I want to delete my yahoo account?

Protecting your Yahoo account

How to Close a Yahoo Mail Account
Why you shouldn't delete your Yahoo account In an earlier version of this story, I suggested you simply delete your Yahoo account and move to Gmail, but it appears doing so may open another workaround for hackers. It's at the bottom of the information page. Find out how to download the data you want to keep. Deleting Yahoo should not affect the operation of your computer. If you have photos in Flikr, it's time to export them as well. Gimme a shout and we'll try to get it figured out! Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription.

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Close your Yahoo Account

You'll repeat the removal process for each account you wish to remove from Yahoo Mail. Even after terminating my Yahoo! How do I confirm that my account is deleted and no one else can access it? It takes 90 days for Yahoo!

You will have to simply wait those 90 days and then it is for sure that your account is non-existent. For the last part, unless someone knows your password and you would have to give it to them for that , then it is extremely unlikely someone will access your account besides you.

Not Helpful 9 Helpful If your account was deleted within the last 90 days, Yahoo will be able to reactivate it. Yahoo can never reactivate your deleted account if the account wasn't used in the last 12 months, or if there was a violation of the Terms of Service. Not Helpful 10 Helpful My account did not delete after I waited 90 days.

Could logging in occasionally have prevented it from being terminated? Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. If I have several Yahoo accounts and I only want to delete one or two, does it affect my other Yahoo accounts?

Deleting Yahoo should not affect the operation of your computer. If it is an app downloaded to your computer, uninstalling or deleting it may open up memory room, but that is about it. Can I delete one Yahoo account without it affecting my other Yahoo accounts? Yes, sign in with the email address you want to delete. Go to Account Information. Open the Yahoo homepage, then click My Account.

Select Delete Account, close the account, then keep following the prompts. When you delete an account, you lose all things associated with it.

Any information contained within your account and not save anywhere else will be deleted. What do I do if I can't remember my password and want to cancel my account? You will have to reset your password; follow method 3 on this article. You can ignore your account for at least 4 months and it will automatically be deleted for inactivity, or you can go about deleting it yourself.

When you terminate your account, you permanently lose all saved data and Yahoo site access associated with your ID. Yahoo will ask you to enter your password one last time and then you will click on the "Yes, terminate this account" button.

I want to delete my yahoo. I want to delete my one yahoo account that is carriepeterson49 yahoo. Errors are coming up when I try to delete my account. When I followed instruction to contact customer care. I could not even send that!

Been using same password for years. Delete account nancystolte, it isn't working either. For example, I like random nonsense phrases passwords. If you, as many people do, use the same password for multiple accounts, stop that.

You're just asking to be hacked. If someone breaks into any of your accounts, lazy hackers can try your most common user name or email with that known password on multiple systems. To be safe, you must use a unique password for every site.

They'll make your online life much more secure and easier. Yahoo has another login authentication option called the Yahoo Account Key. With this, instead of entering passwords, every time you login to your Yahoo account, you'll get a notification on your Android or Apple device. Personally, I find this annoying, but it might work for you.

Yahoo's security questions were also cracked If you still have them, after changing your password, click "Disable security questions" on the Account Security page. Then, disable all of them. At this point, I urge you to consider disabling Yahoo once and for all. Yahoo is just too insecure for me. Zero Trust technology works; excuses don't. Access to over 3, backdoored sites sold on Russian hacking forum. Bug in Bitcoin code also opens smaller cryptocurrencies to attacks.

From smartphones to securing IoT and smart cities. US Senate summons big tech companies over consumer data security. Analysis reveals that DDoS attacks against universities are probably the work of students. Phishing attack uses an old trick to place potential victims under pressure.

One billion Yahoo user records revealed! It's time to bid Yahoo adieu. More security news Ransomware attack blacks out screens at Bristol Airport Critical infrastructure will have to operate if there's malware on it or not Nasty piece of CSS code crashes and restarts iPhones FragmentSmack vulnerability also affects Windows, but Microsoft patched it.

These were the biggest hacks, leaks and data


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Delete a Yahoo account that you're no longer using. Find out how to permanently terminate your account and what you need to do beforehand. Close your Yahoo Account | Yahoo Help - SLN Oct 04,  · Why you shouldn't delete your Yahoo account. someone will need to steal both your password and your phone to get into your account. Matt Elliott/CNET. It details what you will lose when you delete your Yahoo Mail account. Want to Delete Your Google Gmail Account? Learn How. Want to Know How You Can Delete Your GMX Mail Account? Parting Email Ways: How to Close a gzhegow.tk Account. How Do You Access Yahoo! Mail in Another Email Program?