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Re: How I fixed my "invalid VPN secrets" problem

Invalid VPN secrets with Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS
Hi again, Just to clarify my previous post. Therefore when OpenVPN client in UDP mode ends, the server has absolutely no way to know that the client disconnected until the timeout. There are no additional prompt or areas to input commands. Just removing the packages is not enough. This is a deal breaker for me because I need a vpn connection. I managed to fix my 5min disconnections too..

How I fixed my "invalid VPN secrets" problem

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Re: Invalid VPN Secrets driving me mad!

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The "invalid VPN secrets" suggests an incorrect password, so double check you typed it correctly. Also try the steps in the second half of this page to see if its a problem with keyrings. – TheSchwa Aug 11 '14 at When I try either of these and then try to connect to another server, I get a message that says "VPN Connection Failed, Invalid VPN Secrets". It seems your client doesn't send a packet to close connection which is something arising out of the fact that UDP is a connectionless protocol. Jul 05,  · Under Ubuntu , I've created a VPN connection using the NetworkManager applet. When I attempt to establish a connection, I receive the message "VPN Connection Failed Invalid VPN secrets".