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How to Find Router IP Address in Windows, MAC OS, and Linux

192.168.l.l or Login to Change Default IP Settings for Jiofi 2 / 3 Router
How satisfied are you with this response? Sign up using Email and Password. I can ping the address with no problem. In this case, networks or hosts must be renumbered, often a time-consuming task, or a network address translator must be placed between the networks to translate or masquerade the duplicate addresses. Click the Advanced tab.

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Internet Explorer 8: Unable to connect to IP address

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Also, class C networks are /24s, even though x.x is a /16 — so in classful networking x.x actually contains subnets. This may have been useful for large organisations that wanted to run private subnets on pre-CIDR hardware. In case you have ever tried to set up your Broadband router at home, you have probably seen that all the IP addresses for all the devices in the network look something like or @Synetech - You can of course change the part. You just have to change the starting address. As Josh points out it could be x.x or x.x in addition to x.x I suggest doing more research before you say something is not possible.