other troubleshooting to try. Here is a link to the 3 log files to examine. I've gone through your log files. I'd suggest a few things to try to troubleshoot this:.

You indicated that you tried to join the client to another WSE server, also without success. So this points more to the client having the problem. That said, I want to rule out the server a bit more. One important point, for the Windows 7 Home Premium client you connected to the server, it doesn't join the domain because it cannot, though it installs the other software and is configured for backups.

I would be interested to see if you have any other clients with a Pro version that you can try to connect to the server. The Window 8 box is Pro. Now here is an update to your questions.

Went to properties and it is on a Workgroup. I can manually set it to workgroup or the domain. But the domain join does not work after restarting.

I have verified that it is a client issue. I discovered this by installing Windows 8 pro clean on the client computer and it joined and performs just fine. I saved an image of the troubled OS so I could go back and troubleshoot the issue with suggestions.

But anyway, you are right. It was a client issue. I thought what I would do next is go to another computer today that is on the domain and disjoin it. I will then try to see if their are any issues by rejoining it like I had on my problem computer. The problem computer may just be an anomaly. I have to determine this because I have three businesses I want to install this version of server.

Some of these computers will have to be joined, disjoined and joined again periodically. In answer to Susan's question. The problem computer that was not joining to the domain was a Windows 7 Pro. I have also joined a Windows 8 Premium, of course with out all the services that Pro enjoys. If I get time today I am going to disjoin the Windows 8 Premium computer and see if I can rejoin it without issue.

I will proceed by logging onto the server and removing that computer from the server. If that works I should presumably try it with an 8 Pro version. I can do that. But it may be sometime tomorrow before I get to it.

I am going to do this with the premium version of 8 first because I have no use for that computer being on the domain as opposed to the 8 Pro version I have. If I foul the Pro version I can always do image restores on the server or the client itself to get me out of trouble.

I have tested the restore capabilities of the server and it performs excellently either backing up, restoring clients and the server itself. The log files for the connectcomputer process is located in a hidden file on the C drive.

To see this file on Window 7 or Windows 8 machine, click on Computer, then on the C drive. Now click on organize and then Folder and Search Options. Now click on the View tab. In the Hidden files and folders section, click on "Show hidden files, folders and drives" and click okay. You will now be able to see the hidden folder ProgramData.

Zip up the files in that log location and post them up here. Also I am in the process of removing a win 7 pro machine from the domain and adding it back to see if there are issue. Here is an update. I tried to join the computer to the domain after doing a clean install of Windows 7 Pro and all went well.

When I disjoined it from the Server and tried to join it again no go! Same error as before:. Check the computer properties remove it from the domain. You will need the user name and password of the local administrator account to remove it from the domain. After doing extensive testing it appears there may be some bug in the Server that prevents a computer from being rejoined after removing it. I won't be able to use this version of server and will have to stay with server or some fashion of small business server.

Run WizData data [] Can you post up a log file from a system that worked, and then let me compare this to a system that failed. It would let use just the connector and not have it join domains. I'll get a log file for you on a successfully joined computer. Start of ClientDeploy [] Loading Wizard Data [] Showing the Client Deployment Wizard [] Adding Server Info data in the Product Registry [] Set the Deployment Sync Event [] Install root cert to local trusted store [] Validating User [] Current Machine Join Status: User has chosen to continue using domain admin credentials [] Domain Join Client to Server Domain: Running Join Domain [] Disconnect any share to the server.

Trying to clear dns cache. Network Join Client to Server: Maximum amount of joined machines: Current amount of joined machines: Running Network Join [] If the Wi-Fi icon is missing or the network's wireless signal is extremely weak, your iPad cannot connect to the Internet. To reconnect to the Internet, position your iPad in a location as close as possible to the network's wireless router.

In addition, avoid any items or materials that could interfere with the transmission of the Wi-Fi signal, such as metal doors and cordless telephones. Similarly, if you own an iPad with cellular capabilities, check the status bar for the Cell Signal icon resembling five dots.

If "No Service" is displayed or the number of dots is low, your iPad can't connect to the Internet. Go to an area with strong cellular data coverage to reconnect to the network. Check the status of your iPad's wireless features to ensure they are enabled. Tap the "Settings" icon to open the Settings menu. If the Airplane Mode feature is activated, tap the switch to disable the feature. This action reactivates all of the iPad's wireless antennas, including Wi-Fi and cellular.

Select the appropriate Wi-Fi network, then enter the network's password if applicable. If no networks are available, you cannot connect to the Internet until you are in an area with a Wi-Fi network. The option to activate the cellular data on a cellular iPad model is in your iPad's Cellular Data section. If you have not already activated a cellular data plan with a mobile service provider, you can set it up in this section.

If you have already activated a cellular data plan, tap the "Cellular Data" switch to activate the feature. In the network path at the top of Windows Explorer, click the server share to display shared folders on the server.

Under Permissions for System , select the Allow check box beside Full control. I get a To run this application, you must install one of the following versions of the.

When you connect a computer to a server that is running Windows Server Essentials or Windows Server Essentials, the wizard attempts to install. NET Framework version 4. However, if an earlier release of. To run this application, you must install one of the following versions of the. Contact your allocation publisher for instructions about obtaining the appropriate version of the.

The correct release of. I get a The server is not available. To resolve this issue, contact the person responsible for your network. This can happen if the date and time on the connected computer are not synchronized with the date and time on the server. Windows Server Essentials and Windows Server Essentials use the time synchronization service to synchronize the date and time of computers running in a Windows Server Essentials or Windows Server Essentials network.

Synchronized time is critical because the default authentication protocol uses server time as part of the authentication process. For example, if the clock on a client computer is not synchronized to the correct date and time, Windows Server Essentials or Windows Server Essentials authentication might falsely interpret a logon request as an intrusion attempt and deny access to the user.

This can happen if you already have a VPN connection to the Windows Essentials Server and you try to configure the Connector software off-premise by using a domain address. Synchronize the date and time on the client computer with those on the server.

Then connect the computer to the server. Click Change date and time , set the date and time to the correct date and time, and then click OK. Try again to connect the client computer to the server. For instructions, see Connect computers to the server. If you still cannot connect the client computer to the server, make sure that the date and time on the server are correct.

If the date and time are not correct, change them. Log on to the server using the password that you set up during Windows Server Essentials or Windows Server Essentials installation and configuration.

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Oct 27,  · Cannot connect the computer to the server because either another software installation is in progress or, the computer has a restart pending. Either complete the installation process, or, restart the computer and try to connect it again. Aug 24,  · cannot connect to the server When I restart my computer, it's not showing that there is a network to connect to and it won't take my password. We are on a . Jan 04,  · I have one PC that can ping, connect to and access every server on the network like it should except one specific server. I figured its a registry item blocking access to that server and somehow has flagged the server name & IP address.